Baby Bedding Sets: What You Need To Know

Baby bedding set

According to statistics, your baby spends about 60 percent of his time on his back. And most times, this is done while sleeping in his crib. Wouldn’t it be good to ensure that you have good enough baby bedding sets to give him a good time?

On a daily basis, he spends about 16 hours sleeping until he gets to that age when the sleep time reduces.

Even as an adult, the other day, I was on my bed and the weather was pretty hot. I was rolling on the mattress endlessly. The beddings compounded my woes as they were not made of pure cotton.

That night was quite annoying to me. Imagine rolling from one end of the bed to the other.

Now, imagine your baby in such a situation. Someone who is in his first years and needs enough sleep. Finding himself rolling from one end of the bed to the other because of the feel of his beddings.

It is important that as you set out to get a baby bedding set, that you go for one with which your child will feel comfy. As a parent, you would not want the extra stress that comes with your child’s inability to get adequate rest – it could be demoralizing.

Just know that getting the right baby bedding sets is not as hard as many people may make you believe. However, it’s not something you can just shut your eyes and buy. Therefore, in this article, I would be showing you how to successfully get the right baby bedding sets.

However, before I go further, let me show you why you need the right baby bedding sets for your child.

Why You Need Baby Bedding Set For Your Child

Baby bedding sets


With the right bedding set, your child can sleep well in a comfortable and cozy environment. Nothing beats the fact that the temperature in his crib is properly regulated – not so hot but still warm enough to ward off cold when it comes.


With the right colour theme, a baby bedding set can add beauty to your home.


This is because the right baby bedding set would keep your child from Sudden Infant Death (SID).


The right baby bedding set will ensure your baby is well covered and warm.

Baby Bedding Sets: What To Know

Baby bedding sets

Now that you know why you should get a baby bedding set for your wards, how do you get the right one? What are some of those things you should know when you want to buy the baby bedding sets?

Follow me closely, as I put you through some of the things you must know to make sure you are on track while buying your baby bedding sets.  The following points are vital to note:

Know Your Baby’s Gender

One of the mistakes I want you to avoid while buying a baby bedding set is not waiting to know the gender of your child. Traditionally, it is believed that boys love colors like blue while girls have a thing for purple and other bright shades of colors. Now, how would you know the right color to buy for your kid when you do not know their gender?

This means that before making that buying decision, you should have known the gender of the child to make it easier. However, if you must buy the baby bedding set when you do not know the gender of the child, then go for colors that are neutral like white and grey. That way, you don’t waste your resources getting a bedding set that would not be suitable for your child.

Aside from that, you should get a baby bedding set that matches the furnishings of your house. It would look awkward if your baby bedding set and crib come with a yellow theme while the interior design of your house is green. So, ensure the bedding set syncs with the interior designs of your house to make it much more alluring.

Go Green

Going green on baby bedding sets have become a trendy thing. Besides giving you and your baby no worries about skin irritations, you would be helping in preserving the natural environment by buying baby bedding sets made of organic materials.

Using bedding set fabrics from materials like polyester could be dangerous to your baby’s health and risky for his skin. This kind of material may be emitting toxic substance and since your baby spends more of his time sleeping on this bedding, he may develop some complications. This adds to hospital costs for the family, and that is even the least of the worries. What if the complication is major?

Count The Cost, Literally

While organic baby bedding sets may be pricey, they are, in the long run, more cost effective. You would not have worries about your child inhaling toxic materials being emitted from materials which many baby beddings are made of.

So, while a cheaper baby bedding set from a non-organic material could be ideal if you are on a low budget, always go for quality. And here, quality might not mean expensive just as cheap does not equate lack of originality.


A complete baby bedding set comes with stuff like pillows, blankets, and quilt among others. But you can choose to get these things, not as a complete set but individually, maybe over time.

While having a complete set affords you the luxury of not wasting time on an already made baby bedding set, it would not give you the chance to customize to taste. Instead of throwing away some items from a previous bedding set, you can bring your artistic ingenuity to bear by shopping for the missing part and customizing it to suit your style.

You can find out how to get a good baby fleece blanket.


Since your baby is bound to mess up his bedding, one piece of advice I would give you is to have more than one bedding set. I know it may cost extra money but hey, when you consider the risk of leaving your baby out in his crib that is messed up, you would know for a fact the importance of having that extra.

Saving the cost of treating infestations and other dangers associated with leaving your baby on a dirty bedding are enough reasons why you should get more than one bedding set.

Another reason is that when one set goes for a wash, you will need another set for a change.

Size Of The Crib

How would you feel when you discover that your baby bedding does not fit into your baby’s crib? This is after you have already purchased it. Wasted effort? Frustration?

Well, I might not tell how you would feel, but what I can say is that it would not be a great feeling when you buy a baby bedding set that does not fit into the crib.

Ideally, a baby bedding set should not be too small or even big for your child’s crib. It ought to fit in well and should cover your baby crib well. That is why most baby bedding sets come with rail covering.

Ensure you take the measurement of the crib along with you while shopping for your baby bedding set. This is to avoid the mistakes of getting one that does not fit in rightly to your baby’s crib. If the baby bedding set is too small, it may not offer your child the needed protection. If on the other hand, it is too big, it might increase the chances of suffocation for your baby. A situation I know you do not want as a parent.

Go for baby bedding sets that come with fitted corners. They are the most secure bedding set you can give your child.


Machine washable and can withstand, to an extent, the tears and wears that come from washing.

It is a given that your baby would mess up his bedding set. This could come in the form of sweat and other body fluids. It may even be from his food or when he eases himself. Now, can you imagine the stress of washing and changing the bedding sheet? It could be a bit stressful washing the bedding to make sure your baby crib looks healthy and clean. That informs why, when buying a baby bedding set, you should go for one that can be cleaned using the washing machine.

You already have a tasking job as a parent keeping a baby as well as other duties at home or the office. Hand washing your baby’s bedding set would even make your work more stressful.

It is a given that some baby bedding sets can shrink with time as you continue washing it. But it is still ideal that you save your time, and the stress involved in hand-washing, by going for baby bedding sets that are made of materials you can clean with the washing machine. If it is made of cotton, then be rest assured that washing it in the machine would be safe.

Get Bedding Sets With Extra Deep Pockets

There is a higher likelihood that your baby bedding sets will shrink once you begin to wash it. Therefore, you need to go for bedding sets that have extra deep pockets. They allow extra room for shrinking if the material cannot withstand multiple washes.

Go For Soft, Firm Baby Bedding Sets

Also, buying a baby bedding set that is made from cotton guarantees softness and is much more breathable than others. Some synthetic materials, aside from being hard to clean, may be irritating to your baby’s skin. This would make his sleep unenjoyable.

The ideal thing is to buy a baby bedding set that is not too soft or too hard. A soft baby bedding set would be firm enough. Being too soft might lead to suffocation and an unpleasant sleep for your baby.

The Lighter the Better

There are chances that your little one would be safer if you go for baby bedding sets that are lighter. Your child, as much as he needs cover from the cold, would have lesser chances of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when you have a lighter bedding set.

Ask Your Child

There is an emotional connection between your baby and his crib. This bond is even more pronounced if you give him a chance to be part of the decision-making on the kind of baby bedding set you buy for him. If your child is up to the age where he can communicate with you, then ask of his opinion in making the choice.

Listen to him and you would be amazed at how well the baby crib would come out once done. Your little one would also be more excited knowing that it was his choice.

Avoid Hand-Me-Down Baby Bedding Sets

I know you might not have the necessary funds for a new baby bedding set, however, going for used ones would put you and your baby at risks of infections. This is in addition to the fact that the baby bedding set might have other complications like being torn or not even fitting to your taste and style.

Taking Care Of Your Baby Bedding Sets

Baby bedding sets

Now that you have gotten your baby bedding set, you should keep these safety tips handy to guarantee durability and safety:

Wash and always keep it clean.

Avoid using pillows for your child.

Remove comforters to avoid suffocation once your baby is asleep.

Make sure your baby is well-positioned on the crib.


Buying the right baby bedding set goes beyond having the right amount of money. There are a whole lot more factors you ought to bring to play while shopping for a baby bedding set.

Ensure you look out for the materials that the bedding set is made of, its colours in relation the interior designs of your house, as well as how environmentally friendly the materials are.

I assure you that, armed with these vital details as explained in this post, getting the right baby bedding set would be a walkover for you!


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