Baby Boy Bedding: Things To Know


Baby bedding is a very important investment you make when preparing for the arrival of your newborn. This is because your baby spends 70% of his/her time sleeping.  If you are having a baby boy, it would be better to get a baby boy bedding set.

For this reason, their beddings should be of good quality and really comfortable for them. So what are the basic features to keep in mind before picking the right baby bedding?

Although we are discussing the tips needed for selecting the right type of bedding materials for a baby boy, we would do an all-round take on choosing the right kind of bedding materials.


The first factors to consider are all the materials you would need for putting the baby crib together. They include; blankets, mattress, linens, pillows, comforters and maybe stuffed animals.

Moving on, we would discuss the sole factors to consider when choosing these materials.

What type of mattress should I use for my baby boy bedding?

The mattress should be firm, soft, and not should sag. It should fit well into the crib because any space too large can get your baby. Choose mattresses made specifically for babies.

– Check the size of crib first before purchasing the mattress, so that it fits perfectly.


– Do not use hand-me-down mattress unless you know where it came from. A once firm mattress will become soft and uneven which becomes risky for your little one.

Old mattresses can be a harboring spot for bacteria, mold, fungus in its core and mildew. They could cause respiratory related SIDS because of uncleanliness.

If you want to reuse the baby mattress for your next baby, ensure that you keep it clean and dry when in storage. If the center and edges have frayed and are loose, replace the mattress.

– Purchase mattresses with vents because they increase airflow and make it easier for moisture to escape, preventing mold, mildew, and odor. Look for small reinforced holes along the side; the more, the better.

– Invest in water-resistant mattresses, the type that has a laminated nylon surface because babies leak. The nylon surface does a decent job of repelling unpleasant odors.

– Organic mattresses do not come with a laminated nylon surface which makes it water resistant. The reason these organic materials don’t come with waterproofing materials is that they are made with chemicals.

– Avoid using soft mattresses for your baby because they can pose as a suffocation hazard for your baby and can cause SIDS.

What type of pillows should I get for my baby boy bedding?

If you want to purchase the baby pillow, do not buy pillows that are soft and lumpy. They should always be firm, almost 1.4inch thick.

It is advisable to use pillows when your infants get to the age of 9 months to one year. A pillow isn’t advisable to use for babies below 9 months because of the risk of suffocation and death.

What type of linens should I use for my baby boy bedding?


The linens or bed sheets cover the mattress. These linens should fit snugly around your baby’s mattress. They should be smooth and flat, made of cotton preferably.

You should also consider picking bed sheets that have elasticized corners. These elasticized corners hold the linens down to the mattress because loose linens can cause suffocation for your baby.

Take accurate measurements of the mattress before going out to buy the linens because you don’t want to buy something too big or too small to fit. Purchase as much as three to four linens for your baby’s bedding.

If you live in tropic areas, pick mostly cotton material lines, but if you reside in tropic areas, you can add to your cotton linens, flannel linens for the winter.

What type of comforters should I invest in for my baby boy bedding?

Comforters are not really necessary for your baby’s crib because they are mainly for aesthetic purposes. Until your baby is about 9 months to a year, you can use a comforter. They should not be so thick to avoid overheating your baby and causing SIDS.

Other items to consider are:

– The crib mattress pad which should not be thicker than 1 inch. It helps protect the mattress from unavoidable accidents.

– Crib skirts which are decorative and hide the mattress support from your baby’s fingers. If the mattress you are using has support springs, the crib skirts also prevent the linens from coming in contact with the mattress support springs.

Quilts are alright to use only when your baby can stand or crawl outside of the bed.

– You can also invest in sleeping bags for your baby. They help your baby sleep well at night because they are not like the usual blankets which can be kicked aside when they sleep.

Check that the neck opening isn’t too large and there are poppers under the armholes to prevent the babies from slipping down inside.


Care Tips For Baby Boy Bedding


– They should be machine-washable

As a mother, doing laundry with a washing machine helps you reduce your chore time. When washing these materials, check to see if they are machine washable. If they aren’t, wash gently with mild soap and water, and then dry properly.

– Check to see if your baby’s skin is sensitive to chemicals. Opt for organic or chemical-free fabrics. When it is time to wash these organic materials, use a chemical-free detergent made for organic fabrics.

– Baby boy bedding can come in a set or come in different pieces. The beddings that come in the set gives you rest of mind, such that if you want organic bedding items, everything in the set will come as organic.

If you buy the beddings one piece at a time, you would go through the stress of looking for everything organic, with the same color scheme.

– Look for independent certification before purchasing the bedding materials. Every country has a products testing organization. Ensure that these products have been certified. This is to ensure your baby’s safety.

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing Baby Boy Bedding

There are no exceptions between beddings for baby boys or girls. However, the only difference is in the aesthetics which basically comprises of patterns and shapes.

These are baby bedding ideas for baby boys:

– For baby boy bedding, choose beddings with dark blue, teal, yellow, cream, white and black.

– Beddings with patterns from snoopy, Batman, Superman, little racer, Nojo little monkey, etc.

– You could also opt for patterns that are wavy, spiral, dotted etc.

In conclusion, selecting the best baby boy bedding is a matter of personal taste, so whatever your choice, choose beddings to fit your baby’s personality.

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