Baby Crib Set: What You Must Know Before Buying a Set

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Let’s talk about baby crib set.

While growing up, I had a neighbor who gave birth to their child. There was much joy in the neighborhood that after several years of marriage, the couple could now call a baby their own. Of course, I was, like others, elated at the news of the childbirth.

However, we woke up one morning to cries in the neighborhood. You would expect that, like the good neighbor I was, I would go find out what the matter was. Yes, I did.

When I got there, the couple told me that they lost their child after she rolled off their bed in the dead of the night. The husband told me he woke up only to see the lifeless body of their precious child – the one they had waited for years to have – on the floor.

As a parent (expectant or already one), it is not just about getting a baby crib set for your child. There are many things you must factor into your buying decision before getting that crib.

Apart from being a basic item for a child, a nice baby crib set should offer your baby comfort. As you are dozing away, the baby crib set must be able to offer much more than a sleeping place for your child. It should be safe too.

Getting the right baby crib ensures you experience the joy of sleeping in the same room with your beautiful baby just inches away from you. This gives a sense of security too.

What is a Baby Crib?


Baby crib set

Okay, we’re really going elementary now.

In simple terms, a baby crib set is a bed for a baby, usually between 0-2 years. It is quite different from your bed as an adult. It has an enclosure with the top opened – to enable you to drop your baby easily.

What You Must Know Before Buying A Baby Crib Set

Trust me.

Getting the right or perfect baby crib set for your baby might be a herculean task especially if you are expecting your first baby. Unlike some “experienced” parents, not having firsthand knowledge of what to expect in a baby crib might make the seemingly exciting experience harrowing.

However, this guide gives you a blow-by-blow detail of what you need to know before getting a baby crib set for your child.

Consider Your Space

As expected, the baby crib set must occupy some space in your home. This might not be a major issue for you if your house has enough space. However, getting a baby crib might pose a challenge to you if there is little space in your house.

The space in your home determines what size and type of baby crib you should get for your child. Ideally, a small apartment, mostly if you are just a new parent, might as well mean that the crib should be small. You don’t want a situation where you are left grappling for space in your house once you get your baby crib.

So, it is ideal that you get a smaller baby crib if your apartment is not big and consider getting bigger ones if it is on the contrary. I would advise that you have the size of your apartment handy while you go shopping for the crib. This will ensure your options are narrowed down, thus making shopping a tad easier.

Ideally, a fold up crib is the best if you have limited space in your home and a bigger crib if you have ample space.

Baby crib set
What Is Your Budget For The Crib?

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when buying a baby crib is your budget. Having a budget will help you narrow down your choice. There are many cribs out there with their prices also varying.

An average baby crib set goes for around $100 but there are many that are more expensive.

However, you must know that having an expensive baby crib does not equate the most efficient or the best. There are good quality baby crib sets that are inexpensive just as there are many that are quite expensive.

The rule is to have a budget for your baby crib set. This reduces the chances of buying one way above what you can afford as well as trim the time used in rummaging through several cribs.

Assembly: How Easy Is it?

Many baby crib set can be hard to assemble while some are as easy as ABC. Chances are that you may find it daunting coupling a baby crib if there are several screws and bolts to put in place.

Aside from this, it is important to know if a baby crib is easily rightly assembled. You do not want a situation where the baby crib comes crashing in the middle of the night with your baby in it. That could be tragic!

Some cribs may require that you call in a friend or neighbor to help you fix it properly.

Does It Match The Nursery Décor?

Baby crib set

I know this may sound vain but wouldn’t it be amazing that your baby crib set fits in seamlessly with your nursery décor?

Before buying the crib, have at the back of your mind the textures, styles, and materials used to ensure they fit in well with other furniture in your nursery.

Don’t go buying a baby crib set that totally looks at variance with your existing nursery furniture.

Is It Flexible Or Not?

Most standard baby crib sets are not flexible or easily convertible. If you are always on the go, a convertible crib might be the best bet for you. You would not only find it easy to move the crib around. It would also help you save cost as it would be used in the long run as the baby begins to grow up.

Some cribs can be converted into a bed for your child even when he is way past the age of using a crib.

What Material Is It Made From?

Generally, most baby crib sets are made of plastic, metal or wood. While it is important to get your baby crib at a cheaper rate, it is also your duty to make sure that the materials used in making it will not pose a threat to your baby’s health.

Your baby might begin to chip into soft wood once he begins teething. This could lead to injuries.

Aside from the safety issues, if your baby can easily chip at the material used in making the baby crib, chances are that you may need a new one soon. This is not cost effective, especially if you intend having another kid.

Also, some materials may be sturdier than others. Ensure you check the sturdiness of the crib in order to prevent it from crashing to the ground with your baby while you are fast asleep.

That is why it is highly recommended that you buy a baby crib set made of solid wood.
That apart, ensure you check with the latest safety standards for baby cribs so you do not end up buying one that is not made from eco-friendly materials, for instance.

Baby crib set

Should It Be a New or Old Crib?

I know this might be a herculean task for you – choosing between a used crib or buying a new one.

You may be considering getting a used baby crib especially when you factor in your finances. However, before deciding to buy a new or used baby crib, as they have their advantages as well as drawbacks, do consider the following:

Old Crib

While an older baby crib set might be able to save you cost, it is important you consider the safety of your baby. Most old baby crib sets are worn out with parts more likely to fall off due to long usage.

That means you must consider if the baby crib is safe for your baby so you don’t end up losing more in the long run.

There are also chances that the crib might not meet up with current aesthetic and safety standards.

New Crib

On the other hand, a new crib would cost you more, however, it comes with more assurance of safety for you and ultimately a worthy investment in the long run. This is aside from the aesthetics which are likely going to be in tune with modern reality.

The decision ultimately rests on you. Do consider these factors before making a choice.

Points To Note When Buying A Baby Crib Set

Ensure You Get An Adjustable Mattress Size

Although baby crib set comes with mattresses, many of them are not adjustable. You should consider buying a baby crib set with adjustable mattress. A crib with adjustable mattress helps you alter the setting as your baby begins to grow taller.

A baby crib set that has an adjustable mattress ensures you can lower the mattress and place your baby in a comfortable place. With this, you are assured that your baby will not climb off the crib as he develops into a more mature version of himself.

Check The Spaces Between The Slats

As you rightly know, safety is one the most important factors to consider before getting a crib for your baby. This shows that you should ensure that the spaces between the slats are not wide enough for your child’s feet, hands or head to get stuck.

Your baby might love to roll from one end of the crib to the other and if the spaces between the slats are wide enough to take any part of his body, chances are that they might get stuck, causing injuries and in worst cases, the death of the child.

Go For Baby Cribs With Teething Rails

Baby crib set

As expected, your baby, once he begins to stand on the crib, would have the rail just at the same height as his mouth. This could mean that once he starts teething, he would find the baby crib rail a perfect place to gnaw on.

This is not good or safe for your baby since he might be injured by the splinters. He could deface the crib’s interior while chirping the wood away.
Thankfully, many cribs now come with teething rails which serves as the barrier between the crib and your baby’s mouth. You can enjoy your newly-acquired furniture – even keep it for future use.

Standard Size Baby Crib: Why You Should Go For It

There are varying sizes of baby cribs in the market which means that you have many options. However, while buying the irregular baby crib set affords you the luxury of having something unique, you would have to battle with the challenge of finding its accessories.

Purchasing an irregular size baby crib may come at a costlier price –something you might not find interesting in the long run.

Buy Your Mattress And Other Accessories At The Same Time

Buying the mattress and other accessories at the same time means you can check if they fit in well with the baby crib. Your baby can avoid strangulation when you get the right accessories for the crib.

Baby Crib Frequently Asked Questions

How long can my baby stay in the crib?

Generally, your baby should use the crib for 1-24 months before being transferred to the normal bed.

Where can I buy baby cribs?

There are many stores, both online and offline, that you can get affordable, as well as, quality baby crib sets in your neighborhood.

What are some baby cribs safety tips?

Always go for a new one.

Buy a basic crib and ensure that it is from a renowned brand that you can vouch for.

When should I buy a baby crib?

Baby crib set

Get it while you are still pregnant, preferably in your third trimester. Most companies, if you are shipping it, take a while before they deliver your items. So, make an order early enough to avoid waiting when your baby finally arrives.

In Conclusion

Getting a baby crib set might look like a herculean task, most especially if you are a first-timer. However, I believe that now that you have read through this guide, you are better equipped to make an informed decision.


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