Baby Diaper Bag – Things To Consider

baby diaper bag

Baby diaper bag is a necessity for every parent. Going out with a baby entails that you also have a lot of things on you. That is when the diaper bag comes in handy. It is useful for keeping all your baby’s stuff in place and well arranged.

Just like finding any other perfect accessory, finding the perfect diaper bag depends on your personal taste and choice. It doesn’t matter your preference, you’ll be needing a bag to hold not just baby diapers, but all your baby stuff.

We can only guide you on the type of baby diaper bag to choose. The style and color of a diaper bag is totally your personal choice, except you indicate that you need help with choosing. The backpack, messenger, tote and stroller are the four types of diaper bags that dominate the options.


Just like the normal backpacks, diaper bag backpacks have two shoulder straps. While messenger bags make use of a cross-body carry strap, tote bags are slung over one shoulder. Stroller diaper bags have straps that attach the bag directly to the stroller handle. This way, the bag doesn’t need to be carried by anyone.


Every bag that’s designed to be a baby diaper bag comes with a lot of pockets and attachments for storing wipes, diapers and more. A lot of them also come with insulated bottle pockets.

Changing your baby’s diapers outside your home can be a source of great worry. A good diaper bag helps minimize the stress you’ll encounter while doing this. Not only will it conveniently hold all your baby stuff, it grants you easy access to anything you need while keeping everything organized.

Of all the diaper bags available in the market, the most conventional one is the tote bag. Having an attractive appearance, stylish moms always go for the tote bags.  may appear really nice and is always a quick choice for stylish moms.

However, changing diapers can be a problem, as some totes are lacking in function. A diaper bag should be able to hold all the necessary baby items, to be considered functional. With a functional diaper bag, it’ll take just a few minutes to change your baby’s diaper.

Cloth diapers need bigger bags

baby diaper bag

Soiled cloth diapers remain in your possession till you get home and get rid of them, unlike the disposables. Therefore, you’ll be needing the bigger types of diaper bags, if you’ll be using cloth diapers. This is to ensure that the neat as well as the soiled diapers are well accomodated.

Picking a baby diaper bag is definitely not a walk in the park. This is because, out of a range of patterns and styles of diaper bags, you have to choose rightly. Not to worry, we are right here with you to help make your decision making easy.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Baby Diaper Bag

baby diaper bag

Outlined below are some general factors to consider when choosing a diaper bag

• Type of bag

There are a lot of diaper bags in the market. But the most common ones are the backpack, messenger bag and tote diaper bags. These bags all have unique features that attend to different needs.

For example, messenger diaper bags are ideal for going on short trips. A backpack diaper bag is your best bet, if you need your hands free to do other things. It is ideal for long-distance travels.

• Number of pockets

The importance of having many pockets cannot be overemphasized, as it helps to keep the baby’s things organized. They should not be too many so that they do not prevent easy access to things kept in the bag.

Having an external bottle holder on both sides of the bag can help save space inside for other things. Some diaper bags have waterproof compartments where you can store wet or soiled clothes.

• Presence of fasteners

Fasteners need to be considered while choosing a diaper bag. The conventional fasteners that are available are Velcro, zippered and magnetic fasteners. The downside of magnetic fastener is that it might not close when the bag is overloaded. On the other hand, Velcro zippers are often noisy enough to wake a sleeping baby.

Velcro fasteners tend to wear out early. Of course, this is a huge turn off if you need a diaper bag that can last for some years. So, zippered fasteners are your best bet among all these fasteners. Things in the bag tend to remain in place in the event of a fall, if the fastener is zippered.

• Material

Before you begin to go all ‘awww’ at that fanciful bag, check the material used in making it. Check if it’s easy to clean and durable. To ensure that the look of a diaper bag lasts, go for a bag with that has a transparent plastic coating over the fabric. The materials that tick these boxes are faux leather and vinyl.

• Straps

baby diaper bag

Go for bags that have long, adjustable straps. Wearing the bag over your shoulder will keep it from slipping off your arm. The adjustable straps make it easier to share the bag with other people taking care of the baby.

• Changing pad

Although many diaper bags come with this accessory, they’re not always big enough for any use, especially as the baby grows. If you need this on your diaper bag, check its size before paying for the bag. Alternatively, you can take either a blanket or pad with you, if the included one isn’t big enough.

• Base

Go for a bag that is able to stand on its own. A bag with a sturdy base makes it easier for you to find what you need with one hand. This comes in handy when your baby is not so calm.

• Color

If the baby diaper bag will be handled by many users, we recommend that you go for dark, unisex colors that are generally acceptable. You cannot afford to buy different diaper bags for just one baby. And besides, it’ll be stressful to transfer things from one bag to the other regularly.

• Size

This is where you’ll bring your needs into consideration. Cloth diapers need bigger bags because you’ll need to carry more accessories. While some moms prefer the large, multi-pocketed diaper bags, others simply stuff the important baby stuff in a favorite tote and go their way. Whatever your choice, do not forget the rule that says: ‘The bigger the bag is, the more you’ll find what to fill it with’.

• Wipe carrying case

Most bags come with this accessory. However, if yours doesn’t, you can easily make use of a plastic sandwich bag.

• Inner tethered accessory bag

The inner tethered accessory bag still gives you room for easy access to your baby’s stuff. The great part is that it offers you a little more security.

• Insulated pockets

Insulated pockets are ideal for storing formula and breastmilk. If they are not available, you can make do with warm or cool packs.

• A lot of space

Welcoming a newborn entails buying and having a lot of items which you’ll be taking around with you. For starters, you’ll be needing at least 5 diapers, 1-2 baby outfits to change into, bottles and a blanket in your bag. Not to mention your own important items such as wallet and keys.

You can also squeeze in an extra shirt for yourself, in case the baby messes your shirt up. All these items need a lot of space to be and stay organized. Go for a bag that offers you enough space to contain all your gear.

baby diaper bag

• Easy to clean

Stay away from bags made of materials that are either hard to clean, or stain easily. This is because you’ll be using your baby diaper bag mostly close to stains, waste and dirts from the baby. Therefore, choose bags made from easy to clean and hard to stain materials.

• Breathability

Breathability of the baby diaper bag material is another thing you have to take into consideration. Bear in mind that your diaper bag will often contain a lot of smelly stuff such as used diapers, milk bottles and soiled clothes. And you really will not want to be going about with a smelling bag, will you? So, pay close attention to the breathability of the material used in making the bag. Also, check out the type of inner lining used in producing the bag.

• Your budget

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a baby diaper bag. Some diaper bags may be very costly, but there are also modest ones that are relatively affordable. The very costly bags will be designers bags and bags that come with special features.

According to their prices, some diaper bags are convertible. They give room for more convenience than the other types of bags. Please bear in mind that you do not sacrifice the functionality of the bag for its style. In getting a diaper bag within your budget, consider its functionality.

• Extra features

baby diaper bag

A lot of baby diaper bags come with hooks that enables you to hang them on your stroller handles. This is a welcome feature for whenever you want to take long walks with your stroller. However, you have to make sure first, that your stroller is balanced and sturdy enough to not tip over.

Do not underestimate the importance of interior pockets. They always have a way of keeping things organized in a space as big as your diaper bag.

Insulated bottle pockets are an added advantage to you, if you’re using bottles. They are a great way to ensure that the water you’re moving about with is kept cold.

A rundown of the basic features every baby diaper bag should have

It’s true that diaper bags come in various patterns and different materials. There are some fundamental features every baby diaper bag should have. For instance, a good diaper bag must come with wide, non-slip shoulder straps. These straps have to stay in place as you move about. You can move about in the store to check this.

If you intend putting your own stuff into the diaper bag, you can go for a bag that comes with key clips, small pockets for cell phone, wallet, etc. and other items. These extra features help to ensure that your possessions are safe and easy to locate.

Most importantly, the bag should have a wide opening to enable you have access to, and see your stored items easily.

If you have twins…

You will be needing a bag that’s bigger than the normal size. Due to the fact that twins get double of the baby items, double of the space is also needed. required. Also, a diaper bag doesn’t only

Be on the look out for bags that are easy to clean, and can withstand moisture and dirt. In addition, choose a multipurpose diaper bag that can be used for other things even when the baby has outgrown the use of diapers.


Choosing the right diaper bag for you and your baby usually makes all the difference. Do not forget that it is important to get a functional bag. If you’re a mom who has an eye for fashion and style, check out diaper bags that blends style with functionality. Trust me, it will save you a lot of stress.

Before you pay for a diaper bag, you need to go through this article carefully, as it’ll help you choose rightly. Cheers!

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