Baby Lotion: How To Pick The Right One

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Having a new baby can both be exciting and at the same challenging especially in taking care of your baby’s delicate skin. You keep wondering what baby lotion will best suit your little one. Well, you are not alone.

Let me tell you a story, one that would help you fully understand how sensitive your baby’s skin could be. The more reason you must be cautious about what you use on him.

About three years ago, my elder sister gave birth to a girl – her second baby actually. However, it happened that two weeks into my niece’s arrival, her mother started noticing some reactions on her skin. At first, she waved it off as one of those “birthmarks.†As you would rightly guess, two days later, those little spots grew irritable and scaly –now spreading to her face.

Immediately, she went to the dermatologist who did a quick diagnosis of the irritating skin problem. The result? My sister was told to change her baby’s body lotion– it was way too harsh for her.

Luckily, the skin care expert told her that she was lucky my niece reacted immediately to the body lotion unlike some babies – which often leads to a major skin care issue for at a later point in their infancy.

Just like my sister, choosing the right baby body lotion can be just as interesting as it also requires a thorough understanding of the impact such products could have on the baby’s health. As a mother, seeing some scaly, and often, irritating spots on your tender baby’s skin raises a lot of questions. This can ultimately steal the joy that comes with nursing a newborn to adulthood.


If you are an experienced mother, you may have mastered, to some extent, how to choose the right baby body lotion.  Even at that, each baby comes with their uniqueness and thus there might not be a one-size-fits-all way of knowing the best baby body lotion.

The situation is a little more troubling or should I say challenging if you just gave birth to your first child. However, you do not have to worry much about how to get the right baby lotion.

Here, I would take you by the hand, giving you details of how to successfully choose the perfect body lotion for your baby. A glowing, healthy and succulent skin is the result we are aiming to achieve.

Ready? All right! Let’s set the ball rolling.  Shall we?

Why You Must Ensure You Get The Right Baby Body Lotion

Your baby’s skin is not as yours. You should strive for the right body lotion for your baby because her skin is delicate and thus highly susceptible to skin issues.

Your baby’s skin also needs the right moisture level to be in the right stead. A dry skin will thwart any efforts to make the skin glow and stay healthy.

Baby Lotion: How To Pick The Right One

How can you then pick the right baby body lotion? Let’s go deeper into the things you need to know.

Skin Type

Baby lotion

One of the first things you must consider before shopping for a baby lotion is your baby’s skin type.

Does your baby have dry, oily or normal skin? How well you answer this poser will go a long way in determining the success of your baby body lotion shopping.

Ideally, when your baby has a dry skin, a body lotion that comes with moisturizer is the right choice to make.

It is not as though you cannot pick any lotion for your baby. However, as a mother or a parent, one of the things you would not be excited about is seeing your baby reacting to a body lotion used on him.


A baby body lotion is one of the basic necessities a nursing parent would get. This means that you would use many until the child grows into adulthood.

This is where you may consider the price of the lotion before buying it. Usually, it is tempting to go for a baby body lotion at the cheapest price. There are a good number of good quality baby body lotion that you can get for your child at a reasonable price.

However, before pitching your tent on the right baby lotion for your child, it is important to consider many other factors, not just the price.

Experts recommend that organic, hypoallergenic baby body lotions should be considered.

That means you might get it cheap or expensive – the onus lies on you to pick the right fit for your baby.

It is quite interesting that some affordable baby body lotions might even work better for your child than the expensive ones – thus the price is no determinant of how good a product is.


Baby lotion

Also, before buying a baby lotion, it is equally important that you check out the ingredients used in making it. Many baby lotion brands are made from materials that might be harmful to the child.

By now, you should know that your baby’s skin is tender and would need a mild body lotion to go with.  That is why it is essential that before you decide on which brand to go for, ensure you check out if the baby lotion contains things like scent, perfumes, and other chemicals that might be irritating to his skin.

Baby lotions that contain these kinds of ingredients should be avoided as much as possible. This is to prevent frequent calls to the dermatologist.

One of the ways you should identify the right baby body lotion is by checking the label. Here, you are able to find out the ingredients used in making a particular baby lotion. This should give you insight into how the product would come out on your baby’s body. I advice that you research the ingredients used in making your baby lotion.

Ultimately, you should go for baby body lotion products that are hypoallergenic – they come with less risk and are less likely to trouble your baby’s tender skin.

Also, go for baby body lotions that are phthalate- and paraben-free – they are great options.

Go For Trusted Brands

Now, you may have wondered why many people are die-hard fans of famous brands and hardly go for the unknown. It is not that these upcoming brands of baby lotions are not good or poor producing. No. Trust me, there is that assurance that comes if you get your baby’s body lotion from renowned brands.

Chances are that many parents have used baby body lotions from such brands on their wards and seen good results. It would not be sensible to leave something that is already working for you to try something else. It’s a baby’s skin we are talking about here; maximum care is adviced.

Does this mean there are no new baby lotion brands that are not good or cannot do the work? Of course not. The goal is to go for those baby body lotions that have, over time, shown that they know what they are doing. Especially when you have not made up your mind on what to settle for.

Absorbency Rates

Absorbency rate essentially dictates how well your baby’s skin can take in and retain the body lotion.

Before settling for a baby body lotion, it is important that you shop for those that are thicker and even more viscous.

Thinner baby body lotions stick to the surface of your baby’s skin and do not have the ability to drip dipper into the lower epidermal layers.

On the contrary, however, if you get a baby body lotion that is thicker, there is absolutely no need to bother about how well it would be retained and absorbed into the skin.

It is, therefore, safe to say that a thicker baby body lotion is a surer bet for your baby’s skin than a lighter version.


Baby lotion

Chances are that you might be a tad worried over the right body lotion to buy if your ward has a skin challenge like eczema.

If your baby has any skin issue like the one noted above, he might have dry skin, making choosing a thicker than normal lotion an absolute necessity.

Thankfully, many companies are now latching onto the increasing demand for babies with such special cases by producing body lotions specifically for them.

Often organically made and as highlighted before now, thicker than the normal lotion, these specially-made baby body lotions allow for deeper penetration into the baby’s skin.

Aside from that, they are also effective in curbing dehydration of the skin and, in the long run, are rightly great options when other baby products have failed for your child.

Visit Merchant Sites

There are a bunch of websites that you can visit to check out several baby body lotions.

With the internet age, you do not have any excuse for not having an idea of the kind of product that is right for your baby.

The good part of visiting these merchant sites is that you do not only have the opportunity to see and read about baby body lotions, but you also get to read reviews from those who have used such skin care products.

What this entails is that you become better informed about a wide range of baby lotions before making your choice.

Seek Help/Suggestions From A Dermatologist

Let me say, if you are still not able to pick the right baby lotion after going through all other means, it is safe to say that booking an appointment with your dermatologist will be a good idea.

The dermatologist is a trained personnel in skincare and should have a working knowledge of the right body lotion for your kid. You should, at least, find a good one.

It is not like they (dermatologists) are gods whose words cannot fail. However, the chances of getting the right baby body lotion become higher if you seek the opinion of a qualified pediatrician.

They should know the perfect kind of baby body lotion that your child needs.

Can I Use My Body Lotion On My Baby?

It is not advisable to use your body lotion on your baby. Your baby’s skin is way more tender than yours and might not be able to withstand the harsher ingredients used in making your body lotion.

If you use your body lotion on your baby to save cost, you are likely shooting yourself on the leg. You might end up paying for your baby’s skin treatment if he develops a skin challenge. That is not the best for you in the long run.

When Should My Baby Start Using Body Lotion?

 As a newborn, your baby’s skin still has an active acid mantle that can help preserve the skin. At this stage, you don’t really need to use anything on your baby’s skin. In the case where your baby has dry skin or eczema, you can then use specific healing lotions.

It is advised to start using baby lotion on your baby from 3 months up.

Can I Use Anti-Bacterial/Medicated Products On My Baby Skin?

The answer is an absolutely “No†unless you are told otherwise by a qualified medical practitioner.  Your baby’s skin is still tender and may not withstand such skin care products if you use it on him.

Are Natural Baby Body Lotions Good?

Baby lotion

This is both a “Yes†and “No†answer. You cannot rightly rule out the fact that some organic or natural baby body lotion might contain elements that are unfit or not ideal for a baby’s skin.

If you must use an organic baby body lotion, do well to confirm it does not have substances that can become irritating to your child’s skin.

Should I Do Patch Test Of The Baby Lotion?

This is what you should do when you are not yet convinced about the effectiveness of a baby body lotion.  Firstly, apply the lotion to some portions of your baby’s body and observe how well it comes out. Do this for about 4 days.

If the skin develops rashes or other issues, then you know it is in the best interest of you and your baby to discontinue its use and vice-versa.


Picking the right baby body lotion might not be an easy task to undertake. However, the joy of having the best skincare product for your child will trump the initial struggles you would undergo.



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