Baby Nursery Furniture: What You Need

nursery furniture

Buying the right baby nursery furniture is essential to the well-being of your little. Experts say that your baby would spend about two-thirds of his time every day in the nursery. 

This shows how important it is for you to buy the right baby nursery furniture. As a nursing mother, getting the right baby nursery furniture might seem like a herculean task.

What kind of baby nursery furniture does your child need? How much do you need to get one? Where do you need to look when you eventually decide to buy baby furniture?

The questions are many – a reason you might actually feel overwhelmed while getting baby nursery furniture for your little one.

However, you do not want to worry about these posers. In this post, I will be looking at the things that you need to get the right baby nursery furniture.

It promises to be an interesting time as you journey with me into the world of baby nursery furniture.

Usefulness of Baby Nursery Furniture

nursery furniture

Before I delve deeper, I would take you through why you need a baby nursery furniture.


One of the things that a baby nursery furniture offer you is comfort. This goes for both you and your baby. With the right baby furniture, you would be relieved of the stress of battling storage space; where to lay your baby, just to name a few.

There is nothing as assuring and comforting than knowing that your baby is staying in a comfortable place.

Same goes for having his clothes and other personal pieces of stuff kept in the right place. Trust me, you would not want to turn the house up-side-down, for instance, looking for your baby’s clothes.

It Adds Color To Your Apartment

If you are someone that loves colors and aesthetically pleasing decorations, having baby nursery furniture would be a good starting point for you.

How would you feel buying baby furniture that perfectly matches other interior decors in your home? Cool, right?

Safety For Both You And Your Baby

While baby nursery furniture gives comfort and at the same time adds color to your home, it also presents a measure of safety, especially for your baby.

A baby crib, for instance, will make you go to bed, assured that your child would not roll off the furniture.

Baby Nursery Furniture: How To Make Best Choice


It is essential to have a specific budget before shopping for a baby nursery furniture.  This is pretty important as the cost of baby nursery furniture might be pricey at most times.

That doesn’t mean there is no affordable baby nursery furniture that you can lay your hands on. The idea is to make sure you know what you are going for and determine if your finance would carry.

Consider the Material

Since your baby will most likely be spending a lot of his time in the nursery, it should become a priority to get furniture that would not harm him.

That means you should get baby nursery furniture that is made of materials which do not contain harmful or organic. Some baby nursery furniture materials could contain inhalable particles and other volatile organic components.

While buying used baby nursery furniture, ensure that they do not have rough and sharp edges, and are free from broken nails among others.

In all, you must choose the best of materials, irrespective of the price, as that would on the long term be a better investment for you and your baby.

Avoid Extra; Go For What You Need

Buying baby nursery furniture might often involve items like whistles and bells. However, these things might not be what your baby needs, especially when you are on a budget.

There are many cribs that need drawers but that may not be what you need. Although they seem fascinating and appealing, such items are no essential.

This is in addition to the extra money they would cost you for the extra value they bring to the table.

Consider The Size Of Your Room

No matter how much you have or how alluring some baby nursery furniture may look like, considering the size of your little one’s room is a key thing you must consider before stepping out to buy.

You have to ask yourself what kind of furniture the space in your house can take. Can it take a toy chest, bookshelf, glider a crib and changing table among others?

Now, having considered this, you should go ahead and get the most important baby furniture for your child.

It would help you plan your budget and also save money that could have been used in purchasing some needless items for your child.

When you get baby nursery furniture that fit into space in the house, you would not only have space to move freely and also an area for your baby to play when he wants to.

Starting Early Is Key To Getting The Best Deal

You know there is so much talk about planning ahead, right? The same planning is still relevant as you go shopping for your baby furniture.

You should schedule your shopping early enough to give you time to look out for discounts and the best items for your child.

With enough time on your hands, you can peruse the array of shops, the products they have, as well as their prices before making a final buying decision.

Don’t Forget Your House’s Décor And Also Customize To Taste

With a little bit of creativity, you can pimp up your baby’s nursery furniture. This begins with buying furniture that suits the interior decor of your home.

And once you have bought the baby furniture, you can also customize them to suit your taste. For instance, you can paint the wooden handles. This would bring out the beauty of the furniture.

Long Term Is Always Better

Whenever you want to buy baby nursery furniture, you should always have your long-term thinking cap on. Get furniture that would last longer.

Instead of lasting for some months, think of getting baby furniture that will stay for years. These baby furniture should cater to the need of your baby as he is growing up.

For instance, you can purchase a convertible crib that would serve as a toddler’s bed as well as a full-sized bed.

In this case, not only do you kill the proverbial two birds with one stone, you also save yourself the stress of going back and forth while shopping.

Used or New Baby Furniture?

When you are shopping on a budget, it could be tasking to get new furniture for your baby. It may be that they are too expensive for you, or you may have to forgo some important items on the menu.

That might push you into settling for used furniture.  Although some people do not consider it ideal buying used baby nursery furniture, buying on a budget means you might likely give it a shot.

However, before you do that, it is important that you consider the safety of your child. Check the furniture for danger signs like broken edges and rails.

You cannot purchase used baby furniture that will jeopardize the safety of your baby. That would be an investment in the wrong direction.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t get a great bargain on used baby furniture. You can, but the deciding factor should not be on saving money but what would keep your baby safe, comfortable happy.

Essential Baby Nursery Furniture

Let’s take a look at the kind of furniture you will be needing for your child. While some of these baby nursery furniture are essential, some can be waved aside easily especially when you consider your budget and home space.

Here is the baby nursery furniture you will be needing for your baby.

Baby Crib

nursery furniture

Since your baby would spend about sixty percent of his time sleeping, one of the most important furniture that you should get for his nursery is a crib.

Although cribs come in different sizes, prices and also functions, you must consider your baby’s safety over any other thing.

As your child grows older, you might need another crib in his nursery, except you buy a convertible crib.

Rockers and Gliders: The Siamese Twins

A rocking chair and glider is your best bet in situations where your baby sleeps while you are seated.

Chances are that your baby might wake up and begin to cry if you try to take him to the crib when he eventually falls asleep in your hands.

So, get one for yourself to reduce the chances of a crying baby.

Dress Changer

Also, you should have a place where you change your baby’s clothes/nappies. This is usually done with either a changing table or dresser.

For clarity sake, the changing table is just like other tables. The only difference is that it has a shelf below it as well as a mat atop.

On the other hand, the changing dresser is simply a stronger version of a changing table.

Nursery Storage

nursery furniture

I understand that babies need a whole lot of space where their items are kept; locked up safely.

You can get a wardrobe for your child where clothes and other baby essentials are kept.

A Stroller

nursery furniture

Carrying your baby on the hand or back him might be difficult. Nothing beats the relief that a baby stroller offers a nursing mom. They are not too costly if you’re running on a tight budget.

Getting the baby stroller will make you have time for other things, reduces the chances of developing body aches, helps your outdoor activities, among other advantages.

Setting Up Your Baby Nursery Furniture: Some Tips To Keep Handy

Having gotten your baby nursery furniture, I will be showing you some things you need to keep handy to maximally enjoy these pieces of creativity, alongside your baby:

– Keep baby crib well away from the window and even walls. This would help in protecting your baby from climatic elements such as sun, snow, and rain.

– Make sure the windows are doors in the baby nursery are well-secured. With this, you’re sure no one would break into the place.

– Do proper wiring. This is in case of electrical malfunction. I am sure no parent wants his child to be exposed to naked wires.

Also, since your baby is still too little to run out in the event of an electrical mishap, it is important you get the writing rightly done.

When Should I Buy Baby Nursery Furniture?

Most experts will tell you to get them as soon as you become pregnant. At other times, it may not be so early. However, buying them early enough will give you ample time to pick out the best items for your little one.

You can even get cheaper ones with discounts if you start your purchase right once your pregnancy shows up. Buying your furniture early and one at a time could be the ideal option for you when you’re on a tight budget.

Should I Buy All Baby Nursery Furniture?

The answer depends on you as a parent. Ideally, you should consider the space available in your home and your budget before buying any baby nursery furniture.

In conclusion, getting your baby nursery furniture is not too demanding as you would have found out in this piece. Do share with other mothers and expectant parents if you have found it helpful. Cheers!

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