Baby Safety Equipment: What Your Baby Needs To Stay Safe

Babies are so precious, but at the same time, clueless. They have no sense of danger, therefore, they need their parents to keep them safe all the time. Whether you are a new mama or papa or have been long in the parenting sphere, you are constantly worrying about your baby’s safety. This is the reason baby safety equipment were made – to keep your baby safe at all times, even when you are not looking.

baby safety equipment
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Now, there are different types of baby safety equipment you can buy to keep your baby safe all the time. However, you will be faced with making a decision on what your baby really needs to stay safe. In this article, you will learn about the different types of safety equipment you can buy for your baby, what factors to consider when buying, and how to care for these bits of equipment.



Categories of Baby Safety Equipment

Here are the categories of baby safety equipment, according to the part of the house they secure:

1. Living room safety equipment

2. Bedroom safety equipment

3. Kitchen safety equipment

4. Bathroom safety equipment

5. Outdoor safety equipment



Living Room Safety Equipment

In the living room, there are certain pieces of furniture and appliances that can pose a danger to your baby. But with the help of baby safety equipment, you can guarantee your little one’s safety.

Which Baby Safety Equipment Can You Use In the Living Room?

You can use the following baby safety equipment in the living room:

1. Finger pinch guards

2. Furniture edge cushions

3. Outlet covers

4. Cord shorteners

5. Adjustable stair gates

6. Rail net

7. Anti-tip brackets

8. Window restrictors

9. Smoke and fire alarms

10. Carbon monoxide alarm

11. Fireplace guard

12. Test tube checker


Finger Pinch Guards

These are used to prevent doors from slamming on your baby’s fingers. They are attached to both edges of the door such that when your baby’s fingers are caught between doors, they will not be injured. The guards are made of rubber and can withstand high temperatures.


Door Finger Pinch Guard 4pk, Door Hinge Guard 2pk Outgeek Doors Protectors Prevents Finger Pinch Injuries Baby Proofing for Flush Door Hinges, Gates,Pivot Doors

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Furniture Edge Guard

These are very common because injuries caused by hitting the head or face against the edge of furniture are common with babies. These guards are made of dense rubber and are placed on the edges of furniture such as table, cupboards, chairs, etc. You just cannot do without them as they are life-savers for your baby.


WENWELL 24pcs Corner Protector Baby,Proofing Corner Guards for Furniture,Keep Kids Safe,Glass Table Sharp Edges Bumper Proof Products,Clear Soft Cushion with Thickened Adhesive (12 Ball +12 L)

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Outlet Covers

Have you seen your baby crawling towards an electric socket? Outlet covers will prevent your baby from being electrocuted. Every home where there is a baby needs to have outlet covers to cover electric outlets when not in use.


Outlet Covers Babyproofing 50-Pack by Wappa Baby | Safe & Secure Electric Plug Protectors | Sturdy Childproof Socket Covers for Home & Office | Easy Installation | Protect Toddlers & Babies | White

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Cord Shorteners

With electric cord lying around the house, your baby can trip on them or chew them. However, with cord shorteners, you can keep the cord away from your baby and leave your house looking tidy.


Tee-Zed Dreambaby Electrical Cord Shortener

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Adjustable Stair Gates

If you live in a house with stairs, your child will continuously be in danger of falling down the stairs, especially when they begin to crawl. This baby safety equipment is placed at the top and bottom of a staircase to stop your baby from accessing the stairs.


Cumbor 43.3” Auto Close Safety Baby Gate, Extra Tall and Wide Child Gate, Easy Walk Thru Durability Dog Gate for The House, Stairs, Doorways. Includes 4 Wall Cups, 2.75-Inch and 8.25-Inch Extension

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Rail Net

Railings, banisters, and balconies pose a danger to crawling babies. You need to attach a rail net to the openings on railings and balconies to keep them from squeezing through.


MAYbabe Child Safety Net-10ft x 2.6ft,Rail Balcony Banister, Stair Net, Safety for Kids/Toys/Pets.Patios or Balcony Use.Safety for Indoor&Outdoor.White/Brown/Black.

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Anti-tip Brackets

When babies begin to learn to stand, they will always pull on objects like bookshelves, tables, and televisions to support themselves. This is very risky as the objects can tip over and fall on them. To prevent this, use anti-tip brackets to firmly secure furniture to the wall.


Bebe Earth - Furniture and TV Anti-Tip Straps (8-Pack) for Baby Proofing and Child Protection - Adjustable Wall Anchor Safety Kit - Secure Cabinets and Bookshelf from Falling (White)

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Window Restrictors

These are used to stop windows from opening more than 100 mm. They are important to keep your baby from climbing out of a window and falling off.


Kamtop Window Restrictor Locks 4 Packs Security Cable for Child Baby Safety Window Locks Door Locks with Screws Keys

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Smoke and Fire Alarms

You can never go overboard when it comes to safeguarding your baby. This explains why having a smoke and fire alarm in every part of your house is reasonable. This is important because it alerts you when there is a fire outbreak in your house.


First Alert Battery Powered Smoke Alarm with Silence Button, SA303CN3

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is necessary, especially in any area where you are burning fuel. It will keep your house in check and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.



Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm |Battery Operated | Model # KN-COB-LP2 9CO5-LP2

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Fireplace Guard

For parents who have fireplaces in their living room, you need a fireplace guard. While it is a hearth for family bonding, it also poses a danger to your baby who can crawl in. A fireplace guard is made of dense plastic and is laid over the fireplace. Alternatively, you can use an adjustable gate to seal off the fireplace area.


Plow & Hearth Small Crest Flat Guard Fireplace Screen, Solid Wrought Iron Frame with Metal Mesh, Decorative Scroll Design, Free Standing Spark Guard, 38 W x 31 H x 13 D, Black Finish

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Test Tube Checker

This is used to check for things that can be swallowed by babies. If an object can pass through the test tube checker, then it can be swallowed by the baby and should not be left lying around.



Bedroom Safety Equipment

Which Baby Safety Equipment Can You Use In the Bedroom?

You can use the following baby safety equipment in the bedroom:

1. Crib net

2. Door knob lock

3. Window cord guards

4. Baby wedge

5. Baby positioner


Crib Net

This is made of breathable mesh net. It is attached to your baby’s crib to prevent squeezing through the holes in a crib. This also discourages him or her from climbing out of the crib.

Pro Baby Safety Pop up Crib Tent: Premium Baby Bed Canopy Netting Cover - See Through Mesh Nursery Mosquito Net - Stylish and Sturdy Unisex Infant Crib Tent Net - Protect Your Baby from Falls or Bites

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Door Knob Lock

This is used to keep babies from leaving or entering rooms and closets. It can also be used on bathroom and toilet doors to stop them from going there in your absence. Alternatively, you can use a top door latch, which stops the door from opening.

EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers Door Knob Locks

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Window Cord Guards

They are commercially called cord cleats. They are used to wrap excess window cords that are reachable to babies or young children.

Cord Cleat 4pcs for Child Safety and 8pcs Screws for Drapery/Blinds, Clear Color

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Baby Wedge

This baby safety equipment is often placed on the bed to keep babies from rolling off the bed. Alternatively, you can use a bed rail to secure them from falling off.

REBIRTHFOX Baby Sleep Pillow with Baby Flat Head Pillow for Newborn Infant Wedge Pillow,3D Memory Foam for Adjustable Side Support Pillow with Cute Little Bear Shape Pillow

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Baby Positioner

Have you ever heard of sudden infant death syndrome? Baby positioner guards against that and other dangers like suffocation, incorrect swallowing, breathlessness, and flat head syndrome. What this equipment does is to keep your baby in a semi-fetal position while he or she is asleep.

Portable Baby Crib Bed Mattress Infant Sleep Positioner- Breathable Nursing Baby Lounger Travel Folding Protective Pillow Anti-Rollover

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Kitchen Safety Equipment

Which Baby Safety Equipment Can Be Used In the Kitchen?

The following baby safety equipment can be used in the kitchen:

1. Safety locks and latches

2. Gas cooker and stove knob locks

3. Baby gates

4. Stovetop guard

5. Oven door lock


Safety Locks and Latches

Your curious baby will want to play with the kitchen cabinet. If the top layers are unreachable to them, the bottom layers where there are detergent, liquid cleaners, and so on can pose a risk to them. This is where safety locks and latches on your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, refrigerators, etc. can give you rest of mind.

Child Safety Strap Locks (4 Pack) for Fridge, Cabinets, Drawers, Dishwasher, Toilet, 3M Adhesive No Drilling - Jool Baby

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Gas Cooker and Stove Knob Locks

You do not want to have your baby playing with the knobs on your stove or gas cooker. Their hands can get burned if the knobs are hot or they can start a fire. This is why you need to attach a knob lock to your gas cooker and stove knobs when they are not in use.

Stove Knob Covers for Child Safety, Large, 5 Pack, Kitchen Safety Guards for Kids, Baby, Toddler, Clear Oven and Gas Knob Cover by Heart of Tafiti

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Baby Gate

This baby safety equipment can be used where a door lock is not available. It stops them from going to the kitchen.


Stovetop Guard

Apart from the danger of starting a fire, stovetops are usually hot after use and can burn your baby’s skin. Therefore, always use a stovetop guard. It is made of a material that does not conduct heat.

Stove Burner Covers - Gas Range Protectors Countertop Accessories for Kitchen Reusable, Non Stick, Dishwasher Safe, Heat Resistant Stovetop Guard 8 Pack with Silicone Oil Brush

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Oven Door Lock

Your curious baby will be attracted by the pastries and chicken roasting in the oven. So, use an oven door lock whether the oven is in use or not. It is made of transparent material so that you can still watch what is being baked.



Bathroom Safety Equipment

Even in the bathroom, your baby still needs to be kept safe from dangers like slipping. The toilet and bathtub pose chances of accidents to your baby. But with the aid of bathroom safety equipment, you can enjoy a comfortable time with your baby in the bathroom.

Which Baby Safety Equipment Can Be Used In the Bathroom?

The following baby safety equipment can be used in the bathroom:

1. Toilet lid lock

2. Safety temp guard

3. Tub guard

4. Tub tattoos


Toilet Lid Lock

From dipping their hands into the toilet to falling in, the toilet poses a risk to your baby, which can be prevented using a toilet lid lock. This safety equipment prevents them from lifting the toilet lid.

Toilet Lock Child Safety - Ideal Baby Proof Toilet Seat Lock with 3M Adhesive | Easy Installation, No Tools Needed | Fits Most Toilet Seats - White (1 Pack)

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Safety Temp Guard

Sometimes, testing your baby’s bathwater against your elbow will not be a true test of the water temperature. For accurate testing, the safety temp guard is used. It comes in colorful animal shapes and has a button to show when the bath water is too hot for your baby.




Tub Guard

This slides over the edges of your bathtub to prevent bumping your baby’s head against the edges. It plays the same role with tap covers that are placed on taps in the bathroom.


Tub Tattoos

These colorful tattoos come in appealing shapes. They are used to prevent slipping in the bathtub and can be attached to bathroom floors to prevent slipping.

PGFUN 20PCS Marine Organism Stickers Tub Tattoos Sea Animal Decals Treads Adhesive Appliques with Scraper for Stairs,Refrigerators, Windows, Bathtub,Mirrors and Other Smooth Surfaces Decoration

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Outdoor Safety Baby Equipment

Which Baby Safety Equipment Can You Use Outdoors?

The following baby safety equipment can be used outdoors:

1. Wrist lock

2. Pool cover

3. Pool alarm

4. Protective headphones

5. Car seats


Wrist Lock

Keeping young children close to you at all times cannot not be guaranteed, especially outdoors. But with wrist lock, you can keep them by your side at all times and ensure that you do not lose them.

Anti Lost Wrist Link, Dr.meter Toddler Safety Leash with Key Lock, Reflective Child Walking Harness Rope Leash for Kids/Babies, 2.5M Blue + 1.5M Orange

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Pool Cover

If your baby lives in a house where there is an outdoor or indoor pool, there must be a pool cover. It is enforced by law in some countries due to the risk of death by drowning. This safety equipment prevents babies from crawling or walking into the pool.

In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools

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Pool Alarm

Where a pool cover fails (rarely), a pool alarm alerts you when someone comes close to the pool. So, when your child crawls or walks close to the pool, you will be alerted.

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

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Protective Headphones

When you are outdoors, you can protect your baby’s ears with protective headphones. That way, no stormy weather, loud music, or construction noise can upset your baby.


Car Seats

It is a law in some countries to use a baby car seat whenever you go out with your baby. Car seats reduce death in an accident by 54%.


Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat, with 10 Years of Use, Zagg

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What Do You Need to Consider When Buying Baby Safety Equipment?

Consider the following when buying baby safety equipment:

1. Ensure that the slats of baby gates are not wide enough to trap the baby’s head. Also, make sure they can fit the stair frames.

2. Check for sharp edges that can cut your baby’s hands.

3. Ensure that they meet the safety standards. You can check for this on the labels.

4. Ensure they are in perfect condition. 

5. Ascertain that the locking devices will not be opened easily, neither will they need an instrument to open. The former is important so that your baby will be unable to open them. Also, the latter is because, in an emergency, you need to open them as fast as you want.


Check out these other detailed articles:



Care of Baby Safety Equipment

You need to maintain your baby safety equipment, so that they will last for a long time.

How Can You Maintain Baby Safety Equipment?

To maintain baby safety equipment, do the following:

1. Change the batteries of alarm systems regularly.

2. Oil the hinges of baby gates regularly, so they do not become creaky.

3. Clean all baby safety equipment regularly and keep away from humid conditions.


Do not forget to clean the area to be baby-proofed before using the safety equipment. Also avoid installing guards in the presence of your baby, as they will try to remove them.



Baby Safety Equipment — Related FAQs


How Can You Create a Safe Space for Children?

Here’s how you can create a safe space for children:

  1. Use a furniture size that is appropriate for them.
  2. Use baby gates to keep them off certain areas of the house such as the kitchen and stairs.
  3. Get the appropriate cover for your electrical outlets.
  4. If your indoor plants are dangerous, keep them off the space.
  5. Secure all blind cords.
  6. Ensure that all toys are safe to use.
  7. Shoes worn outdoors cannot be worn in a safe space.
  8. Keep only board books in the safe space to avoid incidence of paper swallowing. But if your baby starts chewing the board books, remove them.
  9. Secure all furniture with locks. 
  10. Spend some time with your kids. This will help you identify hazards.


How Do You Baby Proof a TV Unit?

To baby proof a TV unit, do the following:

  1. Declutter the unit. Children are visual beings; they are attracted to what they can see around the TV unit.
  2. Secure the TV with anti-tip brackets or any good anchor.
  3. You can lock up your DVD player, cable box, and game console, if the TV unit has doors or drawers. However, if your TV is unable to receive signal from that position, you need to get a remote control extender.
  4. If you cannot lock them up, ensure you get safety straps for your electronics. These will secure them such that your baby cannot pull them.
  5. Remember to hide the remote and cover the sharp edges of your TV unit.


BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit - Control 1 to 8 Devices (Expandable to 12!)

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How Can You Tell If Something Is Stuck In Your Child’s Throat?

The following are signs that something is stuck in your child’s throat:

  1. The child will be unable to swallow properly. As a result, he or she will reject food offers, drool, or vomit.
  2. He or she will complain of a feeling that an object is stuck in the throat, neck pain, or chest pain.
  3. The child’s airway will be blocked. This can result in coughing or wheezing and inability to breathe. 
  4. After some days, the child will have fever and intermittent cough.

If you suspect that something is stuck in your child’s throat, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.


How Do You Keep Your Children Safe Outside?

To keep your children safe outside, do the following:

  1. Ensure that they are supervised by an adult.
  2. Teach them not to go close to the driveway when playing.
  3. Let them learn to request help from an adult when their play items roll into the driveway.
  4. Inspect the space outside to ensure that there are no hazards such as sharp objects, tree branches and stumps, animal droppings, and trash.
  5. The space can be fenced to prevent the children from running into the street.
  6. Areas where electrical appliances like air conditioners are installed need to be cordoned off. You can use baby gates to achieve that.


How Do You Ensure Children’s Safety In the Playground?

You can ensure children’s safety in the playground by doing the following:

  1. Inspect the playground regularly to be sure that the equipment does not have missing, worn, or broken parts.
  2. The space needs to have some kind of shade. To achieve that, you can plant a tree or get a tent. This will prevent the children from sunburns.
  3. Metal equipment will heat up due to the intensity of the sun. Therefore, they need to be installed facing the North side of the playground; the sun is least direct on that side. You can also place them under the tent or tree.
  4. Install swings on the outer side of the playground. 
  5. Cover protruding screws or bolts with safety covers.


How Do You Dress Your Children for the Playground?

Here is how you can dress your children for the playground:

  1. Dress them in clothes that are fitted and will not get caught on posts and rails.
  2. Avoid accessories such as a scarf and necklace around their necks. This will reduce the chances of strangulation. 
  3. Their shoes need to be closed-toes shoes. Ensure that the laces are tied tightly.
  4. They do not have to wear sandals or flip flops. Their footwear needs to be athletic shoes or one that can protect their feet.

Since they will be playing outdoors, you need to make provision for the appropriate sunscreen.









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