Baby Shower Cake Ideas And How To Get Them

baby shower cake

Think of what the peak of your baby shower is, think of the cake. Yes! You read right. The cake. In the midst of all the fanfares, it really is what everyone is looking forward to. And it’ll be so disappointing if your baby shower cake doesn’t meet up to standard, right? Now, we don’t want that for you or anyone at all.

It doesn’t matter the size or design you want on your baby shower cake, we are here to serve you some inspirations.

The importance of a cake in a baby shower cannot be overemphasized. If it’s not present, the fun can never be complete. Let us lead you into the planet of baby shower cake ideas.

Here, we help you let your imaginations run wild without any boundaries. In addition, we spice things up for you with splashes of colors and designs that are out-of-the-world.

Trust us, the accompanying tastes are as heavenly as the appearances. As your baby shower is one that’ll be celebrated with family and friends, colleagues and neighbors alike, it’s essential that you do not disappoint.

Leave a sweet mark on their tastebuds! We have selected some mind-blowing baby shower cake ideas that will leave both you and your guests thrilled for a long time.

Are you still willing to create some magic? Come on this ride with us!


– Pink Velvet Swiss Roll Cake

This is just ideal if you’re expecting a baby girl. Just as it is beautiful in all its pink blush glory, it is also lovely and soft.

Its spiral interior and unique design give it a pretty structure that screams everything girly. It is finely finished off by a thin layer of icing sugar dusted over its surface.

It is referred to as velvet because of its velvety texture on the tongue. The velvety texture is achieved by the cool whip and creamy soft cheese filling.

In addition, it can be sliced with ease for consumption by guests.

– Pink Ombre Swirl Cake

This is a delight to behold as both the design and the combination of different colors make you fall in love already with it.

It is highly recommended for baby showers that will have high turnup of guests because with its many layers offers a lot of yummy pieces to go round.

– Blue Velvet Cake Surprise

Just like the name implies, it is really a surprise because contrary to the name, it is not blue. It is white in color.

Its aim is to spring a surprise on the guests, that is, if they do not already know that you’re expecting a baby boy. When it is cut open eventually, the blue velvet interior will announce the gender of the baby.

– No Bake Strawberry Milkshake Cheesecake

Just as the name is kinda long, it equally offers you a lot to chew. Not only do the sprinkles used on it give it an attractive, but it is also a colorful and pretty piece.

The best part of its preparation is that it is ‘no bake’, making it easy for just anyone to prepare it and still pull off a yummy taste.

– Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

The main aim of this is to satisfy the cravings of lovers of chocolates. There will be no need to slice a big cake at your party, as the cupcakes are easy to serve to guests.

– Gift Box Baby Butt Cake

baby shower cake

This is a unique design that can be used to announce the anticipation of any gender: if a boy is on the way, make the gift box blue.

Otherwise, light it up with pink. If the gender is unknown, keep the color neutral.

– Pom Pom and Chevron Cake

One word for this piece? Stunning! It can be used to announce the gender of the unborn baby.

The pom poms are splashed with pink and blue colors, and the chevrons in the center are adorned with various pretty colors. And the cake itself tastes just as colorful as it looks.

– Hello World Cake

This is simple but beautiful. Covered with a thin layer of icing sugar, it has a lot of sponge layers that are arranged to produce a structure that looks like a tower. It is finished off with roses which gives it a classy look.

– Baby Twins Cake

This is just the perfect cake for moms who are expecting twins. It consists of two babies covered in colorful icing blankets. You can also represent the gender of your bundles of joy on this pretty cake.

– Flower Cake

This always stands out and makes a statement because of its exceptional design. It is a very long white iced cake structure that has a cute baby nestling in beautiful flowers at the very top of the cake.

– Sweet Treats Ballerina Cake

This is designed especially for moms who are in love with girly things. It has a beautiful pair of ballerina shoes sitting prettily on top of it, complete with icing frills that’ll make you fall in love with it.

The most delightful part is that the cake and its accessories are splashed in bright pink color.

– Vanilla Strawberry Cupcakes

Merely looking at these adorable edibles will make you want to snatch them and stuff them into your mouth already. And my! Do they even taste much better than they look!

These cupcakes blessed with the goodness of strawberry vanilla flavors are colored flavored cream with an iced dummy made of colored icing on top of it.

– Rubber Ducky Cake

baby shower cake

This is really ideal for baby showers that’ll have a huge turn up of guests. What with its bright yellow color and many layers, it adds color and taste to your baby shower.

– Mother Goose and Bookish Cake

This right here is a beauty made especially for lovers of books. A little mother goose moulded with icing sugar sits on top of a pile of books that are made of cake. Not only is this piece creative, but it is also colorful and tastes even better.

– Pink and Gold Named Cake

This piece with three layers is a showstopper and a sight for sore eyes. It is a pink affair because the flowers, waves, and petals on both the cake itself and the stand it rests on are adorned with the goodness of pink color.

Then, the name of the baby is beautifully inscribed with gold color. Too much royalty for one cake, huh?

– Cake Gallery Cake

This beauty that’s covered in buttercream takes the shape of a baby-grow. You can customize it to your taste using different motifs, colors, and names.

– No Bake Pink Lemonade Cheesecake Parfaits

Prepared with a bit of pink lemonade to step up the flavor, these no-bake cakes are great and tasty ideas for a baby shower.

They are served individually in wine glasses, and this erases the idea of cutting out slices to be shared.

– Whale Cake

This is made specifically for having baby boy showers and tastes just as good as it looks. It is made with a layer each of vanilla sponge with lemon curd filling, and chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam.

It is then covered in fondant and buttercream. Decorated with blue waves in its middle and has two blue fondant whales on top of it.

– Happy Pushing Cake

This simple but stunning piece is suitable for use at baby showers. With three big layers bearing three smaller layers with buttercream filling between the individual layers, it is a sight to behold.

It is finished off with a banner that has the words, ‘Happy Pushing’ inscribed on it.

– Jungle Animal Cake

This beauty stems from the inspiration of a colorful jungle theme. It is basically a green colored jungle piece that is decorated with a lot of fondant-shaped jungle animals.

– Baby Buggy Cake

This comes in the shape of a baby buggy and is an eye-catching concept. Because the color of the baby buggy can be blue or pink depending on your preference, this idea is well suited for baby showers of both genders.

– Elephant cake

We do not think that there’s anything as heart melting as this beautiful baby shower piece that has an elephant theme. It is adorned with beautiful decorations as well as fondant exterior all covered in blue and pink colors.

This theme appeals to both the heart and eyes and is suitable for use at baby showers of both genders.

– I Am Baby Blue Cake

This piece comes in form of cupcakes and is designed for boys due to the blue cream cheese toppings. It is finished off and made more spectacular by adding tiny silver balls spread all over the top of the yummy pieces.

– Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

With the presence of chocolate ganache, dark chocolates, raspberry buttercream, and marshmallows, this design definitely appeals to our taste buds.

It stands out owing to the fact that it houses many exquisite flavors and tastes as heavenly. You don’t want to miss out on the tasty experience at your baby shower.

– Cute Bunny Cake

True to its name, we couldn’t tear our eyes away from this beauty because it really is TOO CUTE. Its theme is a small bunny with its head peeking out from the grass.

The bunny which looks like the real-life version is made from fondant icing, and the grass surrounding the bunny is made with smooth green icing.

– Fireman Themed Cake

This colorful and fun-looking beauty will surely draw the hearts of every male in the room. Covered in bright red and yellow colors, the piece has three layers, with each layer being designed independently of the others. Each layer has the design of a name, fire truck, and dog embedded on it.

– Hydrangea Cake

Having the shape of a dome, this creative piece is completely covered in flowers that are splashed with lilac, pink and rose colors. This simple and neat design looks stylish and you’ll fall in love over and over with the perfection of the color blend.

– Italian Cream Cake

Serve your baby shower guests with a taste of Europe with this incredible piece. Made with coconut and soft buttermilk, it is made perfect with more coconut, pecans and cream cheese icing. In addition, its design and taste are out of the world. Is this the baby shower cake of choice?

– Strawberry Cream Cake

Not only is this piece filled with strawberry cream, but it also tastes better than you can ever imagine. Its brilliant design and fresh fruits decoration (we couldn’t get enough of the fresh strawberries scattered beautifully on top of it) makes it a great idea for baby showers.

– Browns Butter Finger Bundt Cake

This beauty truly has a divine taste. Why won’t it? Placing butterfingers at the top of buttery moist vanilla cake with buttercream icing gives a heavenly taste as a result. Does this not scream baby shower cake?

– Blue Velvet Cupcakes

These beauties are used to announce the arrival of a baby boy. With a combination of blue sponge, blue icing and white cream all held by blue cupcake cases, you’ll definitely crave for more when you have a taste.

baby shower cake


Baby showers are periods when sweet memories that should be held dear for a lifetime are created. As a pregnant mom, you need to take your baby shower personal.

It should be more than just a fanfare to you but creating beautiful memories that you’ll cherish forever. Talking about making it personal, your choice of a baby shower cake represents your individuality, what you stand for. Do not ruin the celebration.

Make the right choice and down the line, you’ll be thankful you did. Still in doubt of which design to choose? All the ideas on our list are tested (tasted should be better) and trusted. Go through the list and make a good choice of baby shower cake. Good luck!


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