Baby Shower Centerpieces Buying Guide

baby shower centerpieces

Just like any other event, the attention of the majority of the guests will definitely be on the buffet; centerpieces are secondary.

Most people will want to be sure they will be getting some food, drinks, and chops during the event. And it is your duty as the host to satisfy that curiosity.

However, making them see that you’re ready to satisfy their taste buds by displaying delicacies is not just enough. Let’s not forget the real aim of a baby shower.

It is a fun fare that celebrates the imminent arrival of a new baby. It is usually planned and hosted by either a family member or a female friend of the pregnant woman.

So, it is imperative to make everything colorful and perfect. If you want to have fun, ensure you have fun till you’re bursting with it. After all, as they say, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well.


The theme of the party should be matched with beautiful baby shower centerpieces that will further give the party fun and lively touch.

There are a lot of enjoyable options to choose from when it comes to baby shower centerpieces. What you need is to put in some creativity and time.

Not to worry, we’re here to help guide you through how to choose and create the best baby shower centerpieces. Do stay with us.


Things To Consider Before Shopping For Baby Shower Centerpieces

baby shower centerpieces

It doesn’t matter the size of the baby shower party, the baby shower centerpiece should be given some effort and time because waiting till the last minute and rushing through it will leave a bad taste in the mouth, literally.

When you want to choose or create flowery centerpieces for your baby shower, there are some things you have to put into consideration before settling for a particular choice. We have compiled a list of some of these things. Hope it helps you.

– Choose the location of the baby shower

The first thing to do naturally when you’re planning an event is to choose the location of the event. Therefore, it is important that you decide on the location of the baby shower.

This involves checking out the available space and the facilities on ground to help you set up the place to your taste. Often times, baby showers are held at the home of the pregnant mom.

This is because it will be more comfortable and convenient for her, mostly if she is already approaching her due date. While this location will provide you with a lot of baby shower centerpiece ideas, it will be better to discuss things with the pregnant mom to know what suits her best.

Then, if your preferred location is a restaurant, be well aware that some restaurants will not let you go all out in giving their place an entirely new look. You will have to work with limited options here.

So, sort things out with the manager or anyone who’s in charge of the restaurant before mapping out plans.

It is also important that you check out the rules and regulations of your preferred location before making plans. A lot of facilities have problems with people making use of breakable glasses, open flames or any other thing that spells impending danger.

If you acquaint yourself with their rules and regulations, you’ll be able to plan your baby shower without getting into trouble with them.

– Pick a theme

Choosing a theme helps you zoom in on and be specific with the decoration ideas you’ll select. We can give you some options to choose from, but it’s totally up to you to decide which suits you best.

Jungle/Safari theme

This is a popular theme for baby showers. It entails decorating the baby shower location with stuffed animals and of course, a mixture of green and yellow colors to create the jungle effect.

Movie theme

You can turn the favorite childhood movie of the pregnant mom into the theme of the baby shower. However you want to do it, ensure that you create a magical effect.

Circus/Carnival theme

This theme entails decorating the venue with bright colors, ensuring that there’s a steady supply of candy floss and popcorn, and setting up fun games like rubber duck races and ring toss.

baby shower centerpieces

– Choose a color scheme

If you feel that making use of a theme is too much work, you can easily settle for a color scheme.

Of course, sticking to a specific color theme helps narrow down your focus, and will likely dictate the way you choose colors for the cake, confetti, flowers, decorations, napkins and table clothes.

You can stick with the conventional classic theme if you already know the gender of the baby. Paint the venue blue or pink, if it’s a boy or a girl respectively.

However, if the baby’s gender is unknown, you can settle for neutral colors such as green or yellow, or even a mix of blue and pink.

You can as well settle for an all-white theme. It is yet another very classy option which is ideal for a restaurant or outdoor garden baby showers.

You can also steal a cue from the color scheme of the baby’s bedroom and make something really nice out of it.

– Work within your budget

The next logical thing to do after choosing a location and theme is to work on your budget. Your budget determines how big or small your decorations and as well, the entire event will be.

Do ensure that everything is taken into account to the smallest details – the drinks, food, games, balloons, gifts, party favors.

Bear in mind that the more elaborate you make your budget, the lower your chances of spending money unnecessarily.

Ensure that you make a bargain in at least two places when shopping for decorations. Depending on where you buy from, there’s a possibility that there are great differences in prices from different shops.

You can borrow some stuff, say candle holders, cake stands and some other things from family and friends. That way, you will be saving some bucks. You can also make some of the decorations by yourself if you are skilled in it.

If you have a possible idea of the number of tables that will be used at the baby shower, you can use the number to determine the number of baby shower centerpieces you’ll be needing.

You can pull off a great baby shower even if you are on a tight budget. All you have to do is to borrow some things, and shop for the best items at the lowest possible price.

– The shape of the table

One of the biggest things you need to put into consideration when choosing your baby shower centerpieces is the shape of the table.

If you are going to be making use of a round table, your baby shower centerpiece has to be round, and ensure that it looks real good when viewed from every angle.

If you are going to be using a square table, then, the baby shower centerpiece should be either square or round.

In the same vein, the shape of your baby shower centerpiece can be determined by the shape of your vase. Using a rectangular vase will make the centerpiece take an oblong shape, whereas a round vase will result in a round shaped centerpiece.

There are lots of options and varieties of styles to explore with your baby shower centerpieces when you are using either oval or rectangular tables.

Generally, there should be more centerpieces arrangements on longer tables. Also, try out your hands on using bouquets of different heights.

Not only does it give you room to play around with colors and explore different styles, it ends up coming out beautifully.

When talking about the shape of tables, the height of the centerpiece is very important. Go for a centerpiece that’s about twelve to fourteen inches high, if you are working with round tables.

Now, you wouldn’t want the centerpiece to be a barrier to the chitchats of your guests, or worse still, the ‘too high’ centerpiece will block their views of one another.

When placed between seats so that they won’t stand in the way of the view of guests, baby shower centerpieces of higher lengths are ideal for long rectangular tables.

baby shower centerpieces

– Size of the table and guest capacity

Another crucial factor to put into consideration is the size of the table, and of course, it goes hand in hand with the capacity of your guest list.

While you may want to have elaborate centerpieces, it might not be advisable to be used on either smaller tables or tables that will be busy.

This basically means that the table is already occupied by glasses, wine bottles, cards, water pitchers. On these kind of tables a simple, little centerpiece will sit just perfectly.

You can make use of the state of the art centerpieces on tables that are placed at strategic locations in the event arena, and are not used for seating. That way, it’ll draw the needed attention to itself.

– Number of tables

The variety of baby shower centerpiece you choose to be used in your baby shower is largely determined by the number of tables that will be used.

If the tables are going to be ten or less, we advise that you stick to just a style of centerpiece. Its uniformity gives off a rare kind of beauty.

On the other hand, if you will be working with more than ten tables, you can try to pull off the layered arrangement (that is if you can get it done rightly).

The layered look involves placing different centerpieces in different parts of the event arena.

You can try out your hands on creating an ombre effect. This simply entails making use of darker colors at the back of the event arena, and gradually blending in to either white or a lighter version of the foundation color at the front.

You can also try out the use of contrasting colors, varying styles and flowers. In the absence of any difficulties in pulling off the arrangement, the use of contrasting colors will look beautiful in your baby shower.


– Lighting

The lighting of the room should be put into consideration while you are designing your baby shower centerpieces.

You should consider adding either electrically lighted foliage or candles to your arrangement if you will be working with a dimly lit room.

If you are going to be working with poorly lit areas, it is normal for you to want to work with bright colors.

However, we advise that in place of bright shouty colors, you should settle for either deeper shades or jewel tones. If the location is either sunny or well lit, settle with colors that can be represented as accents or pops.

Working with a pale color or even white that’s stepped up a bit with brightly colored flowers will look just perfect in well lit event arenas.


– Have your guests in mind

Your guests should be the last factor you need to put into consideration. Of course, this should be a walk in the park for you, as a baby shower is mainly a gathering of family and friends.

To a very large extent, you already know most of them up close and personal to know who is allergic to what, and who is not.

While choosing the centerpieces you will use, go for flowers that have a little amount of pollen grains with more foliage, if someone who is allergic to pollen will be in attendance.

Completely avoid using a particular flower, if you know someone that is allergic to it who’ll be in attendance. In the same vein, settle for flowers that have little or no scent, if you know someone who is allergic to the scent of flowers.



You will agree with me that there really are a thousand and one factors that should be put into consideration when choosing the right baby shower centerpieces for your baby shower event.

The good news is that you can pick the right ones while playing around with colors, styles and varieties at the same time. It all boils down to ensuring that the arrangement is in line with the personal style or theme you are working with.

If you follow this article carefully, you do not have to restrict yourself from exploring options. Just try your hands out on various styles and have fun!

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