Baby Shower Gift Ideas For You

baby shower gifts

Your friend shares exciting news; she’s having a baby, and the first thing that comes to mind is a baby shower. Then comes all the hugs and belly rubs. It doesn’t stop there though. She invites you for the baby shower after some months, and you know you cannot let her down. You have to get the best baby shower gift. Sounds like a herculean task,  doesn’t it?

Well, before you start dripping sweat,  we are here to make it all easy for you.

If you want to take the simple route to this, you can just pick up something that fits your budget from your friend’s shopping list.

Some baby shower invites come with certain details like the shower theme,  baby gender and where to find the baby’s registry or shopping list.


Who said you have to stick with the usual? It feels really great to get something everyone can give a wow expression to. It wouldn’t be a crime if you steal the show for the day, would it?

Although there are no rules for buying baby shower gifts, you have to consider the new parents. They are the baby’s representatives, so you would have to think of what they would appreciate as new parents.

You would have to take certain things into consideration. Ask yourself questions like:

Are they design – savvy?

Are they comedy lovers?

Do they love to travel?

Are they sentimental?

Will they love a certain gift?

Are they into cartoon characters?

Do they have affinity to some items?

Are they into science and fiction?

Are they into literature?

You might wonder what these questions have to do with the baby. For all you care, the gifts are not for the parents.

While that might be true, they are at will to get rid of whatever doesn’t fit into their lifestyle and what they want for their newborn.

Therefore, these questions should be seen as a guide to getting it right when shopping for baby shower gifts. You can still look through the shopping list to see what’s available already to avoid repetition.

However, repetition is allowed with certain gifts like diapers, onesies, bib, and other baby essentials. If you have a unique taste, that would be an awesome edge, as you can come up with something special and excellent.

Well, great news! With the list of baby shower gift ideas we would go through, you cannot go wrong with a baby shower gift.

So, let’s have a look at the baby shower ideas that have been carefully lined up for you.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shusher

baby shower gifts

It is often called the soothing sleep miracle for babies because. This shusher has a magical effect which is its greatest selling point; the shush noise it makes mimics the soothing sounds of being in the womb.

It saves the parents both time and stress of shushing a rebellious new born. It has a timer, that sets the device to do its working for about 15 – 30 minutes.

The volume can be adjusted according to the baby’s preference. It is lightweight and makes use of two batteries. It is really portable so you can take it around with you.

Photo album

Children have a very fast mode of growth, so what better way to keep track of their growth as well as retain memories than a photo album. The best part is getting to watch all those amazing ‘firsts’ of your babies.

There are albums and photo cards that come in beautiful patterns and colors. They let you keep track of every big milestone from sitting, crawling, walking to bicycle riding and even first day at school.

Pack of bibs

baby shower

A baby’s smile can be so cute and adorable but can lead to wet clothes and drool rash. Getting the expectant parents a pack of bibs would help prevent that with stylestyle.

Bibs are made of organic cotton and are fleece, soft and absorbent to keep the baby’s clothes dry. They come in an array of unisex patterns and colors that would match and mix any outfit. They are also affordable.


This item has experienced an upgrade over the last few years. It is made of silicon, and is latex and BPA (Bisphenol A) free. Easy to clean.

It is suitable for newborns through six months since once they start teething, they can bite through it. Some babies would love a pacifier with cartoon characters, makes it fun and exciting for them.

Newborn socks

baby shower

There’s no one that likes cold feet, especially babies. So give the expectant parents a cute pack of socks to keep their little feets warm and soft.

It’s not for any specific season, so they’d need a lot of pairs because they could get lost while they play with their feet. It’s available in different colors and patterns.

Easy change crib sheet

The easy change crib sheet helps avoid trying to tug, pull and get the different corners to stay put without pulling another one out.

It has a bottom base that wraps around the mattress and stays put safely and securely. When it’s time to change the sheet, the parents just need to simply zip off the top portion and then zip another one on. Brilliant and innovative, isn’t it?

The starter pack has one wrap around base sheet and one zip-on sheet. If more is needed, it would have to be bought separately. It comes in a variance of colors and patterns.

It is made of 100% organic cotton and soft mink. It’s safe, easy and comfortable. This gift would definitely be really appreciated by the parents to be, it’s a true game changer.

Silicone baby teether

The silicone baby teether is a small, cheap and big saver when your little one starts teething. Made with soft, hygienic silicone, it’s effectiveness gives parents a reason to rave about it.

It is made to fit in their little hands, and makes it easy for the baby to grip and bite. Its four extensions are baby – finger – sized and long enough to reach the molars but not long enough to make them gas by themselves.

The teethers come in bright and beautiful colors, and are BPA, PVC and phthalate free which makes it safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

Diaper backpack

Every new parent is in need of a functional diaper bag, especially if they are always on the go and need to take the little one with them.

There are backpacks that are pretty stylish and sleek, perfect for mom and dad without anyone screaming “it’s a diaper bag”.

It’s in the form of a back pack which makes the hands free to carry whatever that needs carrying. It has plenty pockets to help mommy organize feeding bottles, snacks and other items to suit baby’s needs.

Four-piece cotton set

Parents-to-be always need their little ones first public appearance to be in comfort and in style.

That can be achieved with this four piece cotton set, which includes a short-sleeved sleeved body suit, knitted cap, cardigan and coordinating footed leggings.

It comes in pink, blue or general neutral gray color.

Critter towels

If you want to be the reason for an ‘aww’ moment with the crowd at the baby shower, then this adorable critter towel are an instant love.

It is woven from soft, thick cotton velour and absorbing terry. It comes with a hood that shows off animal’s favorite features. Could be friendly bunny ears or the funny trunk of an elephant.

Bath-time gift basket

Just like the normal gift basket which comes with a variety of goods, this baby bath gift basket has its own variety.

It comes with a hooded towel, shampoo, body wash, baby lotion and wash clothes, making bath time easier and sleek.

Newborn sleeping bag

The sleeping bags are not just adorable but also warm, which would make the little one sleep longer and smooth.

Parents who use this will literally have a bed anywhere they need to lay their little one. They wouldn’t have to necessarily put the little one on the bed. It’s a life saver for parents.

Baby diapers

baby shower gifts

Now, this is a must-have for every parents. This is one gift you can never go wrong with. Invest in good quality diapers which will make the little one feel comfortable and restful.


These are the most used clothing items for newborns. They are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, easy to change, wash and dry.

An all-time favorite for mothers especially the ones new to motherhood. They are really unique when they come with personalized designs or write-ups that make the baby look cuter.

The sleeves and leg openings are totally flexible, making the baby feel very comfortable even while playing. They are also easy to wash.


This also tops the list when it comes to getting baby gifts. There are toys that come activated with a lullaby which keeps the baby in awe everytime they are played.

Breastfeeding pillow

It is really stressful and painful to the wrist, for one to carry a 3 – 6kg baby while breastfeeding. So the breastfeeding pillow comes handy because it conveniently supports the baby while the mother suckles her.

Play gym

This is a great medium to engage little ones who are yet to roll. It serves as a distraction for babies while their parents are busy with chores or work at home. It is advisable for use for a baby around 2 – 4 months old.

Ballerina socks

Every mum loves to dress her baby in a sleek style. One way of achieving that is to dress her baby girl in precious ballerina socks.

The elastic tops keep these cuties on their fee. The specially designed non-slip rubber grips in the bottom of the socks would help prevent new walkers from sliding.

They are available in different designs, color combinations and two sizes (0 – 12 months and 12 – 24 months).

Baby bracelets

There a lot of jewelry brands who make baby bracelets. You can even personalize one with the baby’s name or something related to the parents. So far, baby bracelets are gaining attention these days.

Children books

You might say a newborn doesn’t need a book, but what other way to start up a bright child’s career than from the cradle.

It can serve as a bedtime story. It increases their love for books because the little ones learn a lot from their parents before anyone else.

Of course, you’ll be stared at while reading because they will not understand what word you’re saying. But you’ll get their attention and increase their curiosity.

It can also serve as another means of creating a bond between parents and children. Clothes, toys and others may wear out but the books can last a lifetime.

Hopefully, it would also inspire them to become life long readers.

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