Baby Stroller:Why You Should Get One

Parenting, as you will quite agree, is not as simple as ABC. It takes a lot of mental, physical, and financial strength to be a successful parent. As a new parent, you will have day-to-day errands to run and you need to take your baby along. Ever thought about how a baby stroller can help make life easier for you?

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A baby stroller is one of the essential items you need to buy before your baby arrives. Are you still thinking about why you need a baby stroller? In this article, we will discuss all you need to know before you make a purchase.



Why Do You Need a Baby Stroller?

Here’s why you need a baby stroller:

1. It makes jogging or exercising fun and easy.

2. It provides ample space to place some baby items such as wipes, bottles, diapers, etc.

3. It saves your back from aching due to the stress of carrying a baby.

4. It improves outdoor security for your baby.

5. It makes multitasking easy.

6. It improves mobility.

7. It protects your baby from harsh climatic conditions.

8. It is easy to use.

9. It is long-lasting.

10. It makes strolling enjoyable.



Jogging or Exercising Becomes Fun and Easy


There are strollers that enable mothers to go jogging with their babies. Such strollers are referred to as jogging strollers. Nursing mothers can shed some pregnancy weight when they exercise with them.  Aside from jogging strollers, pushing your baby in any type of stroller is also one of the fastest ways to curb weight gain.

So you see, having a baby stroller is akin to the proverbial killing of two birds with a single stone.

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Space to Place Baby Items

Going shopping as a nursing mother or parents can be exhausting. From trying to hold your new baby to wading through your bag, searching for your phone, or the car keys. That, surely, is a stressful task.

Thankfully, you do not have to join the list of ‘frustrated’ mothers passing through the stress of shopping with their babies. Baby strollers now come with ample spaces where you can slot in some of these items while you confidently go on with your shopping. This is apart from the fact that you do not have to go running after your toddler or policing them so they do not stray away, or damage some items in the shopping mall as they will be comfortably strapped to the baby stroller.

Aside from going shopping, most of the spaces in a baby stroller allow you to slide some of your baby’s items, instead of having your hands full with them. You do not have to worry about where you will put your baby’s wipes, diapers, snacks, or drinks. This is because there are many baby strollers that come with parent’s trays, cup holders, and other accessories.

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Saves Your Back from Aching Due to the Stress of Carrying a Baby

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why you should consider getting a baby stroller. Carrying a baby weighing several kilograms or pounds is inconvenient. Not just that, it can have some negative implications on your health. One such health implication is that you can easily develop a backache.

That is not an experience you want to have. But the truth is that if you do not consider getting a baby stroller, you are at risk of developing backache. Even if you are carrying your baby in your arms, as most babies would love to be carried, you will feel a burning sensation in your muscles which means you cannot do that for long.

So, why not get a baby stroller to relieve you of such stress?


Improves Outdoor Security

Have you ever been with your child outdoors and you struggle to keep an eye on them? Or do you even find it hard going outdoors since your baby can be a handful, running into strangers or straying away? And what if you belong to the class of parents that do not like keeping their child away from them when they go outdoors?

A baby stroller can come in handy in such situations. With a baby stroller, you are assured of security. Pushing the stroller means your baby is right in front of you, banishing the hellish experience of having them stray away as soon as you look away.


Makes Multi-tasking Easy

One of the things that mothers are known for is their ability to do many things at the same time.
Every parent will love to have the opportunity to do that easily, considering the myriad of house chores they have to do daily.

A baby stroller allows you to do a whole lot of things while your baby is strapped in it. You can conveniently do the laundry, fix the meal, work on that document, and take your bath. To make things more interesting for your little one, you can hang some toys above the baby. This will be a good distraction while you face your other responsibilities.


Baby Strollers Are Mobile

Even if you are pushing back on getting a baby stroller because you think it is heavy, you will have to give it a second thought. A large number of baby strollers are light-weight, easily foldable, and can perfectly fit into your car or be held by the hand.

Some others are built to fit into vehicles without much hassle to the driver or other persons in the cars. Thus, while you are considering a vacation, know that there is absolutely nothing to worry about with regards to where to keep your baby stroller.

So, transporting your baby is no longer a cause to worry about with a baby stroller just by the side. Do you see why you need to get one?


Protection from Harsh Climatic Conditions

Carrying your baby outdoors can expose them to harsh climatic conditions. This is where a baby stroller becomes helpful. Most baby strollers come with sun protectors to shield babies. You can also find some with UV protector canopy. All of these are expected to give your child ample cover from the harsh weather elements.

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Easy to Use

Most baby products can be difficult to use, at least for a first-timer. This is, however, not the case with baby strollers. You can easily set them up by yourself once you read the instructions. And you can start enjoying the benefits of using baby strollers.



Talking about value, you can use a baby stroller for more than one child if you handle it well and intend to have more than one baby. It is one of the best baby items to invest in as a parent.


Makes Strolling Enjoyable

If your baby is one of those who love going outdoors, a baby stroller will be a blessing to you. There will also be times when you need a stroll with your baby to stop him or her from being cranky.



What to Consider When Buying Baby Strollers

When buying baby strollers, you need to consider the following:

1. Price

2. Accessories

3. Location

4. Weight and size of the stroller



Price is a major factor when you need a baby stroller. On average, baby strollers are not quite expensive. There are several affordable and quality baby strollers across stores in your neighborhood. As always, bear in mind that an expensive baby stroller does not make it the best.


Questions you need to ask here are whether the baby stroller has a foldable handle, canopy, or umbrella? Does it have enough space for shopping bags as well as other things? Also, check if the braking system is compatible with your car, so it can fit in rightly.



Where you stay has a huge impact on the kind of baby stroller you will get for your child. It is advisable to buy a sturdier baby stroller if you will have to always maneuver along the sidewalks. If you live in a suburban environment, you need to go for one that can fit into your vehicle’s trunk with relative ease.


Weight and Size of the Stroller

If you are someone that loves traveling a whole lot, the weight of the baby stroller would be a determining factor before you buy one. This applies to space the stroller can take up in your car and home. These must be borne in mind.

So, check well to know how mobile a baby stroller is. If you are the outgoing or traveling kind of parent, know this before you spend your hard-earned income.

Baby Stroller Safety Tips

It is important to keep these safety measures at hand to avoid accidents or injuries with a baby stroller:

Be close to the stroller and do not let your baby stay alone.

Fasten your baby well to the stroller so he does not fall off.

Always use the baby stroller brakes whenever you stop to avoid rolling off.

Keep belongings well or in the right place.

Make sure your baby stroller is not placed in the sun to avoid burning your child when you finally place him on it.

Maintenance Tips For Baby Strollers

To make sure your baby stroller lasts long and does its functions well, consider the following under listed measures:

Use the stroller in the right way. Do not overload it as it would lead to breaking or destruction.

Keep safe: Baby strollers are best kept in a dry and cool place. Do not keep under the scorching sun or snowing weather. With this, it would be hard for it to rust away or even go bad pretty quick.

Clean or wash: Depending on your usage, you are advised to wash the baby stroller once or twice in a year. This is dependent on your environment though.

Questions To Answer Before Choosing Your Stroller

Baby stroller

Do you want only a stroller or convertible travel system?

Well, it all boils down to what you want and your kind of lifestyle. A convertible travel system is best suited for travelers. If you are one, it makes much sense to get this instead of the normal baby stroller.

Should I get used one or buy the new one?

The issue is not getting a new or used baby stroller. There might be used baby strollers that are in good shape, especially if you are operating on a tight budget.

However, if you are going to get a used baby stroller, do ensure that the basic features are not missing. Your baby’s safety is a better investment than anything else.

In Conclusion

You can agree with me that going for the right baby stroller is essential to raising a child. Not only are you going to have it easier parenting, you also serve as a model to other parents when you get the right stroller.

Convenience? Safety? Health? Just name them! They are important reasons why you should go for a baby stroller.


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