Baby Stroller Jogger: The Complete Buying Guide

baby stroller jogger

You may be wondering about the need for a baby stroller jogger. There are many factors you consider when taking care of your baby. Factors such as safety, health, comfort, etc., but how about convenience. That’s where a baby stroller jogger comes in. Before we jump into that, let’s see this.

Obviously, convenience is not something your baby understands, so convenience is for you. As a parent, taking your baby out while running errands, attending functions, meetings and having fun is unavoidable.

It can be tasking, especially if you have to carry your little one of about 5 kg around. The strained muscles and backaches would be a constant reminder whenever you have to step out a bit.

How then do you create the convenience of moving your little one(s) around with absolute ease? You guessed right: baby strollers!

A baby stroller is a travel system designed to aid you to move your baby from one location to another. In older times and different cultures, these travel systems included Prams, Carrycots, Travois, Navajo, baskets and bicycle carriers.

The functionality of these travel systems could be hand driven or attached to a horse or bicycle. Today, however, the most popular travel systems in use are called the strollers.

They are either three (swivel type) or four-wheeled devices that have a seating area for the babies, hand brakes, foot-operated parking brakes, a handle for pushing and a canopy in some cases.

They come in different colors and sizes mostly depending on the reason for purchase.

There are about five basic types of strollers, namely:

Full-sized stroller

Lightweight or umbrella stroller

Jogging stroller

Double stroller

Car seat carrier

Full-size strollers

They are usually bulky in size and come with accessories such as bottle holders, toy attachments, and sometimes iPod hookups too.

These strollers can be folded or converted to a double stroller if there are two babies and they are good for babies aged 1 month to a year.

They are designed with recliners to help your baby sit or lie down comfortably during movement. These strollers are, however, not suited for hikes or long treks due to their bulky nature.

Lightweight or umbrella strollers

Just like the name, they are light, easy to maneuver and stash away during family vacations. They are termed Umbrella strollers because they’re slim and can be opened and closed in a snap just like an umbrella.

They are mostly designed for babies six months and older because they can sit on their own. However, there are some designed for newborns because of their sturdy nature and seats which recline completely.

Jogging strollers

baby stroller jogger

These strollers are ideal for parents who jog. They come with inflatable tires, good suspension and shock absorbers assuring a smooth ride for your baby.

They also come with safety features including a handbrake and wrist strap. That is considering the fact you would be pushing the stroller at a pumped-up pace.

Double Strollers

If you are blessed with ‘bundles’ of joy at the same time, a double stroller is your best bet. It’ll enable you carry your twins around easily. While you may not have twins, but with a second baby on the way, you need a double stroller.

They come as side-by-side double strollers, tandem or inline stroller which could be all-terrain (the SUV of strollers), all-purpose and convertible.

When buying a double stroller, there are things to put into consideration such as:

The age gap between your kids

For twins, tandems and side by side joggers are ideal. If your kids are a year or less apart, do not go for a sit and stand double stroller due to their slight differences in weight.

Always consider the weight of your children when you are about to purchase a double stroller. This is to ensure you get a stroller that meets the balance in their age differences.

How you would be using the stroller?

Will you be using the stroller often up and down staircases or getting into and out of cars a lot? Then, you might consider purchasing a double umbrella stroller.

An all-terrain stroller would be heavy and too bulky to fit into a trunk. However, its sturdy and easy-to-maneuver option is great for those who use it mostly around the neighborhood.

Car-seat carrier

They can be plainly termed infant car seats. There are different types available for your kids as they grow older. They come with buckles, straps, and harnesses to keep your baby locked in while you drive.

There are infant car seats that can snap in and out of a sturdy base strapped or latched to the back seat. There are others that come with a feature that allows you to snap the car seats into stroller frames for easier support.

The downside to this latter car seat is that as your baby grows, the car seat has to be changed to accommodate the new weight of your baby.

There are also convertible car seats which can be kept in a rear-facing position or a forward-seating one. These types last longer and are more flexible, as they can fit a child up to 40 to 60 pounds. They can also fit babies that are too tall or heavy for infant seats.

Our main focus is on jogging strollers or baby stroller jogger.

baby stroller jogger

You might be a parent who loves hiking or jogging, but the thought of leaving your baby for some time has been discouraging you. Not to worry anymore, there are baby stroller joggers designed to suit your lifestyle.

The baby stroller jogger or jogging stroller is almost the same as any stroller except that it is built to take extra pressure.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Baby Stroller Jogger

baby stroller jogger

Your baby stroller jogger should have a front tyre that doesn’t swivel but can be maneuvered around bends. This is to ensure that the stroller stays on a straight path as you move.

Your baby stroller jogger should have a deep child seat and a five-point harness safety belt. This is to ensure that your baby doesn’t slide out his/her seat while you are on the go.

It should have a handbrake to keep the baby stroller jogger from accelerating faster than you when moving down a hilly or sloppy area.

A safety wrist strap stops the stroller from rolling off on its own if you lose your grip.

It should have a tray for the parent to place keys, snacks or cellphone. The tray can be used by the baby for placing toys or just resting his/her hands.

It should have extra storage pockets apart from the tray at the back of the seats and sides. If it has saddlebags, added advantage for you!

The presence of foldable stands makes it convenient when you stop by at restaurants. It’s also handy if you are in a tight space like on a train or on a bus.

The tyres should be large and air-filled which will reduce the shock and stress that your child will experience. These large tyres offer a reduced rolling surface.

Also, the large tyres reduce the effort you need to push the stroller. Note that some of these strollers come with rear tyres that are 16″ in diameter and front tyres that are 12″ in diameter.


It should have suspension systems which could also have shock absorbers on each tire. It should also have a sling-type seat that takes out even more of the shock. This would make longer jogs easy for both of you.

The front wheel should be locked. This prevents serious vibrations on the stroller from getting to your baby.

As a jogger, you should consider choosing a baby stroller jogger that have wheels positioned in front of the stroller. Let the wheels not be underneath the baby.

It gives space for up and down movements the wheel may experience when going over bumps, thereby protecting the baby from added stress.

Things To Consider When Testing Baby Stroller Joggers

baby stroller jogger

Armed with the features you would consider before buying a baby stroller jogger, these are factors to consider when ‘testing’ jogging strollers:


When testing performance, check the ease of pushing on varied terrains including sidewalks, asphalt, up and down curbs, and grass.


Choose baby stroller joggers that are the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified which indicates the products have passed rigorous safety standards.

Ease of use

Check for the presence of harness, adjustable backrest, and ease of lifting, ease of folding and unfolding.

Care Tips For Your Baby Stroller Jogger

We would now look at the various cleaning and maintaining tips to ensure that your baby stroller jogger last you for a long time.

A lot of times when you go out with your little ones, they tend to have something to eat and drink. While they do so, they might get to spill their food in the walker.

The first thing to do is to clean out the crumbs with a handheld nozzle attachment of your household vacuum. Pay more attention to the area where the back meets the bottom.

In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush with soft bristles to sweep out the debris.

Freshen up the frame of your baby stroller jogger by wiping it clean with damp cloth and mild soap.

When you are done, clean the frame with a dry cloth towel to wipe away excess water and soap.

Avoid using abrasives, solvents or household cleaners, because they can scratch and weaken the frames.

Also, take out time to inspect the parking brake to make sure it locks both wheels securely and is free from any debris.

Always ensure that the moving parts or car seat adapters are in good shape.


Always inspect the wheel of your stroller to make sure that your wheels are in proper working condition.

If your baby stroller jogger has pneumatic tyres, check the air pressure in the wheels and make sure they are properly inflated.

To ensure that the wheels are thoroughly cleaned, remove the wheels to remove dirt and debris that may have collected there.

To remove wheels, push the release button on or around the wheels. If it becomes difficult to release the wheels, consult the user manual or contact customer service for assistance.

Use water, mild soap and damp cloth to clean the entire seating area and canopy.

If the fabric gets stained, use a soft fabric brush or even a toothbrush to scrub those areas. Wipe off with a dry towel and let the fabric dry in a warm place.

Never store the stroller away while it is damp or wet to avoid rusting or that terrible damp smell. Ensure that it is always dry.

If your stroller is plastic, always keep away the handle and frames from extreme heat.

If you don’t intend using the stroller for sometime, make sure you cover it up to avoid dust settling on it.

The wheels and bearings of the stroller should be lubricated often using lubricant recommended by the manufacturer or spray liquid lubricant.

So, there, armed with all these, I think you are all set to get the best baby stroller jogger.

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