Designer Baby Clothes: How To Buy At Affordable Price

Baby boy clothing

So you think your baby should not make a fashion statement, just because you feel designer baby clothes are overrated. Have you seen the babies of celebrities? They practically give us fashion goals. Your baby can do this too; make a statement with designer baby clothes.

The best part is, you do not have to break the bank to do this. Oh, wait! There will be more on this later.

If you are like most parents, you want to go the extra mile to dress your cute little angels in luxury designer baby clothes. There are many options to choose from, especially with the entrance of high-end designers into kids’ couture market. As such, designer baby clothes are no longer the privileges of celebrity kids.

Your baby can actually make a statement too.

Designer baby clothes
You can buy designer bibs, boots, hats, trousers, and what not. In fact, there are handmade designer baby clothes available for your baby. In essence, you have many options to help your baby to make a statement.

Whether you are a parent with a high taste who wants your child to stand out from the crowd. Or you are an aunt or friend of the family wanting to buy designer baby clothes. This complete guide will walk you through the types of luxury brands that offer these clothes, money-saving tips and factors to consider when buying.

At the end of this guide, you would be well equipped in buying your baby the designer baby clothes that would make a statement.

Some parents often become stuck when it comes to choosing the right brands for their baby clothes. Do not worry, as I have picked the most luxurious brands, which have included your babies in their fashion plans.

Luxury Brands Offering Designer Baby Clothes


Designer baby clothes

Dazzle everyone when your baby steps out in the iconic check of the British brand.


Designer baby clothes

The same brand that designed Jennifer Lawrence’s quilted Oscar dress, can also design a onesie for your baby. If that is not cool, I do not know what is. Since its inception in 1946, the brand has been known for its elegance, style, and luxury, but now, babies are included as beneficiaries.

Ralph Lauren

Designer baby clothes

Ralph Lauren is considerably affordable and easy to find. Your baby will look classy in preppy threads by Ralph Lauren.


Designer baby clothes

Your baby would make a loud statement with the googly-eyed monster on Fendi Baby clothes. What can be more appropriate for a baby’s cloth?

Stella McCartney

Designer baby clothes

She also designs for the little angels and her baby clothes made from luxurious fabric will look so good on your baby.

Canada Goose

Designer baby clothes

Because your baby cannot do without the luxurious coats from Canada Goose.

Michael Kors

Designer baby clothes

There isn’t any designer baby clothes brand that got it locked down on accessories like Michael Kors.


These are just a few from the wide range of designer baby clothes brand available for your little one and as I said before, you can buy them at affordable rates.

Wondering how? Just read on.


Tips For Spending Less On Designer Baby Clothes

Designer baby clothes

Flash Sale

If you thought flash sales were for substandard clothes, you thought wrong. You can get designer baby clothes at flash sales and at cheaper prices. At a flash sale, you can get designer baby clothes at ridiculous discounts. To keep yourself abreast with upcoming flash sales, you should register for newsletters of baby stores that carry designer baby clothes.

This is because flash sales last for few hours and disappear as soon as they arrive.

Off the price retailers

There are retailers who sell designer baby clothes at discounted prices throughout the year. They can afford to sell at such low prices because they buy off-season clothes, canceled orders, returned goods and even manufacturers’ irregulars. You will be getting the same designer baby clothes but at a very cheap price.

End of season sales

This is another avenue to buy designer baby clothes at cheap prices. At the end of one fashion season, designer brands usually push off remnants of that season to their retailers at very cheap prices. The retailers, in turn, sell off these out of season clothes at discounted prices.

This is the best chance to buy designer baby clothes at affordable rates. You also need to be registered on these baby stores to be notified of these sales.

Sample sales

Some baby stores sell off overstocked pieces of designer baby clothes at cheaper prices. Sometimes, designer brands sell sample clothes which are not part of the collection, and they do this at cheaper prices. You can take advantage of this opportunity to stock your baby’s wardrobe with designer baby clothes.

Now that you are convinced that your baby should make a statement too, there are several factors to consider when shopping for designer baby clothes. This is to ensure an optimum buying experience.

Major Factors To Consider When Buying Designer Baby Clothes

Designer baby clothes
How fashionable is it?

You should not buy designer baby clothes if it is not fashionable. When buying, ensure that the pieces will make your babies look dashing and classy. In this way, your baby can make a statement when they step out.

Come to think of it, what’s the use of a designer’s cloth that wouldn’t stand out?

What is the cost?

You should consider cost when buying designer baby clothes. Always check the price range and consider if it is a good bargain. This is because babies outgrow clothes quickly, so there is no sense in spending a fortune on them.

Also, consider cost in relation to the functionality of the cloth. Will it be worth it to spend a fortune on a cloth your baby is only going to wear on specific occasions?


When buying designer baby clothes, color is important. You might end up losing some clothes if they have indelible stains. White and lighter colors are great but at the same time stain magnets.

Would you be ready to lose a piece of designer baby clothing, just because the stains would not come off and are so visible? If you cannot afford such loss, opt for darker colors.


Just because you are buying designer baby clothes does not mean you should not consider the safety of the material used. Your baby still needs to be safe, even though it is luxury apparel. Therefore, be certain that the material used will not cause any harm to your baby’s skin.

Also consider the launderability of the material used, because they should be easy to watch.


Size is an important factor to consider when buying designer clothes. Not only do you want your baby to wear it for a longer time, but you also want your baby to be comfortable wearing it.

Also, it is important that the clothes fit right. An ill-fitting cloth will not flatter your baby and bring out the “designer” in the cloth. Choose the right size, which is usually a size bigger than your baby’s actual age.

Aside from these major factors, there are other factors, whose importance are negligible but still something you want to consider when buying designer baby clothes.

Minor Factors to Consider When Buying Designer Baby Clothes

Designer baby clothes

Consider the functionality of the piece you are buying before paying for them. Do you really need a designer or brand name cloth for sleepwear or cloths not worn on a regular basis? Whether this is a major or minor factor depends on you.


When it comes to designer baby clothes, the fact that it is last season does not make it less of a designer brand. Therefore, if off-season designer baby clothes are more affordable or pleasant, by all means, buy. However, if you do not mind the cost, then consider the season before buying.

The reputation of the store and brand

When buying designer baby clothes, consider the reputation of the store you are buying from. Do they carry fake designer baby clothes? How do they settle disputes? The reputation of the brand itself is also an important factor to consider. Do they employ clean labor in manufacturing the clothes?

This is a minor factor to consider because most designer brands only sell their merchandise to reputable stores. Also, because these designer brands want to protect their integrity, they employ clean labor in manufacturing their clothes.


Also consider the reviews from those who have bought from the brand or from the store, as this is often the true state of things. Before buying, read their customers’ review.

Variety of selection

When shopping for designer baby clothes, check out stores that carry a variety of designer brands. You do not want to go through the stress of moving from one baby store to the other. If a baby store has a variety of brands for you to choose from, it leaves you with many options.

Some retailers out there know that you want your baby to make a statement with designer baby clothes and you also want to do this at affordable rates, therefore, they will offer fake designer baby clothes in place of the real thing. You do not want to fall a victim to this, so how can you spot fake designer baby clothes?

There are some myths about detecting fake designer baby clothes. Some say if the label says ‘made in China’, then it is fake. Others say designer clothes cannot be sold at clearance sales. These are myths because there are many luxurious brands manufacturing their clothes in China. So, the fact that it was manufactured in China does not make it fake.

Besides, you already know that you can get designer baby clothes at affordable rates during clearance sales at the end of fashion seasons and during discounted promos. Therefore, that you could get a designer baby cloth at a cheap price does not mean it is a fake.

How To Detect Fake Designer Baby Clothes Online

If you are shopping online, a seller selling genuine designer baby clothes will take the time to photograph their catalog. A clear sign to know a fake designer baby cloth is if the seller is using ready-made pictures downloaded from the internet.

If the image is blurry, then it is highly possible the cloth is a fake. Genuine sellers would want to show their authenticity by photographing labels and tags. This is a good way to detect a fake.

Some fake sellers go a step further to photograph tags and labels. Still, you can detect the difference if you can spot the registered number of the brand on the label or tag.

You can also become conversant with brands and the way they make their clothes so that when you see a fake, you would know.

At this point, you can buy genuine designer baby clothes at competitive prices. But you also need to take care of them, so that they last longer and give you the best value for money because even quality luxurious clothes can become damaged if neglected.

Care Tips For Designer Baby Clothes

When feeding your baby, protect their clothes with a towel to prevent food stains on clothes. Tough food stain can cause strong scrubbing and this can remove the sheen on the clothes.

When washing, follow the washing instructions on the cloth label especially those telling you what not to do.

Handwash designer baby clothes with cold water. Sometimes washing the clothes in the washing machine can reduce their durability.

Treat stains immediately. Do not keep the clothes until the stains become tough. Immediately the cloth is stained, wet the stained part in plain water and try to wash off immediately to keep the stain from becoming permanent.

Store the clothes in plastic or fabric covers. This will prevent moisture and dust from destroying the cloth.

Store the designer baby clothes in a dry and cool wardrobe to avoid fading and bacterial growth.

With this knowledge, picking good and affordable designer baby clothes will not be a difficult task.

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