Designer Baby Clothes: How To Buy At Affordable Price

Have you seen the babies of celebrities? They practically give us fashion goals. Your baby can do this, too. The best part is that you do not have to break the bank to do this. This article is a complete guide that will walk you through the types of luxury brands, money-saving tips, and factors to consider when buying designer baby clothes.

Most parents want to go the extra mile to dress their cute little angels in luxury designer baby clothes. There are many options to choose from, especially with the entrance of high-end designers into kids couture market. As a result, designer baby clothes are no longer the privileges of only celebrity kids.

designer baby clothes
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You can now buy designer bibs, boots, hats, trousers, and what not. In fact, there are handmade designer baby clothes available for your baby. This implies that if you want your baby to look fashionable, there are many options to choose from.


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Luxury Brands Offering Designer Baby Clothes

Which Luxury Brands Offer Designer Baby Clothes?

The following luxury brands offer designer baby clothes:

1. Burberry Children

2. Gucci Children

3. Dior Baby

4. Ralph Lauren

5. Fendi Kids

6. Stella McCartney

7. Versace

8. Armani Junior

9. Dolce & Gabbana Children

10. Lanvin

11. Michael Kors Kids

12. Paul Smith Junior

13. Moncler Enfant

14. Balenciaga

This list is not exhaustive. There are other luxury brands that offer designer baby clothes.


Burberry Children

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Dazzle everyone when your baby steps out in the iconic check of the British brand. Burberry for kids has a collection for babies (0 – 3 years) and girls and boys ( 4 – 14 years). Their stylish children’s attire consist of mini versions of rompers, trench coats, and chic dresses.



Gucci Children

Gucci is one of the luxury brands that most people covet. It is a good time to be a kid as this famous label reinvents adult wears for their younger clientele. The Gucci children fashion line consist of clothes, luggage, shoes, and baby carrier.


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Dior Baby

baby dior
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The same brand that designed Jennifer Lawrence’s quilted Oscar dress, can also design a onesie for your baby. If that is not cool, we do not know what is. Since its inception in 1946, the brand has been known for its elegance, style, and luxury. Babies are now included as beneficiaries.



Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is considerably affordable and easy to find. Your baby will look classy in preppy threads by Ralph Lauren.


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Fendi Kids

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Fendi kids are colorful and funky. Your baby will make a loud statement with the googly-eyed monster on Fendi baby clothes. They come in simple forms such as bomber jackets, ruffled dresses, sports trousers, windbreakers, and dresses with peter-pan collars.



Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney designs for the little angels and her baby clothes are made from luxurious fabric that will look so good on your baby. Her kids’ outfit are eco-friendly and ethical. They are designed for children between the ages of 0 – 16 years. The collection consist of skirts and dresses for girls as well as pants, t-shirts, and shorts for boys.


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This brand combines playfulness and opulence to produce a premium collection for babies, girls, and boys. The collection consist of jackets, shorts, dresses, and more.



Armani Junior

The Armani junior features mini versions of Armani jeans, logo t-shirts, joggers, hooded sweater, bags, shoes, and more.


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Dolce & Gabbana

This luxury brand covers babies from 0 – 30 months and girls and boys from 2 – 12 years. Their collection consist of rompers, bibs, t-shirts, clothing, and shoes.




Lanvin produces ready-to-wear clothes and fashionable accessories for kids. Their attires come with fun patterns and prints that kids will love.


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Michael Kors Kids

There isn’t any designer baby clothes brand that got it locked down on accessories like Michael Kors.


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Paul Smith Junior

This children’s wear line is made to fit any occasion. It consists of a range of clothes and accessories.


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Moncler Enfant

Moncler displays several years of experience in their children fashion line. They have a wide range of clothing for girls and boys.


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Balenciaga makes a wide range of clothing for kids such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, trainers, hoodies, and more.


These are just a few from the wide range of designer baby clothes brand available for your little one. And as we mentioned earlier, you can buy them at affordable rates.

Wondering how? Just read on.



Tips for Spending Less on Designer Baby Clothes

How Do You Save Money on Designer Baby Clothes?

Here are 6 proven ways to save money on designer baby clothes:

1. Flash sale

2. Off the price retailers

3. End of season sales

4. Sample sales

5. Gently used resale shops

6. Organize your own gently used resale




Flash Sale

If you thought flash sales were for substandard clothes, you thought wrong. You can spend less on designer baby clothes at flash sales as they come with ridiculous discounts. To keep yourself abreast with upcoming flash sales, you need to register for newsletters of baby stores that sell designer baby clothes. This is because flash sales last for few hours and disappear as soon as they arrive.



Off the Price Retailers

These are retailers who sell designer baby clothes at discounted prices throughout the year. They can afford to sell at such low prices because they buy off-season clothes, canceled orders, returned goods and manufacturers’ irregulars. When you buy from them, you will be getting the same designer baby clothes but at a very cheap price.



End of Season Sales

This is another avenue to buy designer baby clothes at cheap prices. At the end of one fashion season, designer brands usually push off remnants of that season to their retailers at very cheap prices. The retailers, in turn, sell off these out-of-season clothes at discounted prices.

This is the best chance to buy designer baby clothes at affordable rates. You also need to be registered on these baby stores to be notified of these sales.



Sample Sales

Some baby stores sell off overstocked pieces of designer baby clothes at cheaper prices. Sometimes, designer brands sell sample clothes which are not part of the collection, and they do this at cheaper prices. You can take advantage of this opportunity to stock your baby’s wardrobe with designer baby clothes.



Gently Used Resale Shops

This works in two ways. In the first part, you need to bring your kids’ gently used clothes in a plastic bin. The retail staff will examine them to see how new or fairly new the clothes are. Afterward, they can offer to buy them. This offer can be a discount, cash, or zero tax credit to buy items in their store.

It is important to note that the offer is usually 50% of the price at which they will sell the items you brought.

Furthermore, the second part involves buying directly from the gently used resale shops. They work like the other retail shops. So, you do not need to bring any item before making a purchase.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Baby Clothes?

Here is a list of the best places to sell baby clothes:

1. Once Upon a Child – They have a physical resale shop and they accept used baby clothes, baby furniture, toys, and all kinds of children’s gear.

2. ThredUp – If you are selling good quality gently used baby clothes, this is your best option.

3. Kidizen – This is an app that connects parents who want to sell used baby items with those who want to buy.

4. Amazon – You can register to sell on Amazon, list the items you want to sell, and include shipping fees in the price. When the sale is done, the company will pay you. Here, you don’t deal directly with the prospective buyers.



Organize Your Own Gently Used Resale

This is mostly done in online groups where items are swapped. As a result, you need to take pictures of the clothes you want to put up for sale. You can either place price tags on each cloth or a group of clothes. As soon as the pictures are online, you need to be active in order to answer questions from prospective buyers.

You should not expect to make sales immediately but when you get a buyer, you need to be safety conscious.

What Are the Safety Tips for People Who Buy and Sell Online?

Here are safety tips for people who buy and sell online:

1. Ensure that the meeting point for delivery is an open place. Do not invite strangers to your home.

2. For an extra measure of security, you can arrange to meet in a police station’s parking lot.

3. Do not meet a stranger all by yourself. Always go with a backup.

4. Do not make payments before receiving the items.

5. Always demand for a proof of purchase.

6. Keep a record of your conversation with the buyer or seller.

7. Always follow your instinct. If you find red flags in your conversation with the buyer or seller, call off the deal.



Factors to Consider When Buying Designer Baby Clothes

What Factors Should Be Considered When Buying Designer Baby Clothes?

The following factors should be considered when buying designer baby clothes:

1. Functionality

2. Fashionablity

3. The cost

4. The color

5. The type of material the clothes are made of

6. The size

7. The season

8. The reputation of the store and brand

9. Customer reviews

10. Variety of selection




Consider the functionality of the clothes you are buying before paying for them. Babies need clothes that are comfortable such as onesies, body suits, or gowns. Ensure you choose those that you can slip on and off with ease. If a bodysuit will be more beneficial than a sailor outfit, which will you settle for?




You do not need to buy designer baby clothes if they are not fashionable. When buying, ensure that the pieces will make your baby look dashing and classy. In this way, your baby can make a statement when they step out.

Come to think of it, what’s the use of a designer’s cloth that will not stand out?



The Cost

You have to consider cost when buying designer baby clothes. Always check the price range and consider if it is a good bargain. This is because babies outgrow clothes quickly, so there is no sense in spending a fortune on them.

Also, consider cost in relation to the functionality of the cloth. Will it be worth spending so much on a cloth your baby is only going to wear on specific occasions?



The Color

When buying designer baby clothes, color is important. You will end up losing some clothes if they have indelible stains. White and lighter colors are great but at the same time, stain magnets.

Will you be ready to lose a piece of designer baby clothing, just because the stains will not come off and are so visible? If you cannot afford such loss, opt for darker colors.



The Type of Material the Clothes Are Made Of

Just because you are buying designer baby clothes does not mean you should not consider the safety of the material used. Although it is a luxury apparel, your baby still needs to be safe. Therefore, be certain that the material used will not cause any harm to your baby’s skin.

Additionally, consider if the material can be laundered. Baby clothes should be easy to wash.



The Size

Size is an important factor to consider when buying designer clothes. Not only do you want your baby to wear it for a longer time, you also want them to be comfortable wearing it.

Also, it is important that the clothes fit right. An ill-fitting cloth will not bring out the “designer” in the cloth. Choose the right size, which is usually a size bigger than your baby’s actual age.



The Season

When it comes to designer baby clothes, the fact that it is from a previous season does not make it less of a designer brand. Therefore, if off-season designer baby clothes are more affordable or pleasant, by all means, buy. However, if you do not mind the cost, consider the season before buying.



The Reputation of the Store and Brand

When buying designer baby clothes, consider the reputation of the store you are buying from. Do they carry fake designer baby clothes? How do they settle disputes? The reputation of the brand itself is also an important factor to consider. Do they employ clean labor in manufacturing the clothes?




You need to consider reviews from those who have bought from the brand or from the store, as this is often the true state of things. If you are buying online, it is important to read their customers’ reviews before buying.



Variety of Selection

When shopping for designer baby clothes, check out stores that carry a variety of designer brands. You do not want to go through the stress of moving from one baby store to the other. If a baby store has a variety of brands for you to choose from, it leaves you with many options.



How to Detect Fake Designer Baby Clothes

Some retailers know that budget-savvy parents need designer baby clothes and at affordable rates. As a result, they will offer fake designer baby clothes in place of the real thing. You do not want to fall a victim to this.

How Can You Spot Fake Designer Baby Clothes?

Here is how you can spot fake designer baby clothes:

1. The fabric is usually light weight and of low quality. Original designer clothes are made from pure cotton which makes them tough.

2. The hems and seams will be loose. They will look like they were done in a rush.

3. The label will be wrongly placed and look a bit different from the real label.

There are some myths about detecting fake designer baby clothes. Some say if the label says made in China, then it is fake. Others say designer clothes cannot be sold at clearance sales. These are myths because many luxurious brands manufacture their clothes in China. So, the fact that it was manufactured in China does not make it fake.

Furthermore, if you are shopping online, you need to be sure that what you are buying is original.

How Can You Detect Fake Designer Baby Clothes Online?

Here is how you can detect fake designer baby clothes online:

1. The pictures in the catalog will look like they were downloaded from the internet.

2. The images will be blurry.

3. The labels will be quite different from the original.

4. The registered number of the brand on the label will be absent.

5. The logo will be altered and wrongly placed.

6. You can become conversant with brands and the way they make their clothes so that when you see a fake, you will know.



Check out these other detailed articles:



How Do You Take Care of Designer Baby Clothes?

You can take care of designer baby clothes by doing the following:

1. When feeding your baby, protect their clothes with a towel to prevent food stains. Tough food stains can cause strong scrubbing and this can remove the sheen on the clothes.

2. When washing, follow the washing instructions on the cloth label.

3. Hand wash the clothes with cold water. Sometimes, using a washing machine can reduce their durability.

4. Treat stains immediately. Wet the stained part in plain water and try to wash off immediately.

5. Store the clothes in plastic or fabric covers to prevent moisture and dust from destroying them.

6. Store them in a dry and cool wardrobe to avoid fading and bacterial growth.



Designer Baby Clothes — Related FAQs



What Is the Best Way to Store Baby Clothes?

The best way to store baby clothes is by placing them in a cardboard box, plastic tub, dresser drawer, vacuum packed plastic bag, or hang them in a wardrobe. Ensure that the clothes are clean and completely dry. Do not store clothes that are stained or overly worn. If there are metal buttons on the clothes, remove them. This is because they can corrode and leave stains.

Furthermore, you need to sort the baby clothes according to size (e.g. 0 – 3 months) or season. Do not fold the clothes when packing them into the storage box; lay them as flat as possible. Also, wrap some sprigs of lavender and place in the box. This will serve as an insect repellent. 


What Baby Clothing Brand Is Most Popular?

The most popular baby clothing brands are:

  1. Burt’s Bees – this is the best brand for onesies.
  2. Hanna Andersson – they have organic bodysuits and pyjamas for the entire family.
  3. Gerber Childrenswear – Gerber owns the Onesie trademark. They have a range of onesie sets.
  4. L’ovedbaby – they have sizes for newborn and toddlers.
  5. Jazzy Organics – they have various kinds of rompers and bodysuits that are purely organic.
  6. Kate Quinn – some of their clothes are made of stretch bamboo.
  7. Posh Peanut – their clothes are produced from bamboo fiber.
  8. Carter’s – they have a line for preemies where you can buy clothes for even the tiniest babies. 
  9. Old Navy – they offer a lot of discounts.


How Can You Spot Fake Gucci Clothes?

Here is how you can spot fake Gucci clothes:

  1. Look closely at the logo. The G logo on Gucci clothes is difficult to replicate. Ensure that the lines on the G look good and that the G does not look like a C. Also, the fake will have a reversed G. 
  2. Look at the spelling. The fake will not spell Gucci correctly.
  3. Inspect the insides thoroughly because the outside can look like the original. The manufacturing location on the inside should read “Made in Italy.” This is due to the fact that Gucci is an Italian brand and not a Korean or Chinese brand.
  4. The stitches on fake Gucci clothes will fray at the edges.


What Are the Best Ways to Organize Baby Clothes?

The best ways to organize baby clothes are:

  1. Keep your baby’s current sizes in the top shelf of the dresser.
  2. The changing items should be kept in a basket close to the changing table or wherever you choose to change your baby.
  3. Use size labels to organize the clothes in the baby’s closet.
  4. You can keep some of your baby’s bathing items in the bathroom.
  5. Use drawer dividers to organize burp clothes, swaddle blankets, and towels.
  6. Keep the same items together. Socks should be kept with socks. You can have a section of the dresser for short sleeves and another for long sleeves. 


What to Hang and What to Fold?

You can decide to hang everything, but that is not necessary. Hang the new clothes you received during your baby shower and all the clothes you bought. As soon as your child goes up a size, fold the clothes for hand-me-down purposes. 

Also, you can hang clothes that are your child’s current sizes, then fold the bigger sizes and place them in a dresser drawer. On the contrary, you can hang the bigger sizes and fold your child’s current sizes. Additionally, you can hang coats, jackets, and dressers. However, you can decide to hang all your child’s clothes except the onesies, pyjamas, and socks.


What Are the Best Places to Buy Cheap, Cute Children’s Clothes Online?

The best places to buy cheap, cute children’s clothes online are:

  1. 6PM – This is a retailer that offers discounts on designer baby clothes. So, your babies get to look cute at an affordable cost.
  2. Forever 21 – This online store offers trendy wears for girls and boys at very hot prices.
  3. Amazon – This is the biggest online retailer.  They have different categories of wears for kids.
  4. Old Navy – This online store offers incredible discounts all year round. You can stock your kids’ wardrobe with lots of designer jeans, jackets, dresses, and t-shirts. 

Other places include:

  • Kohl’s 
  • Overstock
  • Zulily
  • Rosegal
  • Target
  • TJ Maxx






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