Baby Girl Dresses Buying Guide


Clothes are a vital part of every human’s life; baby girl dresses are one of the first things parents think of while shopping for a newborn baby girl. 

It is also one of the things parents will always shop for as a child keeps growing. Children might outgrow the use of diapers, they might outgrow toys, but they’ll always need clothes.

Having a baby girl ushers you into the world of baby girl dresses. It is never too early to introduce your baby girl to a couple of important lady things; pepper spray, purses and of course dresses.

Dresses are so important in a little woman’s life because of the versatility they come with.

They are so convenient; slip one on your baby girl and she’s instantly complete.

No need to match tops and bottoms, yet accessories like little sweaters and belts and leggings can alter every look into something suitable for specific occasions.

Baby girl dresses are ideal for newborns who need to be changed frequently. They are also for toddlers who have just learnt to move around and are slowly discovering the joys of moving everything out of their places.

There are just a few outfits that are as comfortable as baby girl dresses, which can be pulled up and changed without the inconvenience of pulling down, or zipping and unzipping.

And let’s not forget that baby girl dresses are the best options when you want your girl to look like a princess for any event. The importance of dresses in a woman’s life cannot be emphasized, and it begins from the very beginning; when the woman is just a baby girl.


There’s a baby girl dress for every weather. When it’s warm, your girl could wear a simple sleeveless dress. When the weather becomes a bit cold, throw on a jacket and some leggings.

As we know, dresses are meant to give a sense of style and feminity to a woman. When it comes to girls, it’s meant to make them look adorable without taking away their comfort.

So you see, baby girl dresses are an important addition to your baby girl’s wardrobe.

Things To Consider When Selecting Baby Girl Dresses


We’re trying to avoid baby girl dresses with beads and loose buttons and detachable designs because your baby might choke on them. So, go for designs that do not have these.


Try to pick baby girl dresses that your child can be comfortable in. Avoid clothes that have excessive embellishments.

For instance, those stiff nets under little princess ball gowns that make the skirts fuller. The nets bruise the skin and make the child very hot and uncomfortable.

Your baby will look like a princess but will be very uncomfortable. Our aim is to make her look adorable yet comfortable.

I’m not an advocate of nets. Yes, they make everything look pretty and can actually be comfortable at first but eventually, they start to irritate the skin.

Nets are a no-no in my opinion. But if you insist on them, ensure there’s a piece of fabric between the net and your child’s skin. That way, the net isn’t in direct contact with the skin.

If the baby girl dresses have elastic short sleeves, ensure that the sleeves aren’t too tight around the arm of the child.

Same goes for waistbands. You’re not buying loose dresses that will fall off the child. However, the aim is to ensure the child is comfortable enough to move around as she explores her environment.

Easy to wear

Try to pick baby girl dresses that will be easy to put on and take off. In the early stages, there’s often a need to take off clothes either because of stains or because of the need to change diapers.

It is important you find a dress that allows you to do all this without inconveniencing yourself or the child.

So, look out for baby girl dresses without many buttons and have wide but fitting necks.


Easy to maintain

Go for baby girl dresses that can be washed easily, preferably machine washable fabric. Baby clothes get dirty so often that it almost becomes torture to hand wash daily.

Also, choose baby girl dresses made with fabrics that do not need ironing. Ironing these little dresses in preparation for every event can be stressful.

Therefore, it is important to look out for fabric while making this decision. Some fabrics are better than others in this regard. Read on, I’ll explain further.


It’s usually very easy to get carried away when shopping for little ones and I daresay, little girls especially. This is because their outfits are so diverse that you have a wide range of options to pick from.

The beauty of the baby girl dresses will make you buy almost everything you see if you don’t have a budget. However, never compromise quality for the price.

Children’s dresses wear out easily because they’re constantly playing and getting dirty. Due to this, their dresses have to be washed frequently.

And you don’t want clothes that’ll come apart after a few washes. The key is to find a balance. Have a budget and try not to exhaust it.


While shopping ahead, remember that the little ones grow out of their clothes very quickly. It’s advisable to buy clothes that are a size bigger.

Another reason is that often times, the size reserved for newborns rarely fit them. And the last thing you want is to make your baby uncomfortable in her first clothes.

If you’re shopping for a baby dress gift for a loved one, it’s wise to buy a size bigger. The child can always grow into it, and your gift becomes handy when the child has grown out of all the other dress gifts that are her current size.

The beautiful thing about the diversity of dresses is that there’s a size for everyone. Recently, a preemies option for baby dress sizes has been added. So even if your girl is really tiny, there’s an adorable dress for her too.


Consider the seasons when buying baby girl dresses. Loose ones made with light fabric that have little sleeves may work during the summer.

During the cold season, you’ll want to cover up as much skin as possible. You’ll need longer dresses made with thicker fabric and have fuller sleeves.

Be practical

Children have specific wardrobe needs depending on their activities, which is mostly a reflection of the parents’ activities. You have to shop based on your child’s activities.

If you’re a social parent, buy baby dresses that are appropriate for parties and events. If your child is mostly at playdates, sleepovers or at home, most of her dresses should be suited for that too.

Fabric For Baby Girl Dresses


dressesThere are a lot of fabrics used to make dresses. We’ll be looking at those ones that are good to the eyes, gentle on the skin, easy to wash and iron.


This is a good fabric for baby girl dresses. It is a smooth, glossy fabric that can look very luxurious and perfect when used for little princess outfits. Because the fabric has a very smooth surface, dirt cannot cling to its surface.

Even when it comes to washing, it’s much easier to wash off stains from smooth fabric than from fabrics that take to stains.

The only downside to satin is that little droplets of water on it spread out and dry to form visible watermarks. It also needs ironing but looks more shiny and elegant when ironed.


This crisp fabric comes in a wide range of varieties. It’s very glossy and will make every outfit gleam with royal superiority. It is often confused with satin but the difference is that it is much lighter than satin.

It’s good material for baby girl dresses. Stains can be washed off easily. The only snag is that it creases easily.


Whether it comes as 100% cotton or in different blends, the fabric is very durable and ideal for those comfortable gowns for playdates or just stay at home dresses.

This fabric is soft and fluffy. It breathes well and forms very comfortable play dresses for your little girl. It is soft, very absorbent and gentle against your baby’s soft skin.

However, pure cotton fabric has a tendency to wrinkle easily, but various blends of it do not have this disadvantage.

An example is the polyester/cotton blend which is an excellent fabric because it dries out quickly after washing and does not need to be ironed.

The downside is that it creases easily and has to be ironed before use. It also stretches with use and exposure to sunlight and ultimately wears quickly.


This fabric is used to make dresses that are soft to the sensitive baby skin. Because of its smooth surface, silk fabric does not attract dirt and when dirt sticks to it, it can be cleaned easily. The good thing about the fabric is that it dries quickly after washing.

Care Tips For Your Baby Girl Dresses


It is always important to take care of children clothes. Sometimes, younger siblings may follow and it’s never too early to begin the hand-down tradition.

So, to ensure that the dresses are in good condition to be handed down, stick to the following:

– Always wash the dresses when you bring them home from the store. Some of these clothes are stored with chemicals that might be harmful to your daughter’s skin.

– Always read the label to see the care instructions, ignoring them can end up in premature damage. You can find out iron temperature, whether it’s machine washable or not.

– Try to avoid machine dryers. The stress breaks the fibers of the fabric, causing shrinkage and premature aging of the dress.

– When ironing, it is best to turn the clothes inside out and iron for a smoother look.


– Store the cotton clothes by hanging because they crease very easily.

– If you notice stains during ironing, try to wipe them off. If you can’t do that, do not iron over them. Using an iron on stains tends to set it firmly into the fabric.

– Remember to set the iron heat to the setting recommended by the manufacturers for the particular fabric.

– Satin materials should be washed by hand or using the delicate setting on the washing machine.

– Try to brush away excess dust on the dresses before putting it into the water.

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