Baby Oil – Things To Know

baby oil

Baby oil is a very nice product formulated for the sensitive skin of babies. Over the years, it has evolved greatly and has a long and rich history. Besides being made to suit the needs of babies, it has a lot of uses that are not fully explored.

Ranging from before shave, after shave, moisturizing the skin, making the hair smooth to treating sensitive skin baby oil has a lot of personal application benefits. In addition, it can also be used for a lot of things around the house.

Ingredients For Baby Oil

Your regular baby oil is made from these ingredients


Carrier oil

This is usually sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil.


This is used to give the oil a thicker consistency.

Useful essential oils

Very mild and gentle essential oils mostly gotten from calendula, tangerine, lavender, are used in the production of baby oil product.

An oil that supplies vitamin E

Wheat germ oil is mostly used for this purpose.

Mineral oil

This oil which is gotten from petroleum is very good for the skin. Also known as liquid paraffin, it is light, odorless and colorless. Chemically, it is likened to paraffin wax.

Aloe vera extract

It is a concentrated form of aloe vera gel, which may be processed to eliminate some chemicals that’ll be allergic to baby’s skin.

Vitamin E

It is added to baby oil because it is an antioxidant. It also protects the skin from free radical damage.

Vitamin A

The “retinol†form of Vitamin A which is a common ingredient in many skin creams is used in the production of baby oil. Vitamin A is used to treat common skin problems such as dry skin and chapped lips.

When present in higher concentrations, Vitamin A has a strong drying effect on the skin. This is used in the treatment of acne.

baby oil

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This may be present in baby oil in processed forms, which is safe for babies. However, babies should not be given honey to eat until they are above 1 year old. This is due to the risk of infant botulism. Honey is used majorly because of its antiseptic properties.

Other ingredients

There are a lot of other ingredients that are present in smaller proportions in baby oil. They are natural and artificial emollients, aromatic compounds and other substances.

These are mixed in the right proportions to form an oil consistency. They also make sure that essential oils are below the concentration levels where they may become irritating.


Baby Oil Uses

The main uses of baby oil are to treat dry skin issues, act as a mild antiseptic and keep the baby’s skin well moisturized. However, there are a lot more uses for baby oil. We’ll be looking at the common ones.

Baby Oil As A Skincare Product For Infants.

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Mostly the premature ones, the skins of babies are fragile, thin and sensitive. It has a neutral surface pH, which greatly reduces the protection against excessive bacterial growth.

Generally, these oils are used on the skin of babies to cleanse, protect the surface and maintain the moisture. Also, oils are used to massage newborns, and are used as additives in creams and lotions.

Baby Oil For Hair

Baby oil can be applied to the hair to make it silky and smooth. You’re advised to use it sparingly though, as it is quite oily and usually thicker than the regular hair oils. Here is a hair treatment therapy you should try out fortnightly:

Warm up the baby oil a bit

Gently massage into the hair shafts and even the scalp, if you like.

Cover your head with a shower cap and allow to sit overnight.

In the morning, wash as many times as possible with alternate cold and warm water. This helps to get rid of excess oil and retains just the much needed by the hair.

This treatment plan leaves you with smoother hair that is also tangle-free.

Baby Oil For Skin

Here are some of the very numerous ways you can keep the skin protected and healthy with baby oil:


Heal heel cracks

Apply baby oil for a few days and wear socks over it. This makes your feet smoother.

Dry skin under the eyes

Dry skin under the eyes is often experienced when the under eye begins to shed during the normal period of exfoliation. Baby oil is applied to protect the new, delicate skin.

Remove makeup

Although it might not be as effective as castor oil, but it is a great alternative.

After shaving oil

The use of baby oil as an after shave helps to smoothen the skin and reduce irritation. It works just fine for both men and women.

Baby Oil As A Lubricant

baby oil

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Machine parts around the house can be lubricated with baby oil to make them work better.

Baby Oil For Acne

It is true that people suffering from acne may not be sure about applying baby oil on acne prone skin. However, studies have shown that mineral oil is non-comedogenic. This simply means that baby oil does not clog pores on the skin.  So, it is safe to be used in home-made acne skincare products.

Some other uses of baby oil include:

A good moisturizer

This will act as a good moisturizer for adults whose severity of skin dryness range from slight to severe. When applied, it makes the skin hydrated, smooth, soft and supple for a long period of time.

Beneficial vitamins and minerals

Baby oil contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. These nutrients present in the oils have been proven to help in the treatment of scrapes, evening of the skin tone, and healing of cuts and scars.

Stretch marks

While it may prevent stretch marks, it does so to just an extent. Although coconut oil is your best bet at doing this, baby oil is still a great alternative.

Untangle a necklace

When your necklaces are tangled, there’s no cause for alarm. Applying some quantity of the oil to them helps detangle them without any form of breakage.


Another great application of this baby skincare product is that it can be used to get rid of ear wax from the ears. You must take care however, that you do not pour in too much oil into your ears.

Peeling a bandage

More often than not, it can be an uphill task to remove a bandage without pulling hair. Simply apply some oil on the edges of the bandage. Continue applying the baby oil as you unroll the bandage so it can come off easily. No hairs, no hassles!

Clears baby diaper rash

Apply baby oil on a diaper rash after making sure that the skin on the affected area is completely dry. You can make use of cornstarch as an alternative. It works really well too.

baby oil

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As shoe polish

If you are out of shoe polish, you can make use of it as a temporary alteenative. However, it should not be applied directly. Just place some drops on a cotton cloth and use it to polish the shoes. It works on other leather products that are not shoes as well. Do not use this for a long period of time though.

Polish counter-tops and stone products

It can also be used to wipe down counter-tops to give off shiny and neat surfaces.

Stuck zippers

If you have a zipper that is not moving freely, all you need to do is to put a little amount of oil on the zip and tracks. Try to move the zip again. You can make use of candle wax, in place of the oil.

Regular massage

This baby skincare product is also recommended for use for a quick massage. There are other massage oil options which include olive oil and coconut oil.

Add it in the bath-tub

You are advised to add a few drops of the oil in your bathwater just when you are about to finish bathing. This practice has been proven to further smoothen the skin.

Remove tattoos

Please note that it is only the temporary tattoos that can be gotten rid of by applying baby oil on them. This is because the organic compounds that are present in this oil have the ability to dissolve away the ink in temporay tattoos. You can agree that it is way better than water.

Kitchen cutting board

As time goes by, wood tends to lose its texture and shine. Make use of this oil to wipe the surface of the kitchen cutting board. This makes it look as good as new.

Polish the crown molding and pipes

Baby oil can also be used to remove dirt and spots and dirt from crown molding and other PVC products. You’ll agree with me that the idea of getting rid of dirt’s and spots improves the general look of a house. This included both the interiors and exteriors.

Soothe insect bites

Baby oil is popular for being mildly anti-inflammatory. It has been in use for long in reducing swellings from mosquito and other insect bites.


Side Effects And Safety Issues

Although the act of applying baby oil on the body and face used to be a well known and practised activity, recent studies have shown that it can lead to skin damage and cancer. This oil carries absolutely no form of UV protection.

It also amplifies the rays of the sun, which can cause burns on the facial skin of an adult. If this continues for a prolonged period, it results in skin cancer. If you must make use of baby oil on your skin, ensure that you apply sunscreen over it.

Generally, mineral oil is considered safe for either the skin of a baby or that of an adult. Although there are some references which point in the direction that mineral oil may be harmful to the human body. However, mineral oils are considered to be relatively safe until proven otherwise.

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