Baby Powder – Essential Information

baby powder

Baby powder has a lot of uses we bet you never knew. This white powder with a nice fragrance has a lot more importance than just preventing diaper rash. It might interest you to know that this baby product is not only meant to be used by babies.

Over time, this piece of fashion accessory has proven to be helpful and handy around the house. Its uses range from helping to do away with stains on clothings to keeping pets smelling squeaky clean and fresh.

Do you know the best part of it all? Baby powder is relatively very cheap and affordable. You’ll be losing out on absolutely nothing, if you decide to ditch other pricey products for it because, it still gets all the work done.

Why you should use it…

Just the fragrance alone is enough reason to make use of it. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love the fragrance of baby powder. But then, that’s still not the best part about this sweet smelling piece.

There are a lot of uses which you’ve probably never thought of, that has been associated with this simple baby product. We handpicked some of the most effective ways you can make use of it everyday. So, grab a tin of baby powder when next you go shopping. We’re about to show you some great ways to make use of it.

Uses Of Baby Powder

Making a dry shampoo

It is ideal for use as a dry shampoo. Simply it on your comb and run the comb through your hair to the roots. It helps get rid of oil and grease, and makes your hair look freshly washed. It has a great fragrance too, which reflects on the smell of your hair. This method works very well for greys and blondes.

baby powder

For brunettes, a bit of cocoa powder to the baby powder before combing does it. Redheads need to add a bit of cinnamon. It will not only make your hair look good, it will also make it smell nice. Good thing? It remains that way till your next shower.

Use as a pet shampoo

Baby powders don’t come through for only people, it does same for animals. Depending on the size of your pet, rub some powder into their fur. Allow it to sit for some minutes before brushing.

It removes the buildup of oil and makes their coats look freshly washed. The nice fragrance also replaces the animal smell. Matter of fact, most pets prefer being shampooed to having a full bath.

Remove grease stains

This is another great use of baby powder. It helps remove grease stains from clothes. If there’s any grease stain on your cloth, simply apply a sprinkling of powder to either a cotton ball or powder puff. Then, dab on the grease.

Gently rub the powder into the stain very well. Then, brush or shake off any leftover powder. Repeat this procedure till all of the grease is gone. Then, wash normally. The duty of the powder is to bring out the grease from the cloth and prevent it from leaving a stain.

Loosen Up Playing Cards

An age old trick that keeps your cards easy to handle and stops them from sticking together is the act of adding baby powder to playing cards. Put your new set of cards in a plastic Ziploc bag laced with few shakes of powder. Seal the bag and shake well to distribute the powder evenly.

Remove the cards and shake off the excess powder. You will find out that they will be smooth and much easier to shuffle and deal.

Untangle necklaces

It can be really annoying when your necklaces get tangled. And it is more annoying when it takes like forever to detangle (which is almost always). This is true especially for smaller chains where you risk kinking or breaking the chain. This in turn makes it un-wearable.

baby powder

The next time your necklaces get tangled, make use of your baby powder. Sprinkle a little on the chain while making sure that it gets into all the crooks and crevices. The work of the powder is to loosen up the knot. This makes it much easier for you to detangle the chain without breakages.

Ease waxing pain

Although waxing is a great way of getting rid of unwanted hair, it can leave you with redness of skin and pain. Applying a bit of baby powder before putting the wax on, helps to make the waxing process less painful.

The duty of the powder is to absorb moisture and help the wax work better in hair removal. In addition to leaving the skin smoother, it protects the surface of the skin, making the waxing process less red and painful.

Freshen shoes

Do you usually have stinky shoes? Baby powder has the ability to miraculously do away with the odor. This comes in handy especially for new tennis shoes, which usually have odor when your feet sweat in them. Apply some powder inside all your shoes that have odor and let them sit overnight.

Shake out the excess powder in the morning. For really bad odors, you can leave them in till the odor goes away. The duty of the powder is to keep absorbing moisture and killing the stubborn odors. This leaves your shoes smelling fresher.

Freshen moldy books

Baby powder also works well on books that have mold as a result of being stored in damp places. For this to work, the first thing you need to do is let the books get dried. So, flip them open and let them air dry for some hours.

When they’re dried properly, add a sprinkling of powder in between each of the pages. Let them stand for some hours. You might want to leave them to stand till the next day for best results. Brush off the excess powder and your books are as good as new!

Treat your gloves

Are rubber gloves your favorite companion whenever you need to perform tasks such as cleaning? Then, you can as well make the process of wearing them smooth. That’s the least you can do for your precious hands. Simply coat your hands or the inside of your gloves with a light dose of powder.

baby powder

The duty of the powder is that it helps to get rid of the moisture that makes rubber or latex gloves difficult to get on and off. Your gloves should wrap itself around your fingers with ease, and also be able to come off without breaking a sweat.

Repel ants

This awesome baby accessory is also a great repellant for ants and many other pests. All you have to do is to simply sprinkle some powder around your window panes, in the cracks on your floors, or even around your picnic blanket. Consider yourself very safe as long as you are inside the powder line. This is because ants cannot cross the powder.

This is most certainly a welcome idea for picnics. You do not want to risk spraying pesticides around your food, do you? Or do you want those ants ruining your picnic for you? Certainly not. Not only is baby powder very cheap compared to the pesticides, it is relatively safer for the environment.

Plump eye lashes

Another wonder of this baby care product is that it helps to give you plump eye lashes. Before applying mascara, apply a very small quantity of baby powder on your lashes. It results in plumper eye lashes that appear longer and fuller. You can also make use of the powder to set your makeup.

It helps to keep your makeup intact for as long as you like, by getting rid of facial oils. It can also be used to lighten up makeup that is a shade too dark. Just measure in and mix a known quantity of powder into your contour powder to make the shade lighter.

Cool your skin

In addition to all the wonders of baby powder, it is also a great aftershave that is suitable for every gender. It works just as well as most aftershaves, is relatively cheaper and also gives off a great fragrance. Apply a little quantity of powder on the shaved area and gently rub it in.

Not only does it have a natural cooling property that helps subdue skin irritations caused by shaving, it also ensures that your skin is smooth and free from shaving bumps. It is the ideal remedy for shaving sensitive skins too.

Make deodorant

You don’t have to literally “make†deodorant. If you ever run out of your regular deodorants, or your body is feeling out of it, baby powder is your handy alternative. This is a longstanding tradition; the use of powdered deodorants.

Well, it’s not rocket science. It’s as easy as ABC. Pour some baby powder into your palm and apply it to your underarms. It works well at getting rid of odord caused by sweat. Due to the fact that it sucks in moisture, it will also keep you dry and fresh all day long.

Freshen closets

Make either your closet or dresser drawers fresh with the touch of baby powder, if they are a bit musty. Some powder in a dish or jar, placed in your closet, or some put into a sachet and placed in your dresser can do the trick. It is renown for having unique moisture removing properties, which makes it ideal for eliminating musty smells from closets.

baby powder

In the same vein, it can be used to freshen carpets up. Spread a thin layer of powder evenly on your carpets. Allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes and then vacuum to get rid of the odors completely. This is one of the most guaranteed ways to eliminate musty smells and even tougher odors such as cigarette smoke.

Soothe dry skin

It also works as a moisturizer to help soothe extreme cases of dry skin. For people who have rough patches on their elbows, feet, or anywhere else, rubbing in some powder into the affected areas makes it all go away. It has soothing qualities that calm irritated skin and makes the skin become smoother.

It really is a great remedy for cracked heels and other skin irritations. If you can use it on your baby without batting an eyelid, why do you think it’ll not work well on you? It can be used as a general body product too, in the months when your skin needs all the care and pampering it can get.


In comparison with the alternative products that can be used to solve a myriad of problems, baby powder is relatively cheap. Cheap, but does a lot of things you never thought it could do. Not only is it relatively affordable, it is very readily available in almost every store outlet near you. Get a tin of baby powder today, and start exploring its rich uses.


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