Baby Skincare Products: What Is Best For Your Little One?

Baby skincare products

I do not think there’s anything that can be compared to the smoothness of the skin of a baby. It is just new, untouched and unscarred. The smooth skin is worth envying, really. I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘as smooth as baby’s bum’. So, the question is what baby skincare products can help you maintain this freshness?

Have you ever asked yourself why there are so many baby skincare products in the market that can be used to moisturize the already ‘perfect’ skin of babies? You are not alone. A good number of parents have reported wondering whether it is necessary to use anything on their baby’s skin. You wonder if the additional hydration is really needed.

We have gone through a series of studies and researches to bring you a well-outlined article. It contains all there is to know: the importance of baby skincare products, various skin conditions, how to differentiate them and know which baby skincare product is most appropriate for your baby. Grab your popcorn and glass of a drink, the ride is about to begin!

Skincare Products Aren’t Just About The Baby

If you are a fan of skincare products, you’ll agree with me that you practically slowed down a bit when the baby came along because what’s good for you is not always good for the baby. The scrutiny that goes into selecting beauty products for use doesn’t end at child delivery. The perfect skin of a newborn baby needs the mildest and best products to maintain the glow.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Baby Skincare Products

Baby skincare products

When you’re out buying skincare products for your baby, it is always advisable to pick the mildest ones for their perfect skin. Now, you’re thinking of how you’ll know baby skincare products that’ll suit the baby’s skin just fine. Not to worry. We’re here to help you out.

Here are some questions and answers that’ll point you towards the right direction.

Does the baby really need mild skincare products?

The flawlessness and softness of a baby’s skin cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, using the normal products meant for just anyone can harm their skin. There are products made solely for babies in the market.

The skin of a baby is generally more delicate and thinner than yours. So, their products should contain very mild cleansers. Also, baby skincare products should contain minimum quantities of fragrance, and no alcohol or soap, as these can irritate their delicate skins and trigger allergic reactions.

How To Know The Appropriate Skincare Product For The Baby

Baby skincare products

Apart from ensuring that the product is for babies, check for its mildness too. There should be a safety assessment available for products made for children under the age of three. This, however, doesn’t guarantee that extensive research on the effects of such products on babies’ skins has been carried out.

Therefore, extra caution is advised if you have a family history of skin problems. We thought you’d like to get familiar with the terms that are used on product labels as it’ll help you in choosing rightly. Here are some terms and what they mean:

pH balanced

pH scale is used in determining the level of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. pH1–pH6 shows that a substance is acidic, and pH8–pH14 shows that a substance is alkaline. If a substance is neither acidic nor alkaline, it is said to be pH neutral. This is at pH7.

After a few weeks of birth, the film on the skin surface of a baby goes from pH neutral to pH5.5. It is called the acid mantle, and it protects the skin of the baby. Now, using a skincare product whose pH level is close to that of the baby’s skin will have no negative effect on the acid mantle.

Although a lot of skincare products do not give a specific pH level, using a product whose pH level is almost neutral is advised provided the baby’s skin remains healthy. Generally, products with pH level ranging from neutral to slightly acidic are ideal for the skin of the baby.

However, steer clear of bubble baths and the regular bar soaps, as they are mostly alkaline in nature. Using alkaline products will tip the acid mantle, and might cause skin irritation.


Never use products that have ‘antibacterial’ on their labels. Antibacterial ingredients should not be added to baby skincare products. Make use of baby wipes or mild, liquid baby cleansers instead.


Alcohol is a common ingredient used in the manufacture of adult skin care products. It helps these products have a light feel and dry up quickly when applied to the skin. However, it isn’t used in baby products because its drying property can cause irritation and other adverse reactions to the baby’s skin.

When going through the ingredients of a product, you might see ethyl alcohol or ethanol. These are just other names for alcohol. Look out for Cetearyl alcohol in baby wipes, and Cetostearyl alcohol in emollients. However, fatty alcohols do not irritate or dry out the skin.


Using products with either mild or no fragrance at all is your choice if your baby’s skin is healthy. We advise that you use the fragranced products sparingly to avoid irritating the skin.

Stay away from all fragranced products including the natural perfumes(plant extracts and essential oils), if your baby has any skin condition or has dry skin, as fragrances will cause more irritation.

Other Pieces Of Information That Can Be Gotten From The Label

Here’s a list of things the producers of these baby skincare products make available on the product labels:

‘Best before date’ to indicate the lifespan of the product, the period after which its active ingredients expire.

A detailed rundown of the functions of the product.

Warnings where necessary.

Name of the producer.

A comprehensive list of the ingredients used in making the product.

Patch Test

If your baby has dry skin, you might want to carry out a patch test before settling for a particular product because most of the available baby skincare products have a mild fragrance.

To perform a patch test, apply some of the product to a restricted area of your baby’s skin and wait for 24 hours. If your baby reacts to the product, do not apply further. Some confirmation of a skin reaction can be flaky, sore, itchy or red skin.

Best Products For Dry Or Eczema-Infested Skin

Stay away from all forms of perfumed products if your baby has eczema or dry skin. Make use of medical moisturizers(they can also be called emollients). Go for non-perfumed emollient-based products to help your baby’s skin fight dryness and eczema, and get its glow back.

What Are The Ideal Baby Skincare Products For Your Baby?

Baby lotion


While it is always a thing of joy, pride, and satisfaction to have a healthy baby with glowing skin, it is no easy feat to achieve. The art of ensuring that the baby’s skin is kept well moisturized, soothed and soft is one that needs patience and care. This is because a lot of baby skincare products in the market contradict the ideal standards needed for the skin of babies.

So, in this light, we have made extensive studies and researches cutting across various baby skincare products, and we have settled for the best option on the block – Puracy’s all-natural baby skincare products.

Why Did We Pick Puracy As Our Best Bet?

Their products boast of potentials that’ll pamper your baby’s skin, as they are gluten-free, organic, vegan, hypoallergenic and natural. In addition, being all-natural products make them biodegradable. So, they are environment-friendly. Puracy baby skincare line has a lot of product options to choose from, notwithstanding the type of product you want.

Now, how do you make a choice?

We’ve given a detailed description of some of the top products that we consider the best for your baby. No matter the type of skincare product you’re looking for, our list got it all covered. Why not take this interesting ride through the best baby skincare products with us?

The Noodle And Boo

Baby skincare products

This product line was founded by a mom whose babies had very sensitive skins. It is a product line that is made solely for babies with eczema and very sensitive skins, and newborns.

It has a product called ‘Ultimate Ointment’, which is ideal for curing diaper rashes, eczema, and cradle cap. This product is totally free from preservatives and fragrances and is heavily laden with ingredients such as allantoin, vitamins B and E, and bisabolol that will help to calm and repair, as well as moisturize damaged skin.


Baby skincare products

Apart from the packaging of Aveeno being sooo cute, the products do just what you want them to do – work! This product line was made specifically for babies that have sensitive skin and eczema.

It comes with a ‘Baby and Mummy gift set‘ which can be used as a gift for new mothers. You can as well keep it for you and your baby. The Baby and Mummy gift set consist of Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen,  Daily Moisture Lotion, Wash and Shampoo, Soothing Relief Moisture Cream, and Reusable basket. All these products are made from natural products, mostly colloidal oats. Oat is known to absorb moisture and relieve dry and itchy skin. It is recommended by dermatologists.

Zoe Organics

The Zoe Organics product line is a baby-friendly collection of skincare products that are manufactured from the best of natural, harmless and organic ingredients. Products in this product line are suitable for use by both babies and adults.

You cannot withstand the richness and soothing effects of the ‘Baby Bath Tea’. This product gets rid of eczema and diaper symptoms. In addition, it deeply moisturizes the skin, courtesy of its richness in cocoa butter, oatmeal, and lavender.


baby skincare products

Mustela is a tested and trusted French brand that has its roots dating back to six decades. They specialize in packaging baby skincare products. All the products in this product line are safe and tested by dermatologists for babies, kids, and new mothers.

These products are packaged in such a way that they can be used conveniently as gift packs. So, if you’re on your way to a baby shower, we recommend that you gift the expectant mother the ‘Newborn Arrival Gift Set‘. This pack contains a mild gel cleanser, a foam shampoo for newborns, baby lotion, no-rinse cleansing water, and diaper rash cream.

The Organic Pharmacy

The Organic Pharmacy was founded by a pharmacist, and was found to help treat various skin problems with the use of organic ingredients. The products in this product line do not contain any form of preservatives or artificial colors.

The ‘Mother-Baby Massage Oil’ is a great product for massaging your baby’s body just before you put them to bed. It deeply moisturizes your baby’s skin with the help of vitamin E and jojoba oil which are active ingredients.


This California-based brand manufactures organic, natural and sustainable products for both babies and adults. They have sunscreens that have absolutely zero side effects.

Try out their ‘Mineral Baby Moisturizer Organic SPF 50 Unscented’ which offers total nourishment for the baby’s delicate skin, courtesy of its richness in sesame seed, avocado oil, and organic shea butter, as well as broad-spectrum sun protection from zinc oxide.

The Honest Company

This product line concerns itself with manufacturing non-harmful and completely natural skincare products. The brand products are here to serve people of all ages.

Are you or yours having breathing problems or respiratory tract congestion? The ‘Organic Breathe Easy Rub’ is your go-to solution for clearing up all forms of respiratory tract and breathing congestions. The fast relief rub has eucalyptus and organic tea tree oil as active ingredients to help in giving you ease of breath.

Apply generously on the chest. In addition, you can use them as feet scrubs. Just massage onto your feet soles and wear socks over them for better effect.


baby skincare products

Weleda is an all-natural brand that takes care of the skins of pregnant women, new mothers and newborns specifically. Their products are devoid of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and chemicals.

Let the skin of your baby enjoy the goodness of the ‘Baby Calendula Face Cream’. It is a hydrating cream that’s made with lanolin, sesame seed oil, and calendula flower extract. It gets rid of skin irritation and redness and keeps the skin soft and supple.


Manufactured by biologists and dermatologists, this brand churns out products that withstand environmental stress. The products are made specifically for sensitive skins for people of all ages.

The ‘ABCDerm Foaming Gel’ is a mild cleansing gel that’s just ideal for your baby’s bath time. Not only will it help build a protective layer over their skin for sufficient hydration, it deeply moisturizes the skin.

California Baby

California Baby is a brand that works in conjunction with the recommendations of pediatricians and dermatologists to give babies as well as adults with sensitive skin a remedy for their skin troubles.

The Calming Cream is available for use and perfect for all ages on the roughened areas of the skin, be it elbows, chapped lips and knees. It’s a combination of French lavender, clary sage and calendula helps in the quick soothing of sunburns and rashes, as well as healing of wounds.


There is this joy and contentment that comes to you when your baby’s skin is healthy. However, achieving healthy skin is not a walk in the park. Not to worry, these baby skincare products outlined above are tested and trusted and are assured to give both you and your baby healthy and glowing skins. All that is required of you now is to draw up your list and begin shopping for you baby skincare products. And if this guide was helpful to you in chosing the right products for your baby, do let us know. Cheers!

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