Convertible Baby Cribs – How Important Are They?

baby cribs

Many times, convertible baby cribs cribs come up in conversations. New and expecting parents want to know if it is a worthy investment. The answer is to that is a “Yes”. It is true that most customers tend to be attracted to the traditional crib.

However, when it gets to being practical (read that as comparing prices), they discover that depending on details (style, taste and manufacturer), they can get a convertible crib for the same price as a traditional crib and vice-versa.

The potentials of a convertible crib can be fully explored. This is possible when it is purchased by new parents who want to use the crib in the actual crib-stage. It is even lovelier when they intend to use it for all their kids. It can easily be converted to a toddler bed and eventually a full-sized bed.

Of course, in the long run, children will need a full-sized bed. Not to worry, the convertible crib has it covered from the crib stage all the way to the grown kids stage.

Want to know more about convertible cribs? Read on!

Before the advent of convertible cribs, parents had to purchase both a crib and a changing table piece. Then, they had to start buying new pieces of furniture after just a few years.

The beauty of convertible cribs is that when purchased, it has come to stay as also both the toddler and full-sized double beds. In addition, it comes with dressers which can hold trays and pads that will be used as changing areas. These dressers can later be used as regular dressers.

There can and should be no compromises whenever it comes to issues related to the comfort and safety of your baby. Your baby deserves only the best, and this includes his crib. Choosing the best crib for your baby avails him the opportunity to experience maximum comfort, safety and peaceful sleep.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, getting an excellent convertible crib has numerous bright sides. For instance, you can change a crib into a day bed to enable your baby play around in ample space. That is, when he is not asleep and wants to play.

Providing your child with relative comfort during the early stages of his life should be at the top of the list for you. This comes in handy, if this is the first time you’ll be embarking on the parenting journey.

Think comfort, think baby cribs. A comfortable and nice convertible crib is the way forward, if your baby must have restful nights. Convertible cribs are the rave now, all thanks to innovation and technology. You should join the winning party too.


Why Should You Choose A Convertible Baby Crib?

baby cribs

These cribs are made in such a way that you can transform them comfortably into a full size bed. It is better for parents to pick cribs which can be adjusted to accommodate the baby as he grows. And the convertible crib does just that! Awesome, right?

The convertible cribs are available in different types which include the two-in-one, three-in-one and four-in-one cribs. Although the four-in-one cribs are pricier than the others, it is more lovely and durable than the rest.

A lot of parents have talked about how good these types of cribs are, and how they have helped to keep their babies comfortable and well rested at night.

When it comes to the issue of picking the best convertible crib for your baby, there are two main factors to put into consideration. They are the cost of the crib and the features it possesses.

As a new parent, if you are running low on cash, there are some affordable options you can settle for. Always remember that a crib gets costlier with the possession of a lot of features. Invariably, the less features a crib has, the less it will cost.

Highly rated convertible cribs may be very costly, but one of the good sides of these high quality cribs is the fact that they offer you more value for your money. See it as a long-term investment for your child.

For instance, these types of cribs are very durable and can be used for a long time. This cancels out the question of needing to buy a new one after a year, or when a new baby arrives.


Why Is A Convertible Crib Important?

baby cribs

Your baby’s outgrowing the baby crib is inevitable. Then, he’ll be needing a toddler bed and eventually, an adult bed in later years. News flash! You do not have to go through the stress of changing beds as the years go by.

The convertible crib got it covered. With the crib already available, all you have to do is to make slight adjustments as your baby outgrows each stage. This crib is also recommended for parents who do not want to spend much on baby furniture, but want quality stuff.


Advantages Of The Convertible Baby Cribs

• It is a long-term investment

Despite the fact that convertible cribs can be somewhat expensive, you have to see them as investments in the long run for your baby. The earlier you understand that these cribs are made to grow with the baby, the better it is for you.

A convertible baby crib can be used for more than two years. Yes! That is two times the amount of time a regular crib can be used. Think about the whole lot of money you can save up in a year from baby futniture. That’ll be a whole lot!

• A broad solution

Convertible cribs give you the option of having a lot of solutions from one source. For instance, they have mattresses that can be placed in so many positions to suit the comfort of the baby. These mattresses are easy to clean and very durable.

In addition, they can be transformed into various bed types for the baby. This saves you the time and money you would have spent on shopping for different types of mattresses for your baby.

• Aesthetics

Most of the convertible cribs are designed to look stylish and contemporary. They always have this sophisticated appearance. Rather than buying the traditional crib that has a rather cartoonish look, you can opt for a stylishly made convertible crib.

Of course, it can boast of a lot of benefits. For instance, it is designed to match the color of the room of the baby. Also, the colors and quality materials used to design the crib will be appealing to the baby as he grows.

• Long-lasting

The general structure of the convertible cribs is way more durable than the conventional cribs. This is because the materials used in producing these cribs are of very high quality and are able to stand the test of time.

• They provide a smooth transition for your baby

You have to understand that the transitional phase of going from sleeping in a crib to a bed for toddlers, or from a toddler bed to adult bed can prove to be somewhat stressful for your child.

Generally over time, babies and toddlers have proven to become attached to the mattresses of their cribs. So, they tend to give you a hard time before falling asleep if you change their beds.

Convertible cribs come in handy in these transition stage. With them, you have the ability to transform the baby crib to a toddler bed without having to change the mattress. Of course, this makes the transition smooth and comfortable for your baby.


Features Of The Convertible Baby Cribs

baby cribs

With regards to the various ways you can transform your baby’s bed to suit their growth stages, these cribs have a lot of features to that effect. For instance, most of them come with additional storage units that enable you to store your baby toys conveniently.

It is important to note that the more features your baby’s convertible crib has, the less money you will have to spend on buying different components. So, here are some important features that should be present in the convertible crib you want to buy:

• Headboard and footboard

The headboard and footboard are solely dependent on the type of convertible crib you want to buy. There are cribs that have these two features even when the bed is converted. There are others that do not. In the same vein, there are cribs that do not come with a headboard at all.

However, very costly and high quality convertible cribs come with these two features. If you end up buying a crib that doesn’t have them, you can easily use the two sides of the toddler crib to make a headboard and footboard.

• Table as an attachment

Some convertible baby cribs come with a changing table, which can easily be attached to either end of the baby crib for more ease. In addition to being a changing table, it can also serve as a storage unit, as it has drawers where you can keep your baby’s stuff.

• Mattress height adjustment

Be on the lookout for a baby crib that has this useful feature. The mattress height adjustment is needed for the baby, as it let’s you adjust the height of the mattress in relation to the baby’s size. The height of the mattress can be adjusted as the baby grows.


Convertible Baby Cribs and Conversion Options

Convertible baby cribs offer a lot of options, but these options depend mainly on what you will use the bed for in the future. There are various conversion features you can settle for, which include:

– The 4-in-1 Conversion: While this is somewhat costly, it is the most popular option today. This crib can be converted into a toddler bed, a day bed, and a big bed.
– The 3-in-1 Conversion: This crib gives you the option of converting it to a toddler bed and a day bed.
– The 2-in-1 Conversion: This crib option is only appropriate for parents who are very low on cash. It can be converted to a toddler bed.


Tips To Bear In Mind When Choosing Convertible Baby Cribs

baby cribs

Outlined below are a few tips that will help you when you are picking the right convertible baby crib for your child.

– Have it in mind that the back of the baby crib will become the headboard of the full-size bed. Do not shy away from asking what the conversion looks like. After all, your child will be in a bed much longer than he or she will be in a crib or even a toddler bed.

– Also think of the design you want on the headboard. It can be either a straight or curved top. The design can be tufted, paneled, or intricately detailed.

– In the world of convertible cribs, a lot of color choices, styles and textures are available. There are also available options for when you are ready to convert the baby crib.

You can buy a conversion kit, which enables you to use the crib’s front rail as the footboard of the full-size bed. Alternatively, you can use a metal frame to support the box spring and mattress, and make use of just the headboard.

– We highly recommend the crib rail protector to be used to protect the footboard while it is in use as a crib. It protects the footboard from not just a teething baby digging into it, but also zippers and belt buckles from making marks on the footboard as parents lean into the crib.

It keeps the footboard looking as good as new in preparation for the adult bed stage. Crib rail protectors can either be simple and cheap, or loud enough to draw attention in the nursery. They can also be customized with names or initials for a special effect.


Disadvantages Of Convertible Baby Cribs

– They are way costlier than the conventional cribs. Initially, this may make a lot of sense because of the numerous features they come with. But it becomes downright wasteful, if you plan on having many children. You’ll realize that it’ll be better to keep buying furniture every year till all the children are settled into full-size beds.

– Conversion of these cribs may not be as easy as portrayed. There’s a possibility that you’ll be needing extra tools and some other materials, which most likely did not come with the crib. You might end up spending more than you would have, if you just bought the regular crib and a full-size bed.



While all of these decisions and choices tend to be overwhelming at first, you’ll adapt quickly. We are here to help you with appropriate planning and suggestions, to decide what will work best for you. We aim to help you prepare your baby’s room to be able to accommodate him from when he’s just a suckling babe till when he’s a fully grown adult.

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