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baby boy gifts

As a friend, sister, colleague or aunt to an expecting mom, you might be faced with the challenge of picking the right baby boy gifts for baby showers, which the new mom would love and appreciate. When selecting baby boy gifts, there are different factors to consider for the newborn; like if the gift should be practical, long-term, more ornamental and meaningful or something that may be passed down from one sibling to another.

These baby gifts can be found in online stores, baby boutiques, or you could handcraft them if you have the time.

Tips For Getting  The Best Baby Boy Gifts

The first big step is to ask if the new mom or expectant mom has a registry

Every mom would have a list of things to purchase for the arrival of a newborn, and not only would it be thoughtful to get gift items based on the mother’s desires, but it also eliminates the chance of picking items the mother may not need.

The expected time for delivery

The time the baby is set to be born should be a perfect marker to help you get the best baby boy gifts. If the weather is warm and you have plans of investing in baby outfits, your best bet would be lighter while if the weather is warm, your baby outfit plan will be more of warm snuggly outfits to keep the baby comfortable. You might also consider buying outfits the baby could don at 6 to 12 months of age because babies grow out of their clothes very quickly.


Since it is a baby boy, you would do well to select gift items in the color range of white, blue, green, cream, pastel tints or gender neutral colors.

Go Practical

practical gifts such as an endless supply of diapers, baby bottles, will help the new mom take care of their new baby from day to day. Even though toys are nice, and beautiful, buying baby boy gifts should also help ease the mother.

Go big

If you can afford to purchase nursery furniture, strollers, baby carriers, or bathing sets, go ahead. With this gesture, you would be giving the new mother a great start. Also, before you go big, ensure that you ask the expectant mom her design ideas and color choice for the nursery. This would enable you to purchase furniture that matches perfectly with the nursery décor.


Blue wrapped baby boy gifts

Toys and Entertainment

Toys make children very happy and keep them engaged while their parents go about other house duties. Toy gift items you can purchase include: story books which would encourage bonding between the mother and the child, toy trains, softballs, teddy bears, etc.

Go customized

Everyone feels elated when they get a cap, or a shirt or bag with their names carved out on it. A lot of gifts shops and stores specialize in getting gift items specially customized for their clients, so, you could take the initiative, order for shoes, bags, socks, towels, even photo frames with the little boy’s name carved out on it.

Consider the age of the child

If the little prince in question has grown beyond six months, you could decide to get gift items to suit the baby’s age, especially when it comes to toys. Every little boy has an obsession with superstars and cartoon character. You could decide to get these toys or get branded promotional items from these cartoon companies. Examples of such characters include Superman, Bob the builder, Simba, Batman, etc.

Ask the baby’s mom

Check to find out if the baby has a gift item you are planning to buy, or if someone else has already bought it.

Go for quality

Whatever you decide to buy as a gift should be durable and strong enough to last for long and maybe get handed down to younger siblings.

Safety first and always

a lot of toys and gift items may look nice and attractive, but not all may be safe for a little boy. Ensure that these items are made of non-toxic materials, dyes, and chemicals.

Trips& Tickets

The little prince in question may be old enough to know what he wants, and his love for certain things can determine where you can afford to take to. He could decide to go to Disney Land, a Zoo, the park, a large aquarium where dolphins are kept. No matter the little prince’s choice, you can get tickets for him and his mother.

Baby Gift Ideas To Choose From

baby boy gift

Bath mitts for baby boys

As baby boys grow older, they get to enjoy their bath time.  This could be a great time for bonding between a mother and her baby. A bath mitt in blue, yellow, red or green color with the faces of animals stitched on them could be an amazing storytelling tool while a mom bathes her baby boy. They could be used as puppets and equipment for washing the baby clean.

Toddler’s music bands

Many toy companies specialize in making music toy sets for babies. You could decide to get a set for that special little prince, they are made of plastic, with colorful beads put inside some to make sounds (rattles, and tambourines.), some have colorful tiles that are struck with hands or sticks to produce music (xylophone and piano), trumpets and bands.

Amazing walkers

These walkers could be gender neutral or tailor-fit to suit the little prince in question. Some of these walkers come with the sit-to-stand feature, or with plenty of activity tools. It is so beautiful watching little babies get engrossed in trying to figure out how all the colorful buttons work and what they do. These walkers, especially those with the activity tools embedded in them, could be used to teach a little boy how to count from one to five or how to sing along to simple rhymes or identify animals.

Rocking horses

From the womb, until birth and growing up months, babies love to be rocked. Rocking horses are the oldest types of toys available for babies, whether boy or girl. These toys come in the shape of a horse with reins and a saddle, with curved wooden boards attached to the four legs of the horse which gives this rocking effect as though the baby were riding a real horse. To sweeten the deal, purchasing this horse with the cowboy hat, riding bit, lasso and bandana would give you a rewarding smile from your little prince.

Baby boy bath toys

Baby boys love bubbles when they are out in the sun playing or in the bathtub bathing. Try getting water pipes that could be blown to produces bubbles. These bubbles make them squeal in delight.


baby boy gifts

Toy cars

If the little prince in question is so agile and enjoys engaging in an activity, a toy car big enough to carry his weight is a great idea. Such cars help them play make-belief racing or driving on a busy road. (One time, my little cousin had this awesome toy car at the age of 11months, while he sat on it, I overheard him call out, I am going to the ATM to withdraw money. That was him playing “his dad” on Sunday afternoons.).


Wagons are roomier toys for baby boys within the age of 6-8 months. They could go in place of toy cars. The handle in front serves as a means of pulling the wagon from one place to another. It could be a handy toy for a mom while doing the laundry because it will help her move her little boy from one end of the clothing line to the other while hanging out clothes to dry.

Sippy lids

As the little prince in question grows older and he stops using the bottle and begins to eat with spoons, and plates and sippy cups. You could decide to buy a dinner set comprising of cups with multiple sippy lids, colorful plates, and spoons with airplane bottoms. This dinner set gives lunch, breakfast, and dinner a colorful flavor which would be a delight to your little prince.

Jute toy bin

Get a little resourceful, every baby boy gets so many toys and storing might become a little difficult. Invest in a toy bin bag made of jute with Toys written on it.

Customized upholstered armchairs

I recently came across this little beauty and I was really impressed. These big and sturdy chairs are strong enough to carry toddlers who can sit upright on their own. Having two or three is enough to create that mini babysitting room effect in the corner of the nursery. The best product brand is Anywhere chair, any mom will love it!

Superman pajamas

Every little prince loves being Superman, and a superman pajama set with a cape would be a dream come true for him.

Beach towels and swimming trunks

A swimming kit comprising of a floatie, swim diaper, swimming trunks, swimming caps, swimming goggles, swim fins, ear plugs etc. would be the best gift for his first day at swimming lessons.


Baby boy gifts

Picture frames and albums

For great compilations of your little prince’s memories.

Swaddle blanket set of four

They are trendy and essential to bring comfort to the little prince you want to purchase it for. My favorite set comes as lightweight, 100%cotton and oversized (47’×47′), multiple patterned sets of 21. One thing I can assure you of is that you would love the color combos and designs in each set.

Bandana bib set of 4 or 8

Who said bib can’t be fashionable while dealing with the mess?  And a baby boy bandana bib will give him the cowboy feeling while he eats. This set gives you an amazing array of color choices to choose from at any time. The outer layer is made of 100% cotton, which absorbs the goo and spills, while the polyester-layer behind keeps the moisture away from the baby’s skin and outfit. They have adjustable Velcro snaps that give room for adjusting as the baby grows.

Baby cosmetics

Some baby cosmetics companies create this cosmetic package where you have baby creams, oils, soaps, and body wash, calming lotion and powder all in one pack. A gift of this type saves any mother the extra funds she would have spent on baby cosmetics. Before you purchase, however, ensure that the brand is a type the mother would be comfortable with.

Music boxes

I love music boxes because they have this amazing effect on cranky babies. The sudden surprise of seeing a beautiful toy pop out of a cranked open box distracts the baby for a while, giving any mom enough time to figure out whatever it is that ails her baby.


Consider the age of the little prince before going out to purchase any puzzle sets. As an educational toy, there are so many varieties to choose from, with increasing complexity to suit certain age grades.

Activity Gyms

These easy to set up toys give room for any little prince to create make-believe stories. They come with a camping theme, a musical raccoon, teddy bear and light up bird. There is also a firefly that sings when touched.

Storybooks with a character pack

Some storybooks come with a character set which allows your baby to act out a storyline as he reads his story.
Personalized wool felt crowns: This would be perfect for any birthday party. The name crested on this crown gives your little prince that special feeling of royalty.

Art cards:

They come in a set of 12, with the pictures of animals or houses, cars or flowers which your little prince can color with crayons to transform from the monochrome settings to a multicolor setting.

The artist kit

If your little prince enjoys painting, investing in a mini easel stand, non-toxic paint, paintbrush, artist palette, artist hat, and drawing paper would be a delight. To make painting fun, you could also purchase a fake captain hook mustache to go with the artist kit.

You are a real MVP, having stayed with this article until the end. We would love to hear from you and the effect your gifts had on your baby boy. Cheers!


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