How to Lose Stretched Skin after Pregnancy

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. You are excited but some things do not look really awesome. You are surprised about how much your body has changed – folds of skin on your belly, waist and upper arms. And now, you’re worried about how to lose stretched skin after pregnancy.


How to Lose Stretched Skin after Pregnancy
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It’s nothing to be worried about. Every new mom has been there.

Your body has a way of recovering but are you eager to speed up the process of tightening those loose skin?

Here are tips on how new moms can lose stretched skin after pregnancy:

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How to Lose Stretched Skin After Pregnancy – Lose Weight Slowly

During pregnancy, you will gain extra weight called “baby weight.†First of all, you need to lose this weight. It will shed off but do not lose it too fast as this will lead to loss of fat and muscle. Muscle helps keep your body in shape and losing it may lead to more loose skin.

Engage in cardio exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, running and cycling. This will help tone your muscles, burn calories and lose weight. However, aim at losing 1 – 2 pounds weekly.


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These simple exercises can help you lose weight slowly…



Are you a CS mom? your doctor will give you clearance before trying to work out due to the fact that CS is a major surgery.


How to Lose Stretched Skin After Pregnancy - Drink Water More Often

Drinking water helps to keep the body hydrated and improve its elasticity. You can drink 8 to 10 ounce glasses per day to stay hydrated.

If you really want to get rid of loose skin around your stomach, arms and legs, drink more water.


How to Lose Stretched Skin After Pregnancy - Breastfeed Your Baby

how to lose stretched skin after pregnancy
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Breastfeeding may help you lose weight and in turn, tighten your loose skin after pregnancy.

According to Verywell family, each time you breastfeed, the muscles in your uterus contracts. By 6 weeks post-delivery, because of the contraction, your uterus will be back to its normal size. As a result, your belly will look much slimmer.

Consequently, if you are returning to work, you may consider bottlefeeding your baby during work periods.


How to Lose Stretched Skin After Pregnancy - Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. This promotes the production of collagen which is key to a firm skin.

Furthermore, exfoliation can be done on a daily basis during bath. Ensure you scrub your belly and thighs properly, using a loofah or bath brush.


Lock out Anxiety

It is normal to be anxious about getting back into shape but you need to give your body some time to heal. Get enough rest and eat healthy fats and protein such as eggs, salmon, chicken, beans, soy beans, cottage cheese and almonds because they will help to build your muscles.

If you cannot get all your vitamins in a whole meal, supplements may come in handy here.

Get vitamin c for production of collagen; vitamin E as an antioxidant and vitamin D to regulate the growth of new skin cells.

Most noteworthy, having a baby takes a toll on your body because your skin expanded within the course of 9 months to accommodate your baby.

Consequently, you should also know that having stretched skin after childbirth is absolutely normal. However, the tips discussed above can help get rid of lose skin after pregnancy.

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