Personalized Baby Gifts: Things To Consider


Gifts come to mind with the arrival of a newborn baby. After many months of planning, excitement and anticipation, the birth of a newborn is a gift that none other can beat. Nothing beats presenting a gift with a bit of heart in it – personalized baby gifts.

The moment a baby arrives is as special as every bit of the word can portray. It comes with a lot of excitement and joy that cannot be contained.

Not only do the parents of the baby have this joy, friends and family, neighbors and colleagues also share in this joy. And this is when giving comes into play. We are well aware that giving brings a lot of joy and fulfillment.

However, the joy that comes with giving to the course of a newborn to congratulate the new parents cannot be surpassed. You can give them some mom and dad gifts, which are very okay and acceptable.

But don’t you think that getting gifts for the baby will be better and well appreciated? We are aware that people have a lot of difficulties coming up with the appropriate gifts to give a newborn baby and his parents.


Have you ever thought of getting personalized baby gifts for a baby?

These are custom made gifts that are unique and ideal for the owner only. Personalized baby gifts can be in the forms of a personalized comforter, personalized blanket or personalized toy box.

These personalized baby gifts are often converted into treasures that are preserved for years and are held very dear by the recipients.

Still, don’t know how to go about it? Not to worry. We have compiled a comprehensive list of some unique, personalized baby gifts that’ll not be forgotten in a hurry by the recipients.

We are making the search easier for you. So, use the opportunity to the fullest. Go out of your way to put bright smiles on their faces. Believe me, it really will be worth it.

Why NewBorn Babies Should Be Given Gifts


From our studies and researches, we gathered that the tradition of giving gifts to new parents to mark the welcoming of new babies into the family dates back to decades ago.

Of course, you’ll agree with me that this is a great way for anyone (this definitely includes friends and family, neighbors, colleagues) to share in the joy of welcoming the newborn Gifts

They also use this avenue to shower the newborn baby with their good wishes and love. Giving gifts to a newborn shows that you care, that you share in the joy of the family, and that you wish the family well.

Benefits of giving personalized baby gifts

There are lots of ideal and unique personalized baby gifts ideas in the market. But we think that it will be special and outstanding if you can add a personal touch to the gift you intend using to welcome a newborn (baby girl or boy of course) into the world.


For this reason, we have collected a lot of unique personalized baby gifts anyone can choose from to make a difference. These personalized baby gifts range from money boxes, blankets, baby shower gifts to towels, blankets, baby hampers, toy boxes and pieces of clothing.

You wouldn’t like to face the embarrassment of sending in the same baby gift that has already been presented by someone else.

We fully agree that finding an unusual gift to present to a newborn baby and his parents is one of the greatest problems people have.

Simply put, personalized baby gifts are made by making use of hi-tech embroidery machines to etch anything to whatever gift you have picked for the newborn baby.

You are allowed to carry out the personalization in a range of soft and beautiful colors that are appropriate to be presented to babies as gifts.

Types Of Personalized Baby Gifts

Ranging from hand paintings, handwritten pieces, embroideries to vinyl transfers that are generated by computer, there are many options available for personalized baby gifts.

In addition, all of the handwritten gifts that are in stock (this includes money boxes and photo frames) are matched by colors with the aid of permanent pens.

This is more reason why you have to stick with our suggested list of personalized baby gifts because they are coming from tested and trusted brands. These brands make sure they manufacture products in which the profits of many hours of consistent practice makes its presence felt.

This is because a lot of skill is needed to pull off unique personalization (even if it looks like a walkover at the first glance).


Are you in need of more traditional ideas for personalized baby gifts? You can go for the wooden toy chests and chairs which are masterfully and carefully hand-painted by in-house artists with the use of acrylic paints that are safe for kids.

Our list covers a wide range of online baby gifts and personalized baby gifts. Of course, it offers you the two most important things you need in a suitable personalized baby gift for a newborn baby – long-lasting quality and affordable price.

Personalized baby gift ideas for newborn babies

Ranging from money boxes, blankets, baby shower gifts to towels, blankets, baby hampers, toy boxes and pieces of clothings, all the gift ideas in our compilation have been designed to be the ideal personalized baby gift for newborn babies.

In addition to being personalized, we guarantee that these gifts are luxurious and durable, with some of them being made from either pewter or silver.

Check out our list of personalized baby gifts below:

• Muslin wraps

The monogrammed muslin wrap is both functional and stylish. It is made from pure cotton and is made to have a soft texture on the tender skin of the baby. It comes in a pretty drawstring bag.

• Monogrammed jumpsuits

Who on earth doesn’t love a monogram jumpsuit? Nobody, I guess. The monogram is too pretty and is designed with a fun theme. Made from pure cotton, it is the ideal gift for a newborn baby.

• Height chart

Use this creative and colorful height chart to create an inspiration for the new mom and dad. It helps them carve out a nursery that can be transformed into a kiddies room. Go the extra mile by embedding the name and date of birth of the baby on the height chart.

• Wooden name puzzles

This is made from materials that are lead and MDD free. They are just the perfect toys to keep the kids’ company when they grow a bit older. It promises to be interactive and so much fun, and we are sure that kids will love to use it in spelling their names and discovering new words.

• Name labels

Parents will surely have a time when they look back and bless you in their hearts for such a thoughtful gift. These name labels come in handy when the kids are a little bit older and are always making a squabble of who owns what. Parents resort to using name labels to differentiate what belongs to which kid.

• Wall art

The beautiful wall art is the ideal piece that can be used to make the baby’s nursery, bedroom or playroom personal. It is usually handcrafted and is created by adding the name of the baby to colorful stickers that have fun designs. Do you know the best part? These wall arts are easy to stick to the walls and are equally easy to remove. Therefore, you find it pretty easy to change rooms while moving the wall art too.

– Junior storage box

To a colorful and beautifully designed storage box that will hold some of the baby’s stuff, add the baby’s name. When they get older, encourage them to always take care of their things by placing them at the right places.

Of course, those that belong in the box should be sent there. This way, you will be teaching them to keep the home tidy and well organized.

– Wall Canvas

You can use a variety of colorful, fun and beautiful designs to create and customize your own wall canvas. You can choose to spice things up by personalizing with either a date of birth, name or any other moment you hold dear.

– 123 learning book

This nice gift will come in handy the moment they learn how to read and write, and it will make them love learning the more.

– Lunch box

This cute and classy lunch box comes in three fun designs. It comes in handy for packing the baby’s food in preparation for a picnic, or when the baby is ready for school.

Spice things up a bit by adding their name alongside a beautiful graphic design to the box.

– Personalized baby hat

Not only is this cute baby hat cozy and warm for the head of the baby, it also comes with a beautiful over-sized pom-pom. It is a timely gift because newborn babies need all the warmth they can get during the cold season so as to not land in the hospital.

– Personalized baby spoons

These customized baby spoons that bear a cute little heart along with the name of the baby is a gift that well suits when the baby starts feeding himself. We are so sure the spoons will be a great motivation for the baby to always look forward to food time, as he will always be fascinated by the designs on the spoons.

– Personalized baby blankets

We have available, custom made ivory dot and gray lattice baby blankets which offer your baby adequate warmth.

Also, we have in stock, a very soft and personalized napping blanket that will make the parents of the newborn baby remain ever grateful to you.

We also have a lot of cute little blankets with animal themes that may match the color and theme of the room of the baby. For instance, if the baby’s room has a woodland theme, the owl or little fox blanket that comes with a matching rattle is very ideal as a gift for the baby.

– Baby month milestone blanket

The first year of a baby’s growth is always precious and treasured by his parents. Why not take part in their journey of joy by getting a baby month milestone blanket for them? That way, you’ll always be remembered whenever they snap photos on the beautiful custom made blanket to capture the baby’s moments of growth.

– Soft curved pillows

Why not purchase these soft curved pillows for the baby? They offer some extra cushioning for the baby’s head when you are on the move. You can make the pillows stand out by embroidering the name of the baby on them.


Who doesn’t love bundles of joy? Definitely not you. So, help make welcome every newborn baby into the world. You are also showing the new parents how much you care for their family when you shower them with these unique baby gifts.

There is always a gift item waiting to be picked up: ranging from cute items that keep the baby comfortable and warm to nursery decorations, you can never go wrong with baby gifts.

It gets even better when you go the extra mile to customize these gifts. Not only will your gifts stand out in the pile of gifts received, but you will also occupy a warm space in the heart of the parents for a long time.

Great news!

It is actually very easy to create personalized baby gifts. You can scramble up something special: add the names of the baby, their date of birth, or you can even take things up a notch by creating fun, beautiful and colorful designs on these well-thought-out gifts.

Are you still in doubt about which personalized baby gifts to settle for? Go through our recommended list above and we can assure you that you can never go wrong with any of the items listed above. We await your testimonies. Cheers!

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