Baby Boy Clothing: How To Make The Best Choice

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When mothers hear about the news of their bundle of joy, the first thing that comes to mind is…you guessed right, clothes! And when they are expecting a prince… baby boy clothing, of course.

They want to dress up their little baby boy and make him stand out from the rest of the children. So off they go to the baby store, sometimes with hubby in tow.

Reminds me of a couple who wanted to shop for baby clothes but had no clue about baby boy clothing. They found themselves in a dilemma when they realized that other parents were prepared. They were asking the right questions. They knew about the different codes on baby cloth sizes and knew the factors to consider when buying baby boy clothing. When they saw 1T, 2T, etc, on baby boy clothing, they knew what size it represented.

This couple, on the other hand, knew nothing other than that they wanted to make their baby boy stand out. It was difficult getting the right clothes because they lacked the knowledge about baby boy clothes and things to consider when buying.

Are you in the same boat with this couple who did not have a clue about how to dress up their little one and make him stand out? Do not worry, this complete guide will walk you through everything and leave you feeling like an expert on the subject of baby boy clothing.

Stay with me, it is all going to come together soon.

Why is knowing all about this important?

If it is not obvious already, here is why you should have first-hand knowledge on dressing up your prince and making him stand out.

Have you ever had that warm feeling when people compliment your baby and heap many accolades on him? Yes, knowing how to dress your baby boy in clothes that are comfortable, cute and functional will get people to notice him and praise your efforts. You want that, don’t you?

When it comes to baby boy clothing, making your prince stand out goes beyond aesthetics. It is good to be stylish, but hey, there are other factors to consider before buying baby boy clothing.

There will be more on that later, so stick with me.

At the end of this article, you should be able to shop for your baby boy clothing without feeling confused. Knowledge, they say, is power, so come with me.

Firstly, there are different types of baby boy clothing and it is important to know what your options are in order to make the best choices.

Types Of Baby Boy Clothing

Infant gowns

Baby boy clothing

These cute little gowns are for newborns, up until the navel falls off. Whatever the sex, you want to get your baby these infant gowns.


Baby boy clothing

This is a baby staple, as it is in every baby’s wardrobe. You cannot go wrong with a onesie, whether it is short-sleeved or long-sleeved. The best ones come with bottom flaps for an easy diaper change. They are comfortable.

Outdoor Wear

This includes trousers, swimwear, shirts, sweaters, and shorts. You can even dress your baby boy in hunting wears, if you are a parent that enjoys such outdoor games.

Formal Wear

This includes suits and tuxedos for that special occasion. Transform your baby boy into momma’s prince charming in any of these formal wears.


Baby boy clothing

Every mother who wants her baby boy to stand out knows to complement his outfit with accessories such as socks, hats, gloves, shoes, sneakers, boots and even snapbacks. As a rule, you should never leave home without your baby boy wearing socks, shoes, and hats. These are not only fashion pieces, but also protect your baby boy from harsh weather conditions like sun, wind, etc.


Baby boy clothing

Since sleep is an important part of your baby boy’s life, it is only right that you choose the right sleepwear for him. This includes one-piece body suits and pajamas.

Just knowing about the different options available for you to buy, is not enough to make your prince stand out. When it comes to standing out, the fit of the cloth also matters. How then can you know which baby boy clothing would have the best fit if you get confused about sizes?

Many mothers get stuck when they have to buy baby boy clothing according to size for their child. They become confused about sizes like 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, etc. But do not worry, because the sizes for baby boy clothing will be analyzed and you will not find yourself in a similar situation.

Different Sizes Of Baby Boy Clothing

• Newborn – Newborn babies wear clothes labelled 0-3 months.

• 3 months – Children of this age wear clothes labelled 3- 6 months.

• 6 months – When buying baby boy clothing for babies aged 6 months, the size to purchase should be labelled 6-9 months.

• 9 months – Children of this age wear clothes labelled 9-12 months.

Now, this is where the sizes get tricky and most mothers begin to squeeze their faces in confusion. The T in 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, etc, stands for ‘toddler’ and the number in front of it is the actual age of the baby boy. Every year the number in front of the T increases.

1T – This size is for the children within the ages of 12-24 months.
2T – Children who are within the ages of 24-36 months wear this size.
3T – Baby boy clothing carrying this size are for children within the ages of 36-48 months.
4T/4 – This size is for children aged 48 months and above. When the cloth is labelled 4T, there is room for a diaper in the cloth, but if it is labelled 4, the baby boy clothing has no diaper room.

With the knowledge of the sizes for your prince, you still have to keep some tips in mind, if you want to buy the best baby boy clothing that would make your prince stand out.

5 Tips For Buying Baby Boy Clothing

Baby boy clothing

Always buy a size bigger than the actual size your baby boy should wear. For example, if your baby is one year old, it is advisable to buy baby boy clothing sized 2T. This is because babies grow rapidly. If you buy their exact size, it might not give them enough room for flexing their muscles, or they could outgrow the cloth in a short time. Please note, that tight clothes are not suitable for babies.

Buy clothes that can be easily removed without pulling over the baby’s face, especially for younger babies. Onesies are great because they can be easily removed and also allows for an easy diaper change, so are baby boy clothing with bottom flaps.

Save money by cashing in on deals. Baby stores usually have discount promos and flash sales. Take advantage of this whenever the opportunity arises. To be made aware of these deals when they happen, you need to register for our newsletters.

You should also buy clothes in small amounts because babies grow fast. If you buy a large amount of baby boy clothing, you would end up having many clothes your baby can no longer wear.

Another great way to save money is to buy baby boy clothing that can actually serve the other gender. This is a useful tip to mothers who want to have more children after their little prince.

The above tips will not only help you save money but also help you buy baby boy clothes that are as cute as they are useful. However, there are factors to consider before buying a piece of baby boy clothing. There are major, as well as minor factors to consider.

Major Factors To Consider When Buying Baby Boy Clothing

Baby boy clothing

Season: Do not just shop for baby boy clothing aimlessly; picking up just about any cloth your hands can find. Consider the season and buy clothes accordingly. Summer and hot weather require lighter clothes, while winter and cold weather require heavier clothing with more layering, to keep your baby warm.

Purpose: The purpose for which your baby would be using the cloth should also be kept at the back of your mind, as it affects the price you are willing to give for a particular piece of clothing. You do not need to spend top dollar on clothes that are worn occasionally, neither do you need designers for a sleepwear.

Size of the neckline: If you want your baby boy to stand out, then you want to buy baby boy clothing with the right neckline. It should not be too tight or loose and should just sit right on the shoulders.

Size of clothes: The size of a baby boy clothing is overly important because it determines the fit for your baby. Your baby will not stand out if the clothes are too tight or hanging loose. Too tight clothes are a no-no for safety reasons. For your baby to look amazing and stand out, choose clothes with the right size.

The material of the cloth: Babies have tender skins, as such, you should carefully consider the material of the baby boy clothing you intend to buy. Wools are not advisable. The best fabrics for baby boy clothes are cotton and silk.

Buttons: This is a matter of safety for your baby. If a baby is already practising his grip, baby boy clothing with buttons should be avoided. The buttons present a risk to the baby because they can come off and get into the mouth. Instead, opt for velcro.

Minor Factors To Consider When Buying Baby Boy Clothing

Cost: This is a minor factor because it is not important to some mothers. However, if you are on a budget, consider the cost of a baby boy clothing in relation to its functionality before buying.

Launderability: With the many chores a mother has to do in addition to taking care of their babies, buying clothes that are not easy to wash is a no-no. When buying baby boy clothes, you should consider how easy it is to wash them. They should not have complicated washing instruction and does not hold stain. Is the cloth easy to wash? Ask the seller, and look at the washing instructions on the label, before deciding to buy.

Color: This is a minor factor because you only have to consider this when your baby begins to feed himself. White and lighter colors are great and would make your prince stand out, but are stain magnets. You might want to opt for darker hues in this case.

Style: This is a minor factor to consider but quite important if you want your baby boy to stand out. Keep an eye out for trendy outfits. Mini rock star outfits are great, to establish your baby boy’s ‘coolness’.

Buying the right baby boy clothing is one part of the puzzle, but taking care of them is the other part. To keep your baby’s clothing durable and looking good, follow these care tips.

Care Tips For Baby Boy Clothing

When washing baby boy clothing, follow the instructions on the label, as they are there to keep your baby safe and ensure the durability of the clothing.

Wash in cold water, so that they do not lose their color and sheen. Hot water fades the color and removes the sheen, making it look worn and faded in a short time.

Separate clothes before washing, according to color, washing instructions and toughness of stains. Wash clothes of the same color together.

Sunning is the best aid in keeping your baby boy clothes in durable condition. Do not iron –dry but rather sun until dry. Sun also fights bacteria and keeps the cloth crispy and fresh.

For stubborn stains, use baby-friendly detergent on the stain and rub gently. Strong scrubbing might wear off the material.

Now, it is important to note that comfort and functionality trumps style when it comes to making your baby stand out. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your baby boy look so cute that he gets all the accolades.

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