Baby Ugg Boots: Sizing And Care

Baby Ugg Boots

If you’re in need of baby boots that are classy, fashionable, durable and long lasting, you have come to the right place. We are committed to serving you better by bringing only the best forms of baby footwears to you, and baby ugg boots are our focus in this article.

Baby Ugg boots are a subsidiary of Ugg Australia which is well known for taking great care of their products and showing good interest in their customers. With the use of Australian sheepskins of the best quality, they produce the best sheepskin boots that promise to serve you well and also last for a very long time.

Baby Ugg boots are manufactured with love, from pure Australian Merino sheepskin. This grand natural sheepskin needs to be really taken care of very well if it must keep retaining the feel and appearance of sheepskin.

You have totally nothing to worry about when it comes to taking care of your Baby Ugg boots. The Ugg Australia care products are prepared specially to help groom and take care of your baby Ugg boots. There is available, the harmless protector spray that helps keep your Baby Ugg boots water resistant. It also helps to protect the boots from markings caused by water and other liquid stains.

In addition, the Ugg Australia company makes use of the Australian Standard sizing for the ugg boots. Therefore, you’re in luck, if you were having doubts about the right size of boots for your baby. Not only does the right size of Ugg boots fit snugly, they usually begin to ‘give’ when it must have been worn for around five or six times.  the fifth or sixth wear.



Generally, Ugg’s baby boots are sized from XS to L.

XS is considered a size 0/1

S  is considered a size 2/3

M  is considered a size 4/5

L  is considered a size 6/7

Approximate ages for each size

0/1 is expected to fit newborns to 6 months.

2/3 is expected to fit 6-12 months.

4-5 is expected to fit 12-18 months.

6-7 is expected to fit 18-24 months.

Bear in mind that every child is different, and all sizes and ages are approximate. If you think that the foot of your baby is a bit bigger, we recommend that you go for a slightly bigger size so that they’ll last as long as possible and fit comfortably.

If there are other questions you have that are size-related, you can make use of this comprehensive size chart from their website:

Infants (0-12 months)

U.S. U.K. E.U. Japan Chinese Chinese MM CM IN MM

0/1 0.5 16 9 10 92 7 2.76″ 75.4

2/3 2 18 11 12 109 8.5 3.35″ 92.4

4/5 4 20.5 12.5 14 126 10.5 4.13″ 109.3

6/7 6 23.5 14.5 16 143 13 5.12″ 126.2

8 7 25 15 19 151 14 5.51″ 134.7

8.5 7.5 25.5 15.5 20 156 14.5 5.71″ 138.9

9 8 26 16 21 160 15 5.91″ 143.1

Children (1-5 years)

US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes Japan Sizes Chinese Chinese MM Inches CM MM

4 20.5 3 11.5 12 101 3.94″ 10 117.8

4.5 21 3.5 12 13 108 4.14″ 10.5 122

5 21.5 4 12.5 14 114 4.33″ 11 126.3

5.5 22 4.5 13 15 120 4.53″ 11.5 130.5

6 22.5 5 13.5 16 126 4.72″ 12 134.66

6.5 23 5.5 14 17 132 4.92″ 12.5 138.89

7 23.5 6 14.5 18 139 5.12″ 13 143.12

7.5 24.5 6.5 14.7 18.5 145 5.31″ 13.5 147.35

8 25 7 15 19 151 5.51″ 14 151.58

8.5 25.5 7.5 15.5 20 156 5.71″ 14.5 155.81

9 26 8 16 21 160 5.91″ 15 160.04

9.5 26.5 8.5 16.5 22 164 6.1″ 15.5 164.27

10 27 9 17 22.5 168 6.3″ 16 168.5

10.5 27.5 9.5 17.2 23 173 6.5″ 16.5 172.73

11 28 10 17.5 24 177 6.7″ 17 176.96

11.5 28.5 10.5 18 25 181 6.89″ 17.5 181.19

12 29 11 18.5 26 185 7.09″ 18 185.42

12.5 29.5 11.5 19 27 190 7.28″ 18.5 189.65

Big Kids (6-10 years)

US Euro UK Japan Chinese MM Inches CM MM

13 30 12 19.5 28 194 7.48″ 19 193.88

13.5 30.5 12.5 19.8 29 198 7.68″ 19.5 198.11

1 31 13 20 30 202 7.87″ 20 202.34

1.5 31.5 13.5 20.5 30.5 206 8.07″ 20.5 206.57

2 32 1 21 31 211 8.27″ 21 210.8

2.5 32.5 1.5 21.5 32 215 8.46″ 21.5 215.03

3 33 2 22 33 219 8.66″ 22 219.26

3.5 33.5 2.5 22.3 34 223 8.88″ 22.5 223.49

4 34 3 22.5 34.5 228 9.06″ 23 227.72

4.5 34.5 3.5 23 35 232 9.25″ 23.5 231.95

5 35 4 23.5 36 236 9.45″ 24 236.18

5.5 35.5 4.5 24 37 240 9.65″ 24.5 240.41

6 36 5 24.5 38 245 9.84″ 25 244.64

6.5 38 5.5 25 39 248.77 10.04″ 25.5 248.87

7Y 39.5 6 25.5 40


Sizing Guidelines

Baby Ugg Boots

Are you still not sure of the size to go for in the Baby Ugg boots? Then, follow these guidelines:

– On a piece of paper, draw a straight line that is longer than the baby’s foot.

– Hold up the paper to the baby’s foot with their longest toe and heel touching the line.

– Make a mark on the line at the back of the heel and at the tip of the longest toe.

– Repeat these steps for the other foot.

Compare both measurements and use the larger one to find your baby’s size on the conversion chart.

Tips To Consider When Shopping For Baby Ugg Boots

baby ugg boots

If you plan on shopping for Baby Ugg boots soon, we have made a list of some tips that you might find helpful in the course of your shopping.

While buying Baby Ugg boots, there are four very vital factors that you need to consider, if you plan on enjoying using the boots. Read on!

– Identifying the ideal pair of boots to fit the baby

As a matter of fact, Ugg boots are designed to make the torso appear slimmer. Therefore, you should ensure that you pair these Baby Ugg boots with either leggings or skinny jeans. Top up the look with a bulky top.

Baby Ugg boots are made to offer maximum comfort. They can be worn casually on cold days to provide warmth.

It is very important that you select the right color that will go with your baby’s body-hugging pants.

Because the Baby Ugg boots can be likened to a sponge that soaks up every type of mixture, we recommend that you go for a darker colored pair like brown, chestnut or black.

Babies are prone to be playful and get dirty so, picking a darker pair will help conceal the stains.

– Getting pocket-friendly Baby Ugg boots

Although baby Ugg boots are known for being quite costly and you’ll have to spend a fortune to get a pair, there’s a way to go around it. Yes! You can evade the high cost and pay much less for it.

Here is how: check the end of season sales of stores close to you (which you are sure of course, has Baby Ugg boots in stock).

Alternatively, you can look through their current list of discounted items. Who knows? Your desired pair of Baby Ugg boots could be sitting prettily on the list!

You can also get Baby Ugg boots at a ridiculously low rate in some online stores. The only downside of this is that you wouldn’t know if what you are paying for is brand new or fairly used.

– How to choose the right size

While buying baby Ugg boots, decide on the style you’ll choose for your baby. Ugg boots have two types: the classic tall and the classic short. All Ugg boots are known to stretch as time goes by.

So, we recommend that you settle for pairs that are a size smaller than the actual size of your baby. They might feel tight and uncomfortable during the early days, but they’ll expand to accommodate the baby’s feet as time goes by.

How To Differentiate The Real Baby Ugg Boots From The Fake Ones

Determining Fake vs. Real Ugg Boots

There are many online scammers who now sell fake baby Ugg boots for the price of an original one. Make sure that you avoid this. The difference between the real and fake Ugg boots is in the bottom label.

For original Ugg boots, the logo is etched somewhat deeper while it’s just placed on the surface in fake Ugg boots.

Care Kits For Ugg Boots

baby ugg boots

Taking care of your Baby Ugg boots cannot be made any easier. The Ugg Australia care products (which include the care kit and protector sprays) are prepared specially to help groom and take care of your baby Ugg boots.

There is available, the harmless protector spray that helps keep your Baby Ugg boots water resistant. It also helps to protect the boots from markings caused by water and other liquid stains.

The Care Kits contains Water and Stain Protector in 100ml aerosol or pump, shoe refreshers, wooden suede brush, and a lightweight shoehorn. Please keep to the following instructions, if you want to get the best of your Ugg Australia products.

– We suggest that you carry out a spot test first on a small area, before spraying the whole boot.

– Spray the whole boot lightly from a distance of 10cm and allow to dry.

– To ensure that your boot is well protected, you can reapply and leave to dry well before use. Note that the time it takes to dry a pair of boots may differ due to different climatic conditions.

– You are advised to repeat application every 3-4 months or more often if necessary, as this will help the boots retain colour and water resistance.

General Maintenance Of Baby Ugg Boots

baby ugg boots

Just like every other suede product, Ugg boots need to be maintained, as the color tends to fade as the boot’s material wears. The suede part of the boots (that is, the outer part) needs attention and care.

Here are some tips to help maintain your Baby Ugg boots for a long time:

– Do not get your boots wet! However, if they ever get wet, allow them to dry naturally without introducing any form of heat.

Afterward, brush lightly with a suede brush. The suede brush can also be used to remove dirt from the top of the boots.

– Buttons: The buttons on the boots are just an accessory, and may need to be either repaired or replaced totally, as a result of the normal wear and tear experienced with every product.

– Innersoles: You can replace the Ugg Innersoles to help your boot last long. In the same vein, the Ugg innersoles can be used to provide added comfort in any of your other footwear. It is made from merino wool which is breathable and promotes circulation.

Steps To Cleaning Baby Ugg Boots

Although the classy and comfortable Baby Ugg boots help to beautifully define your baby’s walk experience, keeping these boots clean can be an uphill task. It depends mainly on the amount of stain on the boots.

If they are stained so much, you can settle for the services of a professional cleaner. Otherwise, you can clean them yourself using simple ingredients.

Here are some steps to follow if you are cleaning your Baby Ugg boots yourself:

– Use a suede brush to take off dirt from the surface of the boots. Stroking gently with the brush is enough to loosen stubborn dirt.

– Make use of a damp cloth to pat the boot lightly till it gets moist.

– Dilute a solution of leather boot cleaner with water to dilute the solution. Then, clean the outside of the boot with a sponge dipped in the mixture.

– Clean up any residues left after cleaning, and put crumpled newspapers into each boot to help maintain the shape of the boot.

– Allow the boots to dry overnight. When they are dried completely, use the suede brush to give the boots a final stroke to restore the fabric.

– Deodorizing

If you notice some unpleasant smell coming from your baby’s boots, sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda into each boot. Then, cover the top of the boot up with your hand and shake very well.

Allow it to stay overnight, then empty the boots in the morning and they’ll be smelling squeaky clean.


Things You Shouldn’t Do

There are some things you should never do to your Baby Ugg boots. Here they are:

– Do not dry clean.

– Do not wash in a washing machine.

– Ensure that the boots don’t get soaked or too wet.

– Do not dry in a dryer or by any heat source.

– Do not squeeze or press too hard.


All we can do is to help you with advice. However, make sure you pick rightly when choosing your Baby Ugg boots.

If you are having difficulties with choosing the right size, we have attached a size chart in this article to help you. This article extensively covers the sizing, care tips, and buyer’s guide. We hope you find it useful.

Baby Ugg boots are not only classy, comfortable, durable and long-lasting, but they are also equally ideal to be used as baby shower gifts.

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