Baby Bracelets: What to Look Out for When Choosing One

Baby bracelets can make your baby go all out in glitters and bling while still looking innocently tender. Mothers are not the only ones who need to slay and shine, you know. A simple baby bracelet on your baby’s wrist can make a perfect jewelry for your baby.


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Additionally, it can be a perfect ‘twinning’ item aside clothing. For instance, you can buy a twin bracelet for you and your baby engraved with “mummy” and “mummy’s little one”. Your little one deserves some glimmer on the wrist as a way of showing how precious he or she is to you.

However, choosing the right bangle size for your baby can pose a big problem. So, if you are not sure about what size you need, take a look at the children’s jewelry size guide. Better still, you can measure your baby’s wrist with a tape or rope. This gives you a guide, but you do need to bear the body build of your baby in mind.

A standard size bangle is around 40 – 47 mm which will fit a baby from the age of 18 months – 3 years. However, a jeweler can still make your baby’s bracelets to the size you want.

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Why Do You Need to Get Baby Bracelets?

You need to get baby bracelets because they make your baby stand out from other babies, especially when personalized with your baby’s name or that of the family. Additionally, baby bracelets can be used for the purpose of gender identification or to show that the baby has a medical condition.

Furthermore, baby bracelets can be worn on different occasions. It can be a birthday party, baby shower, a wedding, or even to stay at home. This is due to the fact that the exceptional quality of every bracelet will dazzle anyone that sees it on your baby’s wrist.

Genuine cultured pearls are stunning on children from newborns to their teen age. The vibrant colors of bracelets such as the Swarovski crystals in all its glory can never disappoint.

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What Are the Types of Baby Bracelets?

The types of baby bracelets are:

1. Gold

2. Silver

3. Wooden

4. Engraved

5. Indian traditional

6. Flowered

7. Beaded

8. Macramé

9. Charms

10. Gemstones

11. Bangles

12. Chains


There is a wide range of baby bracelets to choose from. This depends on what you like and the kind of style you want to create for your little one. Many of these baby bracelets can represent an image of childhood such as a baby’s bottle, flower, rainbow, a baby shoe, or a teddy bear. The stork is an image that has been associated with babies for many years and many types of gold baby charms portray a stork delivering a baby.




This bracelet is a very classic one and it comes in different colors: white, yellow, and rose gold. It is a perfect fit to start with when picking a bracelet for your little one. Now, the good thing about this type of bracelet is that babies are rarely allergic to it. Also, it doesn’t tarnish easily and you can get it cleaned up by a jeweler to maintain its shine.

But why renew something that a baby can outgrow? Well, it’s not a bad idea to keep the bracelet as a keepsake for your baby. That’s something you both can laugh over when he or she reaches teen age. However, you can either find a jeweler that will elongate the bracelet or keep it in a safe jewelry box which he or she can transfer to their own child.

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The silver bracelet is just as valuable as the gold and also poses no threat to your baby’s skin. It can include all sorts of accessories or can be worn as a plain metal. You can find it in different designs, shapes, and closures just to suit your style and that of your beautiful baby. You do know that silver goes well with diamond stones, right? The glitter and beauty is outstanding.

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If you are in search of a bracelet that’s not just beautiful but environmentally friendly, something that is not metallic in nature, then wooden baby bracelets are a perfect fit. They can be engraved just as the metallic bracelets. One good side is that they cost less, depending on the type of wood used in making them.

The woods come in different tones just like our skin: dark, medium, and light tones. Now, each bracelet is likely to be unique given that there are no two identical trees. Metal or other materials can be used in the creation of the clasp, which is optional.

The most common type of wooden bracelets for babies are the teething bracelets.

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Engraved baby bracelets are gaining so much ground in the fashion world and can be embossed with first, middle, or last names; initials; birth dates; a favorite cartoon character; or just any name you choose. Medical bracelets fall into the engraved bracelet category. These pieces help to signify that the infant has allergies. This helps to inform those around him or her, so they can be careful while working around the baby.

Engraving provides an elegant way to personalize a baby’s bracelet and can add to the value of the item as a keepsake for the child.


Indian Traditional

Indian traditional bracelets are typically gold and include tiny black beads to ward off any evil spirits. Hence the name traditional. These bracelets come in sets of two, one for each of the baby’s hands. These are protective pieces that are highly regarded as effective.

The clasps can include links and different sizes of beads are available for the bracelets. Although the traditional baby bracelet originated in India, due to the growth of intercultural activities in the world, this tradition has surpassed the shores of India.



Flower patterns are common in baby jewelries because of the popularity of floral patterns among parents for their children. There are flowered engravings, beads, and charms which are available in different styles of jewelry for babies.

They also come in a plethora of textiles including gold, silver, wooden, gemstones, and other metals. Materials of different colors can be used to depict different varieties of flowers. For instance, red can be used for roses, purple for violets, or yellow for sunflowers.

You just pictured the beauty on your baby’s wrist, right?

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Beaded accessories are known for class and poise. There are the traditional and fancy beads. The traditional beads are linked with royalty, as believed by those in some parts of the world. They are made with different materials and stones, shaped into different angles, curves, and patterns to suit your baby’s wrist.

Note that beaded baby bracelets need to be removed before bathing to prevent a slack in the material.

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Friendship bracelets are typically made for infants in the warmer months when lots of children and individuals spot them. Due to their brightly colored embroidery string and cheery patterns, friendship macramé bracelets can be seasonal accessories for members of the family.



These are dangling features on baby bracelets. They can either match the bracelet material or differ. These charms are said to have a peculiar meaning added to them and can either be bought from a fancy jewelry store or made as a DIY (Do it Yourself) project.

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Amethyst, Rubies, Sapphire and other types of birthstones are common choices for baby bracelets. These stones can be used to depict the birth month of your baby. For instance, if the birth month is August, the gemstone will be Peridot. This class of bracelet is mostly aligned with the feminine gender than that of the masculine but change is constant, right? And who says you can’t set a trend for the boys?

What Are the Birthstones for Each Month?

The birthstones for each month are:

January birthstone — Garnet

February birthstone — Amethyst

March birthstone — Aquamarine

April birthstone — Diamond

May birthstone — Emerald

June birthstone — Alexandrite or Pearl 

July birthstone — Ruby

August birthstone — Peridot, spinel, and sardonyx

September birthstone — Sapphire

October birthstone — Opal or Tourmaline 

November birthstone — Citrine or Topaz 

December birthstone — Zircon, Tanzanite, or Turquoise




Cylindrical in nature, bangles form a circle around the baby’s wrist. They are not flexible but they maintain their shape regardless of how they are placed. Often made with no clasps like the beaded bracelet, they slip onto the baby’s hand and slide a certain distance up his or her forearm and remains there. They can be gold, silver, or wood.

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They feature different links that form the bracelet around the wrist which can be readjusted as the baby grows.

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Now, after looking at the various types of bracelets, you can see that its selection is totally based on your aesthetic preference and style. However, durability will be something to consider, too. Baby bracelets are way more than just a jewelry collection but a time capsule of your baby’s entire life especially when charms are added to it.

We believe that the decision on getting the correct bracelet for your baby has been simplified in this post. You can share pictures of your bracelets with us when you eventually get them.


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Baby Bracelet — Related Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Purpose of a Bracelet?

A bracelet is worn basically for ornamental purposes. It can also be used for identification and medical purposes such as newborn bracelet tag, allergy bracelet, and patient identification bracelet.

In addition, a bracelet can be worn for campaign purposes like breast cancer awareness, world AIDS day, etc. Some cultures and religions wear bracelets for the purpose of identifying different age grades as well as marital status.

A bracelet can be worn on the ankle. In such a situation, it will be referred to as an anklet.


How Do You Make a Baby Bracelet?

Here’s how to make a baby bracelet:

  1. You will need an elastic fishing line, beads, crimp beads, clasp, and plier.
  2. Cut a comfortable length of fishing line, then slide in a crimp bead and the clasp.
  3. Make a loop and pass back the line into the crimp bead. Ensure that the crimp bead is very close to the clasp.
  4. Compress the crimp bead with the plier.
  5. Start stringing the beads until you reach your desired length.
  6. To close up, add another crimp bead and pass the line through the clasp you added in the beginning. 
  7. Pass back the line into the crimp bead and pull until all the beads are together and tight. Compress the crimp bead.


How Can You Extend a Baby’s First Bracelet?

You can extend a baby’s first bracelet using any of these methods:

1. The jump ring method

This method can be used to extend a bracelet by 1 – 2 cm. Just add the jump rings and the clasp of the bracelet will clip to it, giving you an extra length.

2. The charm addition method

You can add a charm at one end of the bracelet to create a little room for extension. 

3. The chain extender method

Clip an extender to one end of your baby bracelet to have enough room for the growing hands. It works well with Cartier, lobster, parrot, or bolt ring clasps.


Are Bracelets Unisex?

Bracelets are unisex. In fact, everything can be unisex if you want it to be so. Hence, bracelets are not peculiar to the feminine gender alone. When buying for your baby boy, you can look out for one that contains charms linked with the male gender like a sports car, boots or even football. But if you are buying for your girl child, you can get one that has all the ‘bling’ and charms like flowers, bags, shoes, and gemstones.

However, expectant parents who just want to play it safe can get a bracelet with a generic charm; one that is not linked to a particular gender. 


What Do Charms Symbolize?

Here’s a list of charms and what they mean:

  • Cross — health, life, immortality, sacrifice, and salvation
  • Anchor — stability and a strong foundation and it can be used for the first child in the family.
  • Heart — life and love.
  • Unicorn — purity, clarity, and chastity.
  • Turtle — patience, endurance, and continuation of life.
  • Angel — compassion, protection, and courage.
  • Dolphin — gentility, gentleness, harmony, friendship, and playfulness.
  • Dragonfly — power, poise, and adaptability.
  • Four leaf clover — each leaf has its own symbolic meaning which are faith, love, hope, and faith
  • Dove — peace, new beginning, and meekness.
  • Horseshoe — luck and power.
  • Ladybug — spiritual enlightenment, trust, joy, and beauty.
  • Owl — intuition and wisdom.
  • Star — perfection, achievement, and ambition.


What Wood Is Safe for Teething Bracelets?

Hard maple wood is safe for teething bracelets and it is the best wood for wooden toys. Also, bracelets made from walnut, alder, madrone, myrtle, and cherry wood are safe for both chewing and playing. Most wooden teething bracelets that are made from maple wood are usually finished with a combination of olive oil and beeswax. This ensures that the bracelets do not splinter. 

Although wooden teethers are quite expensive, they are very protective for children. As a result, the high cost does not matter.








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